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The Ultimate Floor Sanding The nationwide network of fully qualified local professional floor sanding experts, offering hassle free wood floor restoration with the unique two-year Ultimate guarantee. The floor sanding experts of the Ultimate Floor Sanding Company are the professionals you seek! Learning more about the Ultimate Floor Sanding Company unique processes before engaging a floor sander is a must.

By using the most modern equipment, in the hands of specially trained floor sanding experts, dedicated to the Ultimate dust free floor sanding process, we work quickly and efficiently causing minimal disruption to your home. No dust, or smell - just superior quality, beautiful looking wood floors. Wooden floors sanded and finished impeccably and worthy of a feature in any glossy interiors magazine!

The Ultimate Floor Sanding Company is a highly professional organisation, which focuses on giving our customers complete peace of mind - every time! Providing "The Ultimate" customer service is so important to us that we give ALL our floor sanding customers the peace of mind of the Unique 5 Point Ultimate Guarantee.

read more › Terry Guilford is the founder of the Ultimate Floor Sanding Company. Terry started his Floor Sanding business in 1997 initially under the name of Airc Flooring, operating in County Galway, Ireland. In 2007 the business was developed into a very successful and fast growing franchise and since then Ultimate Floor Sanding has put a great deal of effort into researching the very best machines and floor finishing products. In 2011 Ultimate Floor Sanding began looking for quality individuals and companies across the UK in order to develop a nationwide brand with local knowledge and international expertise.

read more › Our professional floor sanding service includes repair, finishing, staining and restoration services. We are the only professional, specialist Floor Sanding Company in the UK that backs up our floor sanding service with a Two Year Warranty on our Work and a Unique 5 Point Ultimate Service Guarantee. Our knowledge, equipment and processes are unrivalled in the industry. Get A FREE quote and FREE advice from the specialists in wood floor sanding and finishing. When deciding to have your floor sanded and refinished, it is vital to select the appropriate floor finishes and product for the specific type of wood, colour and environment, in your home.

read more › The Ultimate Floor Sanding Company is a highly professional organisation, which focuses on giving our customers complete peace of mind - every time! Providing "The Ultimate" customer service is so important to us that we give ALL our floor sanding customers the peace of mind of the Unique 5 Point Ultimate Guarantee. Pallmann is a German manufacturer specialising in high-quality wood floor treatment and maintenance products. Established over 120 years ago they are unsurpassed in product development and innovation and provide unrivalled support and training to their certified contractors.

read more › The Ultimate Floor Sanding Company has a network of expert floor sanding professionals across the UK. We are the largest network of professional floor sanding contractors in the UK and Ireland. All our contractors are experts in this area and are local to you, so their professional reputation is of paramount importance. So why choose an Ultimate Floor Sanding Company contractor if you are looking for floor sanding services? Every contractor must have undergone our in-house floor sanding training course (which they pay for!) and be judged by us to be competent to carry out work under our brand.

read more › Our team of experts are often called upon to provide floor restoration and repair services to wood floors. This type of work requires expert skill and knowledge and is right up our alley. Floor filling falls broadly into two categories. Firstly the filling of minor blemishes such as nail holes, shakes and cracks and secondly the wholesale filling of shrinkage gaps such as is likely to occur in wood block or parquet floors. There are of course different ways to handle each situation and our team of experts is uniquely qualified to deal with both requirements.

read more › When deciding to have your floor sanded and refinished, it is vital to select the appropriate wood floor finishes and high quality product for the specific type of wood, colour and environment, in your home. There is no one product suitable for all floors. Our local manager nearest to you will be happy to offer FREE advice on which is the best choice of wood floor finish for your individual home. Choosing the correct finishing products will give you a beautiful, hard-wearing and long lasting finish.

read more › Traditionally, wood floor stains were also used as a base coat and to seal the wood grains of porous species like oak or ash, resulting in a smoother final finish. These days finishes don't usually require sealers but stains are still useful, especially if you want to even out undesirable colour variations. Usually, a coat of stain can substitute for the first coat of finish. Stains can be grouped according to two characteristics: the tinting medium and the carrying medium, or vehicle. Stains generally get their colour from dyes, pigments or a combination of the two.

