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Sui Generis International When you need fibreglass products for engineering, industrial, construction and refurbishment, we're here to give you unbeatable quality, great customer service and quick installation with as little disruption as possible. We can provide you with a professionally installed GRP lining and complete surface preparation for almost any situation. Our fibreglass linings have a 20+ year lifespan, ensuring that repairs to tanks, bunds and other industrial equipment are both economical and long lasting.

When it comes to safety, our anti-slip flooring, stair covers and grating reduces injuries and staff downtime even in the most slippery conditions. Our extensive range of IBC Bunds, Tank Bunds, Drum Pallets & Spill trays GRP moulded products help tackle leaks, drips and spills at the workplace. We fabricate high quality GRP fibreglass mouldings to any design - giving you durable storage tanks, vehicle components, architectural features, modern outdoor seating and even stylish 21st century office furniture.

read more › Sui Generis (Latin: of its own kind, unique) was established in 1996 with the intention to specialise in bespoke fibreglass mouldings. However, at any early stage the versatility, robustness and consequent massive potential of fibreglass was recognised and gradual progression has seen the company become experts in a wide variety of fibreglass applications including Fibreglass Linings, Fibreglass Grating, Anti Slip Flooring Products and Spill Containment products. Whilst our manufacturing roots remain in Essex, our lining technicians attend client sites throughout the UK to apply fibreglass linings to damaged or leaking structures such as storage tanks, concrete bunds and cooling towers.

read more › When it comes to standard industrial surfaces, it's just a matter of time before they corrode and fail. With a fibreglass lining, you can stop corrosion in its tracks and protect everything from steel to concrete. You'll prevent expensive site damage, save on repairs and protect the environment - while keeping your facility safe and hygienic for your workers. A fibreglass lining doesn't require you to replace the surface underneath it - because repairing corrosion, cracks and leaks is part of our fibreglass lining service.

read more › Your bunds are exposed to tough conditions - but continued exposure to oils, chemicals and other liquids can make them crack, corrode, leak or become contaminated. Bunds that aren't leak-free or safe can lead to expensive site damage, and if they breach Environment Agency pollution guidelines you could be fined tens of thousands of pounds. Fibreglass is long lasting and copes well with normal structural movement - and because it's impact resistant and easy to clean it'll remain maintenance free for many years to come.

read more › Existing tanks deteriorate. With exposure to chemicals, cycling and different temperatures, your tanks need to be protected to help you avoid problems. A GRP lining is economical and hard-wearing - and can be customised using a variety of resins and additives to withstand almost any conditions and contents. Whether you need to repair or line water tanks, chemical storage tanks, effluent tanks or even liquor tanks, we'll individually mix the right fibreglass tank lining for your needs. If you act fast, you can avoid replacing your tank.

read more › If cooling towers aren't properly coated, they will begin to fail. If they're made of stainless steel, they can begin to leak at the joints. If they're made of mild steel, they can corrode too - and both can provide a breeding ground for legionella. Cooling tower ponds take particular punishment, and less durable coatings like epoxy are prone to fail. A fibreglass lining eliminates the problem, creating a 'pond within a pond' that can last for decades. GRP cooling tower linings are safe and long-lasting, and can remain maintenance free for many years.

read more › Your walls and floors are exposed to tough conditions - and continued exposure can cause brick, tiles and mortar to fail, allowing chemicals to seep into the concrete and earth below. This can lead to regulatory violations, fines and most of all - expensive repairs and replacement flooring. But a fibreglass lining can prevent this happening. We can provide safe, non-slip and chemical-resistant floor lining for any industry - including hospitals, breweries, schools, dairies, hotels, the pharmaceutical and food production industries and many others.

read more › When you make essential interconnect components for the military, aerospace and industrial markets, your facilities need to be in top shape. One of our clients knew this, but faced a problem. A leaking gully posed a serious environmental threat if chemical runoff in the gully leaked into the concrete and earth below. Having previously worked with Sui Generis to line their bunds, our client knew exactly who to call to effect a high quality repair and sealing of their gully with minimum downtime.

read more › Our operatives also receive training on our Quality Management System to ensure that we achieve the highest standards of workmanship on site in a safe and professional manner. As each site project presents different hazards, prior to all site activities we carry out a comprehensive Risk Assessment and Method Statement which is supported by COSHH assessments where appropriate. In regards to the plant and equipment that we take to site, all our portable electrical appliances are regularly PAT tested and plant regularly serviced whilst lifting equipment has been subject to a statutory thorough examination.

