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Flooring Centre Flooring Centre is a leading London wood flooring supplier of wood floor finishes and consumables. As a respected distributor of flooring products, we aim to deliver a prompt and reliable service, supplying wide range items and materials to consumers and businesses. Based in North West London, we operate a delivery network for wooden flooring products throughout and outside the capital to cover the whole of UK.

read more › Engineered wood flooring is this versatile and very practical flooring option for every household and commercial premises. It takes the best from both worlds - engineered wood flooring looks just like solid wood when installed, bringing in the classic beauty and elegance. Engineered wood flooring is, however, not just cut from one timber like solid wood, but made out of layers of softwood, plywood, and other real wood materials. The modern and advanced crisscrossed construction of layers that are strongly glued together and topped with a layer of hardwood guarantees the long-lasting and hard-wearing power of engineered wood flooring.

read more › If you are looking forward to achieving stylish and modern decoration at home there is a company that can give you both. Well-known with great interior design arrangements for all types of environments, Chene could be called a synonym for elegance and classy look. As an expert craftsmanship, their flooring assortment includes top quality products together with reasonable prices. Impressed with this combination we offer the best of Chene's laminate flooring options.

read more › Elka's brand has become popular for offering a quality real wood product at reasonable cost. Elka's selection of wooden flooring is designed around providing an affordable choice of trendy and classic products. Here are in highlight some of the popular flooring options from Elka: Natural Lacquered Oak Flooring, Brushed & Oiled Oak Flooring in various colours and finishes with planks thickness of 12.5 mm, 14 mm and 22 mm. Another trendy addition to their range is the Lacquered & Oiled Walnut Flooring.

read more › Kahrs is one of the most talked about names in wooden flooring. As a specialist in 14 mm engineered wood floors, Kahrs offers a vast variety of finishes in that product type, some of which beyond imagination. All Kahrs products come with the unique "Woodloc(R) 5S" click system, which allows floors to be installed even more quickly and provides a joint that is around 25% stronger than its predecessor. Kahrs have included the following wood species in their products: 3-Strip Oak Flooring, Single Strip Oak, Ash, Beech, Maple and Walnut.

read more › Kersaint Cobb are one of the most ecologically conscious brands that are fully committed to respecting and protecting the environment as much as they can. Their wood flooring is sourced from reliable and trustworthy mills in various countries. All of them have been inspected and have earned the required credentials regarding sourcing raw materials from well managed and comissioned forests. The majority of Kersaint Cobb's collections reflect the most popular UK oak flooring style - the rustic grade planks.

read more › Highly Valued Quick-Step Engineered Flooring Quick-Step have relied on their strong focus on quality, as well as an unquenchable thirst for innovation, in order to make it to the top and stand amongst the leading companies in the flooring industry. They have introduced flooring features such as "Uniclic" - the click system that guarantees swift and easy laminate flooring installation in every situation. This is something the Quick-Step engineered flooring also benefits from. You can enjoy your brand-new parquet floor in no time, as no-post installation work is required.

read more › Xylo flooring has been around for such a long time that is has become a synonym of great quality, excellent durability, attractive design. Homeowners and commercial property interior designers opt for Xylo laminate flooring because of the innovative technology that creates a lasting and hard-wearing structure that is water-, stress-, and scratch-resistant. Thanks to the pioneering structure, Xylo flooring is suitable for every space of the house, even for rooms, where high levels of indoor moisture can be an issue for other types of real wood flooring and laminate flooring.

read more › Solid wood flooring is one of the best flooring options you have out there on the market. Solid wood flooring provides every space with natural beauty, durability, lasting solidness and ensures unlimited design options for every room of your home and for every space of the commercial premises. There is no doubt that solid wood flooring is a common choice for many households and interior designers with its unbeatable elegance, the cosy and welcoming atmosphere it creates, its naturally hygienic nature, and hard-wearing power.

read more › Junckers - Excellence in Solid Wood Flooring, Cleaners & Maintenance Junckers are a Danish flooring company that offers both flooring products, and a carefully selected and balanced range of their own produced wood-care products. Be it sport, residential, or commercial flooring, you will find that their selection will suit your individual needs. The products are produced in Denmark itself, so the clients can rest assured that everything is crafted with utmost care and is based on the solid traditions of Danish craftsmanship.

read more › Parquet flooring is a golden classic in the realm of real wood floors. With its effortless and stylish beauty, parquet flooring adds a lot of character, class, even luxury and prestige to any place in the house or office, at the same time parquet flooring can be effectively incorporated in cutting-edge modern designs, not just your typical traditional parquet flooring old-world charm settings. Let's explore more about what parquet flooring actually is and why everybody loves parquet flooring so much!

read more › Forget about the critics, forget it all. Laminate flooring is growing stronger and still growing in popularity in many households and commercial premises, especially among those of you who want to enjoy a beautiful look of natural material, but still, want to shop on a budget. There is no doubt that one of the main advantages of laminate flooring is the fact it takes the best from all worlds. First of all, with laminate flooring you can totally have that amazing and unique appearance of natural materials in your home, be it stone, ceramic tiles, or the most popular out of them - wood.

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