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FK Floor Sanding is a fully accredited, professional floor sanding and restoration company in London. We deal with every aspect of care for wooden floors. Our services extend from initial floor fitting to maintenance and restoration. We fit, clean and restore all kinds of engineered wooden surfaces, including parquet flooring, pine and hardwood floors.

Our team members are all highly trained and skilled individuals. They treat our clients and their premises with respect, discretion and professionalism. They are not satisfied with a job until the client is 100% satisfied with it. To provide our clients with additional peace of mind, all our services and craftsmen are fully insured. In addition, we only use specialised, dust-free equipment.

The products we utilise on floors are all high quality and low odour so that floors look their best but we don't leave a client's premises full of unpleasant fumes. Wherever possible we use eco-friendly products and many of the lacquers we use are water-based.

read more › FK Floor Sanding is an accredited and family-run floor sanding and restoration company in London. We provide high quality wood floor services. Our services are provided at highly competitive prices. We take great pride in the excellent reputation that we have built over many years as a trusted floor sanding and restoration company. It is no accident that many of our clients come to us as a result of recommendations from our existing, satisfied clients. All our staff members and craftsmen are fully committed to service excellence and putting the client first.

read more › Sanding is the first and crucial step before one can stain or finish a floor. If the sanding is not done correctly the floor will not look good later on regardless of the finish or stain used. The result of the sanding process should be an entirely smooth surface. Sanding a floor is really hard work, requires knowledge and is very messy as it generates a great deal of fine sawdust. For these reasons it is important to use a professional rather than attempting to do it oneself. The London based experts at FK Floor Sanding use their skills and experience to ensure that the sanded surface is smooth and ready for whatever the next step may be.

read more › There is a common misconception about wood floor staining services in London. It's not the same as finishing (a service we also provide). Coating wood with a product such as varnish to protect the wood and give it a shine is "finishing". Staining a floor on the other hand means changing the colour of the wood. Usually wood is stained a darker colour. Because staining is fraught with potential problems an important step is to know what wood the floor is made of. We can help with that. Once we have identified the timber used to lay the floor we can advise the client about staining and colours.

read more › Our expert floor sanding company provides wood floor gap filling in London. The craftsmen at FK Floor Sanding bring their experience, skills and professionalism to bear on all aspects of caring for wooden floors in both domestic and commercial clients throughout all Central and Greater London areas. We provide services that range from fitting to floor sanding to full restoration and repair work. One aspect of this is gap filling. As wood ages, the boards begin to shrink. This is especially true of floors that have not been cared for and where the wood has become dry.

read more › At FK Floor Sanding we know how important the wood floor can be. They add atmosphere and warmth to a room and, in many cases, increase the value to a property. However, a neglected wood floor is far from being a thing of beauty. Floors that have been painted, scratched, allowed to get very dirty, are badly finished or simply neglected require expert care to restore them. For clients in London requiring wood floor restoration, we provide a one-stop solution. Our staff members are highly experienced and utterly professional craftsmen.

read more › Choose our expert and affordable wood floor repairs in London. Floors are restored when they have become dull, scratched or stained. Wood floors that have suffered some kind of damage must first be repaired. The expert craftsmen at FK Floor Sanding will assess the damaged floor to determine the cause and propose a solution. There are many things that can cause severe damage to a wood floor. However, in the UK the most common ones are water (rising damp and wet rot), woodworm and dry rot. All of these can cause a great deal of damage if not dealt with effectively by professionals with the experience to do so.

read more › Our expert commercial wood floor sanding in London is professional, reliable and affordable. A large number of businesses in London have wood floors at their premises. These floors are either there to serve an aesthetic or a practical purpose. At FK Floor Sanding we understand that wood floors in offices, public buildings, gyms, dance studios etc. take a great deal more punishment than domestic floors do. As a result these hardworking floors need as much - if not more - attention and care than domestic wood floors do.

read more › Deciding to put a wood floor into a room, house or business is a big decision. The expert craftsmen from FK Floor Sanding guide the client in terms of selecting the best type of wood floor for the premises in question. Regardless of which wood flooring option the client selects the first step must be thorough sub-floor preparation. We also test for moisture as this must be dealt with before wood flooring can be installed. This applies equally to situations where new flooring is being laid over the existing flooring.

read more › Trust our specialists and book our wood floor polishing & cleaning services in London. Sometimes wood floors in both domestic and commercial premises in London only need some tender loving care rather than a full floor sanding, repair or renovation. The experts from FK Floor Sanding will perform an assessment of the floor and then take the most appropriate course of action. If it has been determined that sanding is not necessary because the wear and tear is only minor and on the surface we recommend buffing.

read more › I recently had the pleasure of working with FK Floor Sanding. Their expertise, swift execution and affordable rates left no doubt in me about making the best choice to hire them. My new floor looks amazing. Your team did a very good job. I wholeheartedly recommend your floor fitting service as it is clean, quick, professional and reasonably priced. I approached FK Floor Sanding for their floor restoration service. I feel like there is no way any other company would have done a better job at returning my wood floor to perfect condition.

read more › All clients can get a no-obligation 100% free quote on all of our services with a single call on 020 3909 7641. A precise estimate can be made after an on-site visit. We kindly ask all our clients to provide a parking space for our vehicle, which will greatly help with the work process. If parking arrangements cannot be made, a parking fee will be added to the final bill. Just sanding an average room, be it hallway, lounge or bedroom will take no more than a day to sand. However, in case there is need for repairs of existing damage, that time may be extended.

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