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Flexflooring We supply and install seamless surfaces, resin floors, decorative floors, safety flooring, poured floors, outdoor rubber flooring, traditional wet pour, specialist screeds and decorative resin bound stone floors. Our products range from traditional wet pour rubber products to a wide range of resin bound stone and resin poured products. All utilising the best systems we can find, sourced by us and installed by our own team of experienced workmen.

Our specialist wet pour products have been used extensively in the wet leisure market, for swimming pool surrounds to splash parks. As well as installing in more specialised areas, we also have a great deal of experience in the more traditional wet pour installations of children's playgrounds and golf pathways.

Flexflooring also specialise in poured resin floors, whether factory floors or commercial floors, such as showrooms, office floors, commercial kitchens, we will have the experience to help you decide on the correct floor for your environment.

read more › Flexflooring Ltd is a specialist flooring / surfacing company specialising in polyurethane and epoxy based flooring systems. We have years of experience in resin based safety surfacing and decorative flooring. Our products can be used for various installations from swimming pool surrounds to splash pads, golf paths to playground flooring, paths, resin bound driveways and kitchens, retail spaces to restaurants, factory floors to warehouse. Flexflooring offers a supply and install service throughout the UK and beyond and we only use our own team of skilled technicians for each installation.

read more › Over the last few years Flex Flooring have gained vast experience in installing various different resin based kitchen flooring. Each of our floors comes with it's own unique character, advantages and disadvantages. Microcements are a very popular choice. Each microcement floor has it's own unique finish, more of an industrial look and a very forgiving floor in terms of keeping clean. There are a number of different colour ranges, although grey seems to be the most favoured colour. Stonex Quartz Screed is a very fine aggregate combined with an epoxy.

read more › Not sure what to do with this outdoor space, we have installed a number of balconies around the country, the choice is more than you think. We recommend opting for Stonex or a wet pour flooring material which creates a seamless finish but a safe environment that is slip resistant. Stonex Quartz Carpet is a small coloured or natural stone that knits close together to give a seamless smooth (but textured) look. A PU coated stone combined with a UV stable polyurethane binder ensure that you surface is colour fast.

read more › Flexflooring have installed in many different areas of domestic living, kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms, we are sure we can find a surface that suits you, whether contemporary or traditional looking, there is plenty of choice. PU Comfort Floors or cushioned floors are made up of a cork or rubber mat and then overlaid with a coloured polyurethane coat, sometimes called liquid vinyl. They are seamless, extremely hygienic and easy to clean, giving a very modern look to any internal space. Micro screed is a decorative screed with a waxed finish, imitating polished concrete.

read more › At Flexflooring we pride ourselves on creating seamless, safe and attractive surfaces that are non slip and in keeping with your pool environment. Our range of products, combined with over 15 years of experience in installing pool surrounds, allows us to provide you with the ideal system for your pool, indoors and outdoors. Choose between our Rubbaflex products (also known as a wet pour flooring solution) or our Stonex products, both are seamless surfaces, providing non-slip surrounds and with a range of colours and aggregates.

read more › At Flexflooring we have years of experience in the supply and installation of resin driveways Kent and surrounding counties for home and commercial areas. Please contact the office on 01622 747909 for a quote and more information on our range of products! Our, resin bound stone floor surfacing - Stonex Resin Bound, is aesthetically pleasing and hard wearing. Stonex Resin Bound creates a seamless, safe and attractive surface, commonly used in out door decorative spaces such as driveways. There are many different types of natural and coloured aggregates on the market.

read more › Why not move away from traditional paved patios and install a resin patio? Flexflooring have many years of experience in the supply and installation of quality resin bound paving for both residential and commercial usage. Stonex Quartz Carpet is a small coloured or natural stone that knits close together to give a seamless smooth (but textured) look. A PU coated stone combined with a UV stable polyurethane binder ensure that your resin-bound patio surface is colourfast. Flexflooring can install a Stonex resin bound patio, onto a concrete or asphalt base.

read more › Flexflooring have years of experience in the supply and installation of resin paths for both residential and commercial usage. Please contact our team on 01622 747909 for a free quote and further information on our fantastic range of products. Flexflooring have constructed many paths to various specifications, for schools, golf clubs, commercial and domestic premises. From home pathways to large driveways and more, we can lay resin paving for a variety of needs. What products do we recommend? A a small coloured or natural stone porous surface that binds together to give a seamless smooth (but textured) look.

