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Reclaimed Flooring Wood should reflect its origins of time and variation without the constraints of mass production. Exquisite wood flooring as it should be. Supplied & Installed by the UK's leading Antique Oak & Aged Patina finishing professionals. We create the most beautiful New & Antique & Reclaimed Floorboards, Engineered Oak & Solid Wood Flooring and Wall Cladding in the Marketplace.

The unique finishes and patinas from our Floorboards are not only a statement of beauty but a statement of craftsmanship, a reflection of our commitment to push the limits of design and durability. The natural progression from reclaimed timbers to tailor-made new wood floorboards expanded the RFC brand to include authentically reclaimed, replica reclaimed and specialised new wood floorboards and cladding.

An innovative range of patinas incorporates both antique and contemporary design concepts blending rich history, new technology and an unrestricted approach to creativity and craft. Our Antique Reclaimed Wood Flooring and Harvested Solid Wood Flooring & Engineered Wood Flooring collections have been developed with the utmost care for the environment, as our 'Timber Neutral' scheme plants 1 tree per every 10m2 you buy.

read more › Not all reclaimed wood is Antique and very few understand the difference. Our methodology behind sourcing and crafting Antique Wood has been developed through years of experimentation by the combined expertise of hand-picked industry professionals. As with any skilled Antique restoration, we are crafting a legacy that will last for generations. From Beginnings to Bespoke. There is a certain power and mystery that lies in the reclamation of timbers once surrounded by now vanished generations and bygone eras.

read more › We are a proud, ethical small to medium-sized family-run business, with our workshop & offices in Heaton Mersey, Cheshire, UK. We have over 15 years in the UK and 5 years in the USA (East & West coast). We design, make, finish and install some of the most beautifully aged finished wood floors in the world - sustainable credentials come as standard every time. Together as a tight-knit crew, we still operate with the drive and passion of a fast-moving start-up. Maybe this is because of the product itself because antique wood supplies are continually changing and each of our creations are genuinely one-of-a-kind.

read more › Back in 2003 reclaiming beams and floorboards from Victorian Cotton mills in Greater Manchester would eventually lead to the formation of RFC. From these small beginnings and the birthplace of the Industrial revolution to the creative hub of Clerkenwell in London, this family-run business has expanded to include international clients from the USA, Middle East and Asia. An innovative range of products incorporates both antique and contemporary design concepts blending rich history, new technology and an unrestricted approach to creativity and craft.

read more › Today's consumers are more conscious than ever before. Consumers now demand operational transparency and a complete understanding of a product's supply chain and the raw materials used. Conscious consumerism is now in overdrive as we become more mindful and consider more deeply the morality and philosophy of a company. Our dedication to procuring the finest quality European Oak with complete FSC certified chain of custody combined with our Timber Offset audited tree planting program tailored to accurately offset the impact of your purchase.

read more › We offer full installation on all of our products, limited to an estimated 25 projects per year. We will arrange installation around site open times to ensure the health and safety of all contractors. Installation and site management, shift work instigated away from clients and other contractors. Subfloors inspected, Screed, Damp proofing WPD plywood, Sound proofing supply and installation. Guide price include all materials, travel costs (UK) and labour. Basic subfloor cleaning and preparation of plywood or new screed is included, there will be extra costs for more substantial sub floor preparation.

read more › Based in Chelsea, we have established our compact showroom among London's preeminent designers. Located only 3 minutes walk from Chelsea Harbour Design Centre and Canary Wharf station. We have now moved our logistics hub from Los Angeles to New York. We are currently in the process of re-stocking new samples and flooring panels, for the time being, samples are only available for viewing via in-person consultations or deliveries to your office. Our UK headquarters is located in Cheshire, just outside Heaton Mersey village.

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