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Step On Safety From a simple GRP flooring Hop Over to a 300m multi-access Maintenance Platform, we are here to assist you in keeping your site safe. Every project is treated with care and attention to detail. Whether your project is at the design stage, the fabrication stage or being installed onsite, your Step on Safety project manager will be able to answer any questions you have, so you never need to chase around for updates.

GRP is a specialist material that requires specialist training to work with it; we only ever send our own fully-qualified CSCS card-holding teams to your site so your GRP anti slip flooring will always be installed by experts. UCL East - New Campus at Stratford We are onsite in Stratford this week improving GRP Riser Floors that had been installed by another.

We are back at the Selhurst Rail Depot in Croydon, this time constructing a single storey access platform on Road 6 in the Maintenance. Baddesley Waste to Energy Plant We were privileged to be asked to provide a range of access solutions at the recently completed Energy Recovery.

read more › Step on Safety was founded in 2007, taking the market by storm with a selection of specialist anti-slip flooring and GRP products that have proven, technical advantage over traditional materials. For the first time, an industry saturated with dated solutions was given a choice - advanced, versatile composites that work. We are an ISO 9001-accredited supplier of composite (GRP) slip-resistant access structures and flooring and provide a variety of industries with design, fabrication and installation solutions, including the Education, MOD, Rail & Transport, Public, Health, Motor, Stadium, Industrial, Office, and Construction sectors.

read more › We pride ourselves on being able to provide services tailored to your individual needs, whether that's a full design, build, install service or simply advice on the best option available. We enjoy close working partnerships with many of our customers, allowing us to develop and improve our understanding of the challenges they face and we work together with them to develop innovative new solutions for problems old and new.

read more › GRP stands for Glass Reinforced Plastic (or Polymer). You may also know it as FRP (Fibre Reinforced Plastic) or even as Fibreglass. They are all a blend of recycled plastic, recycled glass and a tough waterproof resin to bond it all together. This mixture is then moulded into the required shape - whether that's a panel of open mesh or grating to use as flooring or fencing, or long, smooth profiles used to build the framework of a structure. An extra layer, embedded with sharp quartz grit, is often added to the top to create a slip-resistant surface that remains effective in wet, icy or even oily conditions.

read more › We are a medium-sized company with huge plans and even bigger dreams. Our recruitment policy is to choose the people that 'fit'; the people that share our passion for providing excellent customer service and our enthusiasm for providing innovative solutions. While skills can be taught - a 'can do' attitude and positive approach are part of who you are. And, because we want every step of our customers' journey to be outstanding, we need outstanding, 'can do', positive people at every level - in the offices, in the workshop, on the road and out on site.

read more › Most of our work is within four key industries - Construction, Rail, Marine & Utility - but we are in no way limited to who we can help. Over the years we've assisted schools, universities, hospitals, zoos, churches, sports clubs and residential properties with difficult access issues, from adding wheelchair ramps and resolving slippery steps to providing roof-top access and maintenance platforms for caretakers and HVAC engineers. Most of our clients are businesses but we are happy to work with individuals - no job is too small.

read more › With slips and falls accounting for the majority of accidents within the construction industry, ensuring your site is safe for everyone is crucial. Meeting the rigorous Health & Safety guidelines can be challenging but, when it comes to access - we know what works best in almost every situation. Whether you need to get over an obstacle, climb up or down to reach an access point or simply not fall down a hole, our Riser Floors, Access Stairs, Ramps, Maintenance Platforms, Gantries and Ladders will get you and your staff to where you want to be safely.

read more › Since receiving a commission from Transport for London back in 2009 for 800 Pit Ladders, Step on Safety has enjoyed a close working relationship with the rail industry, providing GRP safety products and solutions for trackside and depots. From our QuartzGrip Anti-Slip Stair Tread Covers to a 300m Depot Wash Shed Access Gantry constructed from GRP Open Mesh Grating and GRP Structural Profiles, no detail is too small, no project too large. All our solutions are fabricated from GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) also known as fibreglass or FRP.

read more › If your business is based in, on or beside water - especially saltwater - you'll know the difficulties of keeping steel or wooden structures in tip-top condition. One of the harshest working environments, wet surfaces are a given, so an anti-slip solution is a high priority. Whether that's for keeping club members safe as they access their leisure boats or protecting dock workers from slips and falls as they go about their work, Step on Safety offers a range of options from beautiful composite decking to industrial phenolic open mesh grating for use on offshore structures.