read more › An industrial coating is the best way to protect your steelwork, roofs, cladding and more - ensuring exposure to harsh industrial environments and the elements doesn't result in rust or corrosion. Our state of the art equipment and experienced workers can help create the right specialist coatings for your needs - so your structures last for years to come. We can create industrial coatings that are chemical resistant, heat resistant, suitable for abrasive environments, for vessels containing drinkable water - and decorative applications.

read more › The walkways, platforms and flooring of your facility are essential to keeping your employees safe, but traditional metal grating can cost you a lot of money and be expensive to maintain. With fibreglass grating from Sui Generis, you can ensure all your grating is slip-resistant and maintenance-free - with a 20+ year lifespan. Slips and falls are a serious danger in many industries and can result in injuries and lost work days. Fibreglass grating from Sui Generis is available with a concave or gritted surface, offering outstanding slip resistance in both wet and oily environments - and is proven to consistently reduce slips and falls in industrial facilities.

read more › From gritted open mesh & mini mesh, to conductive and covered, we can mould tough, long-lasting fibreglass grating to your specifications. Not only can it be adapted for fire or chemical resistance, but it's more comfortable to stand on and will last more than 20 years - maintenance-free. Very easy to install due to its relatively lightweight construction (circa half the weight of steel versions) and once in place, can simply be left and forgotten as there's no ongoing maintenance needed. Smooth Grating has the same characteristics as other Fibreglass Grating except no anti-slip surface.

read more › Sui Generis Pultruded Fibreglass Grating is made of I type or T type pultruded bearing bars and cross members. It has the same chemical properties as Moulded Grating but with higher mechanical properties in the span direction. It is widely used for platforms, especially where large spans are required. Grating is used as a surface for industrial flooring - including walkways, platforms, flooring, trench covers, ramps and cable trough covers. It's beneficial to a variety of industries, including chemical, pharmaceutical, offshore, water and power - because it provides a safe, slip-resistant surface that doesn't collect liquids or other hazardous material.

read more › Our GRP riser system offers a first-class safety solution for your riser needs, be it residential, commercial, new build or refurbishment. Our expert team will design, manufacture and install a tailored support system for any riser flooring situation that considerably outperforms conventional steel or timber systems. GRP riser grating offers a strong, lightweight and versatile flooring solution for your service risers, riser voids and riser shafts. The fibreglass grating is cast in one piece combining a resin matrix with fibre reinforcement resulting in a product of outstanding strength, load capacity and corrosion resistance.

read more › As part of our service and commitment to our clients Sui Generis will be happy to provide a competitive quotation for installation of your grating if required. Sui Generis has three kinds of standard clips made of 316 stainless steel used for fastening and joining grating panels. Type M - Hold down clips; designed to locate grating on a support structure & prevent it from turning in all 4 directions. Special plastic inserts are also available to raise the grating panels from the floor by 7mm to allow the free flow of spillages or rainwater under the grating.

read more › Sui Generis GRP Grating has been tested in accordance with the ASTM E-84 tunnel test. Depending on the resin type it achieves a Class 1 flame spread rating of between 5-25 or less. Test reports are available on request. Special fire retardant requirements can also be met with extra additives. Sui Generis Fibreglass Grating can be made in any colour of your choice. The moulded-in colour is made by even mixing of pigment and resin and will not fade or require painting. All of the raw materials are carefully selected from qualified suppliers to ensure the excellent quality of Sui Generis Fibreglass Grating.

read more › Corrosion is a major problem within industries such as chemical, steel, food and beverage, water and wastewater, power - the list goes on. Sui Generis Grating is particularly designed to provide safe, long-lasting, economical and worry-free solutions in environments where chemicals and other corrosives attack metal, wood and similar materials. Depending on the environment, resins such as orthophthalic polyester, isophthalic polyester, vinylester or phenolic may be used in the construction of our Grating.

read more › A laboratory slipperiness assessment was undertaken by the Health & Safety Laboratory (UK) in accordance with guidelines recommended by United Kingdom Slip Resistance Group (Issue 2,2000) and protocols outlined in BS 7976:2. Data could not be generated due to the level of roughness exceeding the range of this instrument. This suggests the measurement would be at least 100 and therefore a low slip risk. The test results presented relate only to the flooring samples under study at the time of testing.

read more › If you deal with corrosive chemicals and pollutants, a spill can be costly to your business. Reduce the risk they pose with high quality, cost-effective spill containment and control products from Sui Generis. We've developed our range of bunds, bund linings and spill control products in direct response to the latest storage regulations - so they'll keep you fully compliant and safe. Sui Generis bunds are suitable for all oils and 95% of chemicals. They are available in a range of prefabricated sizes - or can be custom-made to your specifications.

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