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Underfoot Carpets & Floors Underfoot is the leading supplier of flooring UK wide. We have a wide range of flooring solutions including engineered wood, laminate flooring and rigid core vinyl floors. All our products are own-branded, produced by leading manufacturers using the latest flooring technologies. We truly believe in our flooring and hold very high standards, our floors are made with high quality materials and are built to last.

We are confident you will love our floors too, but to put your mind at ease we also offer hassle-free returns and fantastic domestic and commercial warranties with all our floors. A beautiful new floor is a simple yet effective way to transform your home or business, the right choice can complement your decor. Our floors are continuously updated to reflect the latest trends and design, with some excellent traditional style floors available too.

Whether you want a traditional or modern feel, rustic or polished, you are sure to find the perfect flooring with Underfoot. The design and authenticity of our flooring is unparalleled.

When it comes to choosing flooring solutions for your home or business, the number of choices can be overwhelming. Here at Underfoot we make the process simple, with everything you need under one roof. We are the number 1 supplier of flooring in the UK and only sell our own branded underfoot flooring products, because we truly believe in the quality

Welcome to our FAQ hub, answering a variety of the most commonly asked questions we receive about ordering flooring online. Type your query into the search bar below to filter questions, or scroll down to browse the full list of tips and advice on your new wood, laminate, or rigid core SPC order. We'll start processing your order as soon as you confirm

Underfoot's expertly designed wood flooring comes in a number of different finishes to suit any home, from country rustic to the ultra-modern. For maximum durability, we recommend the lacquered finish. Underfoot stocks cheap wood flooring finished in either a matt or gloss lacquer. We also offer brushed or smooth gloss lacquered finish; so you can decide

Engineered wood is a fantastic flooring solution - harder wearing than laminate, and cheaper than solid wood. Underfoot light oak engineered wood flooring is produced by leading Manufacturers using layers of eco-friendly timber with solid wood veneer. These layers help to create a super stable flooring that is tolerant to moisture and stains, making

All of our dark oak wood collection is engineered wood flooring. The beauty of engineered wood floors lies in its construction, combining multiple layers of timber with a solid wood upper. This upper layer is crafted from real hardwood, for the unmistakable beauty and feel of solid wood. Underfoot engineered floors are super hardwearing, designed to

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