read more › From power stations and waste recycling sites to manufacturing and processing plants, heavy machinery requires heavy-duty solutions to ensure safe maintenance access to control panels and storage tanks. Steps and Floors have an anti-slip finish that is effective in wet, icy or oily conditions so, no matter what gets spilled, the risk of slips and falls is kept to a minimum. We can supply mesh or decking for you to make your own improvements or we can build a complete solution and have one of our specialist installation teams install it for you, making any adjustments necessary to ensure a perfect fit.

read more › Manufactured for maximum performance, QuartzGrip Open Mesh Grating provides unbeatable slip-resistance in wet, icy or oily conditions, helping to keep people safe from slips and falls. The open mesh design prevents liquids from pooling and allows air circulation while catching falling items and debris to avoid damage to what's below. Installation is fast and cost-effective; GRP is lighter than steel, reducing the need for lifting equipment, and it's non-sparking when cut, eliminating the fire risks associated with hot works on site.

read more › QuartzGrip Solid Top GRP Grating is a lightweight, chemical resistant, heavy duty option, suitable for areas where a fully covered surface is required such as walkways, gullies, trenches, cooling towers, overhead gantries and railway crossing points. Its anti-slip surface makes it suitable for all levels of foot traffic and its high load-bearing capabilities also makes it suitable for areas with vehicular traffic. Effectively produced by fusing anti-slip Flat Plate to one or both sides of an Open Mesh panel, the extra layer(s) add strength and prevent dirt and debris from falling to the surface below.

read more › A cost effective, alternative to steel, aluminium and timber, Step on Safety's Universal GRP Structural Profiles offer excellent corrosion resistance and durability. GRP Profiles are used in many industrial applications including riser flooring, access platform walkways, pedestrian bridges, steps & walkways, worker access to machinery, manufacturing plants, water treatment works, offshore wind & oil facilities and many railway trackside and depot applications. Lightweight fibre glass does not require heavy lifting equipment making it easier and cheaper to transport and install.

read more › GRP handrails and GRP fencing offer a long-lasting alternative to steel versions and boast inherent advantages. In addition to the high strength and stability you'd expect from any handrail or fencing, composite versions are lightweight, making them easier to install. The material is weather-resistant, corrosion and chemical resistant and self-coloured - so never fades or needs painting. It's low thermal conductivity makes it warmer to touch and it has no recycle value so won't appeal to opportunistic scrap metal thieves.

read more › Our high performance QuartzGrip GRP Anti-Slip Range offers a collection of simple, retro-fit solutions to fix slippery floors, walkways, steps, stairs and ladders in the toughest of environments, keeping staff, customers and passengers safe from slips and falls. Suitable for use on wood, concrete, stone, metal or brick surfaces, they can be quickly and easily installed using PU230 Adhesive and screws. Choose slip-resistant Flat Plate for covering large areas of floor, narrow Anti-Slip Grip Strips for use on decking and footpaths and Stair Tread Covers or Nosing to avoid falls on staircases.

read more › Step on Safety's top quality WPC (Wood Plastic Composite) decking boards are made from a blend of recycled hardwood and plastic, giving the illusion and warmth of real wood with the longevity and consistency of a man-made product. Easy to cut, shape and install, artificial wood decking offers a non-slip finish that won't fade, stain, warp or splinter, resists insect and animal damage and won't attract algae, moss, mildew or mould. Unlike cheap composite decking alternatives, RecoDeck composite boards won't chip or crack under the weight of furniture or feet.

read more › Our in-house CAD Engineers produce detailed drawings and 3D renders of the GRP solutions for you to agree before work starts. Working with AutoCAD software, the drawings enable us to ensure any load specifications are met, ensuring your Health & Safety requirements are satisfied. A detailed site survey will be required; we can do that for you or you can supply the information yourself. Depending on the location this can vary from simple measurements and a photo or two, to detailed topographical surveys listing the geology and vegetation.

read more › We build each construction at our headquarters in Suffolk before sending it out for installation. This not only saves time on site but enables us to check the design and build quality, making any adjustments as required. The fabrication teams are experts at dealing with GRP materials and enjoy coming up with creative solutions to the unique challenges each project presents. Once complete, it's delivered to the customer for installation - by us or by their own engineers. Where possible, items are delivered pre-fabricated but larger pieces may need to be supplied in sections to get them onto the delivery vehicle.

read more › We directly employ teams of experts to install our products, ensuring they receive the training needed to work effectively with GRP and are committed to providing the excellent service you expect. They are certified to work in most industrial environments and undertake extra training when needed for specific sites.

read more › We are happy to supply our GRP products off-the-shelf for you to use as you wish and our website is designed to enable you to buy the GRP supplies you need quickly and easily. Browse our ranges here. We also offer pre-cutting and pre-drilling services if required - saving you time and money on site.

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