read more › Everybody has a different idea of their dream garden. Whether you want to optimise your outdoor space for aesthetic reasons or you hope to get more use out of it in the summer months, resin garden paving is an excellent option. Resin garden paving is an outdoor flooring option that's made from a combination of natural or coloured aggregate or rubber (EPDM), and resin. It's frequently used to cover driveways, footpaths, and gardens. Due to its durability and versatility, garden paving is suited to a variety of outdoor uses, both residential and commercial.

read more › At Flexflooring we're experts in the supply and installation of epoxy flooring systems for residential, commercial and industrial usage. Our solutions have been used in a range of projects from large warehouses, factories and car showrooms to commercial kitchens. Our flooring can also be used for decorative purposes, such as nightclub floors or office floors. Please contact our team on 01622 747909 for a free quote and further information on our range of flooring products for your project. At Flex Flooring we have many years of experience in the supply and installation of industrial epoxy flooring fitting to various specs, requirements and applications depending on client needs and specifications.

read more › Having installed in numerous commercial kitchens previously, we understand the need for a hard wearing, chemical and slip resistant, yet easy to maintain surface. We also understand the need to install in a timely fashion, working when it best suits the client. PU screeds or polyurethane screeds are designed to withstand harsh environments that are prone to heavy industrial use. This material is specifically formulated to give excellent resistance to chemical loads or temperature variation and are commonly used in the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

read more › There are many different products available for industrial environments, such as factory or warehouse floors. Much is dependant on the use and traffic requirements. These products perform differently and are also dependant on budget. Whether it is slip resistance, mechanical loading, chemical loading or a tough yet decorative floor you require, there will be a resin floor that suits your needs. Epoxy coatings and self levellers offer a tough industrial surface. Normally applied to a concrete slab, they are ideal for factory and warehouse floors that are subject to heavy foot traffic and light industrial traffic.

read more › Flexflooring is a specialist flooring and surfacing company with extensive experience in supplying and installing warehouse flooring and resin flooring systems for industrial use. Our premium flooring systems are the ideal solution for warehouses, logistic centres or other commercial premises looking for a safe, non-slip, chemical resistant, hard wearing surface which withstands heavy loads and frequent traffic. Professional Installation - Using our skilled staff you can have confidence that your resin surface of choice will be installed efficiently and quickly.

read more › Are you looking for professional office flooring or shop flooring? There are many colourful and durable products that are available to give a different dimension to your area. Flexflooring have installed various different coloured resin bound stonex floors, Microscreed gives you that modern industrial look, whereas the colour range on our Stonex Sand product is endless. PU Comfort Floors give you a very modern, seamless liquid vinyl affect or go something a little different like a metallic epoxy.

read more › For a more industrial, distressed look why not install a microscreed. Designed to look like polished concrete, each floor has its own unique look. We have put together a guide about 'how much poured polished concrete costs per m2' to help you make an informed decision if you're considering installing microscreed in your restaurant or pub.

read more › To display your vehicles in the best light, you require car showroom flooring that's smooth, subtle, and able to withstand wear and tear, as well as the weight of heavy vehicles. Our car dealership flooring can be designed to perfectly compliment your showroom. Get in touch with us if you're looking for high-quality floor designs, and we'll be happy to provide you with a free, no-obligation quote for your project. Competitively Priced - We ensure our premium quality epoxy resin flooring is reasonably priced for all customers.

read more › Flexflooring have refurbished many old concrete paddling pools in parks around the country, as well as providing surfacing for some brand new ones. Many of the old pools suffer from a multitude of problems, normally associated with the concrete base. Flexflooring will be happy to visit, inspect and provide some solutions for their refurbishment with on-going safety in mind. We often suggest using a wet pour flooring material which creates an aesthetically pleasing finish but a safe and hygienic environment.

read more › Flexflooring have installed many pool surrounds in schools around the country. We recognise the need to provide a safe environment whilst at the same time understand that ease of maintenance is also a priority. We would be happy to visit and provide you with guidance on some of the products that are up to the job of providing a safe and maintainable surface around your school pool. Our most recommended and most preferred product for School Pool Surrounds. This is due to its hard durability, aesthetically pleasing look, non slip properties and easiness to maintain.

read more › Flexflooring can provide a colourful and seamless alternative to everyday tiles or vinyl systems, removing the need for grout joins and welded joins. In this environment, we understand the need to provide a hygienic, non porous surface, while ensuring the surface is non-slip, not difficult to clean and still decorative. This distinct, smooth surface is made up of very fine quartz, the colour choices are vast and is treated with a non slip additive. It is seamless and hence easier to clean, no grout joins/ It has proved to be very popular with schools and holiday parks.

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