read more › Whether your floor is in a greasy pub or restaurant, a heavily trafficked hotel reception or just a living room it is going to need maintenance of some description. The level and type of wood floor maintenance is going to be dictated by the degree of soiling and the type of finish that is on the wood. However, the results can be truly astonishing for a lot less than the price of a re-sand. Your local Ultimate Floor Sanding contractor can advise you on your regular cleaning regime but there are also more involved processes that he can carry out for you that will help prolong the life of you floor.

read more › Do you feel that it is important for your customers/visitor to see your commercial or public premises in the best possible way? Do you have wooden floors that are looking a bit worn? If so, The Ultimate Floor Sanding Company provide the highest quality commercial floor sanding and finishing service in the UK and Ireland (North and South). A service for business owners, public bodies, or any large premises owner that wants that "WOW!" Factor. Guaranteed consistent, professional Results, from the largest name in commercial floor sanding in the UK and Ireland.

read more › Community halls don't suffer from many of the time constraints imposed by pubs, restaurants or hotels but of course they do bring their own problems. Often they are run by committees and of course everyone on the committee will have a valid opinion and will want their voice heard and as the range of uses is often very diverse so are the challenges. So how can we help get your community hall sanded and finished to a high standard and keep everyone happy? Let's start with your local fully trained and qualified local Affiliate.

read more › There is never a good time to carry out work in an hotel, right? Every other business closes at some time, weekends or night times but hotels are 24 hours! So what's important to you guys? First off our operators will inevitably come in to contact with your customers so knowing that they local companies who are trusted and respected will give you peace of mind. You can also take comfort from the fact that they all undergo the most thorough initial and ongoing training regime anywhere in the industry.

read more › Getting wooden floors sanded in pubs presents a huge challenge for you, because you don't want to close for any significant time and you don't want a massive clean-up. But it is also a technical challenge for floor sanders too because lacquer won't get a chance to fully cure as it takes around 10 days and alcohol softens lacquer anyway! So can we offer a solution to all these problems? Well in most cases YES! As Europes largest floor sanding brand we have the manpower and dust free machinery to tackle any size job in the shortest possible time.

read more › Wood is the most ecologically and economically sound floorcovering known to man. It is naturally beautiful, warm and resilient. Unlike synthetic or non-renewable alternatives it can be restored to close to its original condition. So, cared for correctly, your wood floor will easily re-pay the investment that you have made in it. Here at Ultimate Floor Sanding, through our network of fully qualified and warranted local contractors we regularly restore decades-old, wood floors in schools. We know that the longer these floors last in good condition between disruptive, destructive, and let's face it, expensive renovation.

read more › If your sports hall floor is looking tired, has lost its slip resistance or the lines don't meet you current need or Sports Council standards, then we can help. The Ultimate Floor sanding Company has many years of experience and many sports halls "under its belt" As well as using the very latest dust free machines we also only use lacquers of the highest quality that are guaranteed to be durable and slip resistant to BS, EN and DIN standards. Your sports hall will be accessed by a local Ultimate Floor Sanding Affiliate.

read more › In effect, we are giving you access to a "buying club" where you get marketing, branding, technical expertise and preferential product pricing all at cost only! Quite simply this is MASSIVE value. We will make some margin on product sales and any required initial training (we have had some existing floor sanding professional contractors join with us to add our network to their brand and to rule out future competition from a new affiliate in their part o the country). 2. This affiliate program will quickly establish our brand in the UK.

read more › Cheshire Floors (and Stuart) were great for us. We have an old converted Chapel which was in dire need of some help with regard to the 200 year old pitch pine floors which are beautiful but were in need of some serious cleaning after years of wear and recent renovation abuse. Stuart was highly professional, rang when he said he would, attended when he said he would and was concerned to give us not only the effect we were after but to ensure we understood what was involved and the after-care issues too.

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