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Cableflor is an award-winning low-profile raised access floor with cable management and structural support. A solution for electric underfloor heating, offices, events and retail. At Cableflor, we are committed to being an environmentally friendly manufacturer. We designed our cable management floor system to reduce waste in the exhibition industry, by eliminating the need for a carpet, and by making our black raised access flooring out of recycled plastic.

Cableflor have worked with industry leaders in motoring, fitness and entertainment to provide bespoke cable management flooring. And, in answer to waste in event flooring, we recycle old event flooring into new. We mould the floor to your own personalised colour, so that you don't need to use carpet - around 4 million squares metres of carpet is thrown away after a few days use, every year in the UK, along with miles of double-sided tape.

Cableflor is the lowest raised floor on the market for easy cable access with minimal loss ceiling height.

read more › Tested and approved by Elektra Heating Products as a sustainable alternative to cement-based underfloor heating. Fast and DIY installation, and you retain access to the cable, if you want to move or reconfigure. Very quick and easy to assemble, simply build the frame with a single Torx key and stretch your personalised fabric screen across it. Any image any size printed on material made from recycled plastic bottles. Keep the heat in and the cold out with out insulated wall system. Lock the frame together with a single key, fill with insulation board and Velcro panels to finish.

read more › At Cableflor, we are committed to being an environmentally friendly manufacturer. Cableflor makes award-winning event flooring out of UK recycled plastic, then remoulds it when it gets worn out - closed loop recycling at it's best with Zero Waste. Read about our commitments to reduce our impact on the environment. We aim to reduce the amount of single use plastics in the events industry - primarily carpet, carpet-tape and polythene used in build up. We do this by moulding the floor in your own personal colour.

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