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FPS Flooring specialises in the supply, laying, sanding and finishing of the finest quality hardwood flooring, with particular expertise in the installation of engineered wide boards, specialist finishes and flooring compatible with under floor heating and acoustic insulation. We are hardwood flooring experts and offer a truly professional service.

We also undertake the refinishing and restoration of all types of wood floors. Our experienced finishing team, combine many years of experience with the use of top quality products like Bona & Treatex to produce stunning results on old, tired and neglected floors. Installation of wide boards, specialist finishes and flooring compatible with under floor heating and acoustic insulation.

Installation of parquet blocks and panels, which require special attention during fitting to ensure a professional finish. Bespoke finishing ~ both factory finishes or specialist on site finishes to existing floors. We provide solutions to all your hardwood flooring requirements, with advice on suitable products for all our clients, whether, flooring for a traditional period property, a minimalist contemporary styled building, or following a commercial brief.

read more › We supply high quality flooring and accessories from a range of reputable UK & European manufacturers. For the best results, we always recommend our specialist installation team to fit our floorings. If you prefer not to use our installation service, we can still supply flooring directly to your flooring or building contractor. Choose from a menu of finishes including brushing, scraping, tumbling, fuming, baking and bleaching and combine with our range of colours and sealants to produce a floor as unique as you.

read more › Established in 1990, FPS Flooring are experts, with over twenty years of experience, in supply, installation and restoration of hardwood floors. We focus on just one aspect of flooring ~ wood. By focusing on this one are we are able to offer clients the best. Best range of high quality products, best suited to your needs, installed promptly and professionally to ensure you get the floor you will love for years to come. FPS Flooring aims to achieve outstanding client service through the competitive supply of quality products and the employment of expert installation staff.

read more › We offer a wide range of quality wood products, solid hardwood boards, blocks and panels and a huge range of engineered boards at competitive prices. Quality is paramount and we therefore supply only boards from reputable European and UK based manufacturers. Working directly with the manufacturer we are able to help develop new products and bespoke finishes for our clients. The majority of our products are made in Europe; reducing environmental impact, providing a quick turn around and short lead time even on hand finished products.

read more › This board is pre-sanded and supplied unfinished with a choice of no bevels to the edges or small bevels to all four edges. Oil - we use Treatex Hardwax Traditional Oil, available in clear or a choice of colour. This gives a traditional satin finish suitable for all flooring applications and easy to care for and maintain. Traditional Floor Treatments - we work regularly in listed & protected buildings where traditional floor finishes such as wax and shellac are required. We are happy to discuss any client requirements should you require this type of finish.

read more › A variety of finishes are available for your boards. By choosing a pre-finished board, the work is done at the manufacturer by machine, giving a consistent texture and reducing overall fitting time. Pre Oiled floors have one or two coats of Hardwax or UV Oil applied in the factory. These floors require no sanding and only need to be sealed with one more coat of oil after installation. They are ready to walk on the following day. Other factory finishes can include staining, fuming, thermo aging, as well as the much more modern and unusual 'Magna' finish by Nesca.

read more › These architectural wood floors may draw on period designs but the final display is only limited by your imagination. We have an extensive selection of borders, end-grain blocks and lattice designs, or you can choose from many European parquet panels and bespoke formats. All can be offered in a variety of species and finishes.

read more › Most wood floors sold in Britain have a lacquer finish, which gives the floor a sheen, is smooth, hard-wearing and easy to keep clean with just a quick wipe with a dampened mop. Oiled and oiled-and-waxed floors are quite new in the UK, but are proving popular. They are sealed with a mixture of wood oil and wax. With an oiled floor the oil is impregnated into the top-layer. An oiled and waxed finish is an oiled floor on top of which is a wax finish for added protection. The effect is a subtler sheen than the high gloss of lacquer-varnished floors.

read more › We never forget that the floor is made up of a number of levels and the choice of underlay is as important as your choice of finish. When we take your order we will discuss what the room is going to be used for, what the traffic levels will be like, and whether there will be underfloor heating or a need to reduce sound for floors below. Different types of underlay possess different properties, some can help reduce sound transmission between floors, while others are designed to improve insulation.

read more › FPS Flooring has a dedicated team of fitters who will lay, sand and finish the floor of your choice to the highest of standards. At FPS, we employ our own fitters rather than using an outside company. The reason for this is that we can monitor, train and supervise our own staff more effectively. All of our teams have a wealth of experience and offer total professionalism. These days, many solid wood floors and engineered boards are pre-finished. This means that they are coated with several coats of UV polyurethane prior to leaving the manufacturer providing a tough and durable finish.

read more › Sanding and finishing of hardwood floors is a specialist job and so FPS employs specialist sanders and finishers. They do nothing except sanding and finishing of floors and they've been doing it for many years. They aren't general builders or carpenters, or even flooring installers - they are experts at what they do. Using high quality, well maintained sanders and buffers and the recognised leading industry finishing products are the only way get a professional finish for your hardwood floors. Unfinished wood floors require sanding, sealing and finishing with either an oil or lacquer finish once the floor is installed on site.

read more › FPS visits all potential clients within the Greater London Area, to assess site conditions and measure the property. This personalised, no obligation service is free of charge and enables you to discuss any issues relating to your flooring project before you make decisions about flooring, installation methods and finishes. With 20 years of experience, our advice and opinions about hardwood flooring can help prevent many problems before they even occur. Contact FPS today to arrange a site visit if you are thinking of installing a hardwood floor.

read more › By properly maintaining and caring for your wooden flooring, you can ensure it looks as wonderful as and indeed better than the day it was installed. We supply Treatex, Bona and also multipurpose cleaning kits which FPS recommends for use with all its new floors. Products that aren't specifically designed for the care of wooden floors should never be used; they can lead to dull floors which become scratched more easily or cause a build up on the floor surface which can become slippery. Wet mopping is not recommended.

read more › FSC, the Forest Stewardship Council, is an independent, non-governmental, not for profit organization established to promote the responsible management of the world's forests. It provides standard setting, trademark assurance and accreditation services for companies and organizations interested in responsible forestry. Products carrying the FSC label are independently certified to assure consumers that they come from forests that are managed to meet the social, economic and ecological needs of present and future generations.

read more › Today's wide variety of wood floors and finishes complement modern, contemporary and traditional settings and style choices. Real wood and engineered boards are natural products and therefore environmentally friendly. Wood floors offer medical benefits from dust reduction & are particularly suitable for individuals who suffer from allergies or asthma. They offer a healthier surface than carpets. Wood floors are easy to maintain with cleaning being simply a matter of a cloth lightly dampened with a recommended cleaning product.

read more › Square edge means that the four sides of a plank or strip are square. Bevelled edge or micro bevel means that there is a slight angle on the top edge of the plank or strip. The tongue and groove system applies to the efficient installation method of snapping wood boards together. Almost every solid wood floor experiences some form of expansion and contraction which is directly related to the change of seasons and humidity levels. Engineered boards are by their nature inherently more stable than solid wood floors.

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