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Floorfixer The Floorfixer floor sanding service covers all UK mainland areas but most of our work is in Leicestershire such as the villages in and around LE7: Anstey, Rothley and Syston. Asfordby is another village we serve in North Leicestershire, plus the villages of Sileby, Barrow upon Soar, Mountsorrel and Quorn. Birstall and nearby Thurmaston are included in our area as are Blaby, Fleckney and Kibworth which are all LE8 post codes.

Apart from travelling all over the UK, we often go over the border into Nottinghamshire to carry out floor restoration in Bottesford (NG13), and the Derbyshire border to renovate floors in DE74 - Castle Donington and Kegworth, plus Measham in DE12.

read more › Having sufficient knowledge and understanding of how floor-laying craftsmen carried out their work years ago is definitely beneficial to anyone attempting to repair a parquet floor, and our guys have all been taught the basics of how it was originally done. Fortunately the ancient skills have not all been lost through the mists of time, and have been passed on by Craftsmen over the years who often took on apprentices. These lads were pleased to work for little more than their food and lodging. Apprentices would save the small amount of money they earned for special trade-tools which they would then keep for most of their working life.

read more › FloorFixer customers want a dust-free environment for obvious reasons. As well as being just a competitive advantage for our business by eliminating dust from the sanding process and increasing the efficiency and quality of our work, our new state-of-the-art equipment also allows us to cause less disruption in the home when carrying out the work. The special dust containment system we now use also provides healthier working conditions for our staff who can now breathe a little easier. Floor Wood Sanding has always traditionally created an enormous amount of airborne sawdust, and the type of dust generated by floor sanding is a known toxin and carcinogen.

read more › Please give us a call; we would love to hear from you. Give our assessor Rob a call on the phone number above to arrange your no-obligation survey. Rob can be quite busy, and if his phone directs you to the voicemail when he's working with the noisy machines, just leave your contact number and best time to call - he will get back to you as soon as he can. Our HQ is at: 4a East Avenue, Syston, Leicester, LE7 2EH.

read more › Most floors we have reclaimed had not seen the light of day for years or had been badly neglected. Sanding a floor strips away layers of wood and ingrained dirt, wax polish or even paint to reveal a beautifully clean surface. Even if you have done some research, you are still bound to have a question or two before you decide to go ahead. Floorfixer customers have made many different queries over the years. Should I Decorate Before or Afterwards? - Any work needing access beneath the floor such as plumbing or electrical should be completed prior to the floor restoration work.

read more › Having your floors refurbished can be a significant investment into the improvement and value of your property. In these economic times it's easy to just choose the cheapest floor sanding service in an attempt to save some money on your flooring project. But you could end up paying more if you are not careful and also get a headache in the process. Please be very suspicious of any company who does not have a local address displayed on the contact page of their website. Most people prefer to engage a tradesman from their neighbourhood for wood floor renovation because if things go wrong, they will not have far to travel to return and put things right.

read more › FloorFixer values its customers and our team work hard to ensure that we are adding on-going value to the business. We listen to your feedback, and welcome any comments or suggestions you may have as we strive to improve our service because customer recommendation remains our most important source of work. We believe that it is customers that drive our business and will take it forward to that next level. Thanks for your work at our house. Excellent job done! My business has moved away from cleaning and maintenance works, having had over 1000 cleaners on our payroll at one time.

read more › It is advisable to be extremely suspicious of any warranty or guarantee given for wood floor restoration, and especially those offered by the manufacturer of a product used for finishing a wood floor after the floor sanding has been done! You will find that the guarantees given by most flooring companies are usually worthless once you have carefully examined the small print in their Terms & Conditions. Any guarantee offered for a finishing product such as Lacquer or Hard Wax Oil is merely a promise from the flooring contractor, and as a result - if the contractor fails for whatever reason, the guarantee is worthless.

read more › Floor Sanding is only the first stage of the wood floor restoration process as it only makes the surface smooth clean and flat by removing the protective layer which was previously applied such as varnish, oils or wax. Sometimes older floorboards or parquet blocks may need to be re-fitted or entirely replaced if parts of the floor have been damaged due to moisture. As you can see from the before and after pictures in our gallery, FloorFixer can deliver beautifully finished floors, and with maintenance, your refurbished floor should out-last any laminate or carpet.

read more › There are many ways that you can categorise wooden flooring. You can group these floors in terms of the material type, the material form and the way the floor is laid out. The type of flooring that is appropriate in any premisis will be based on the amount of traffic and the level of punishment that the floor is expected to receive over its lifetime. We have found through experience that Pine (softwood) and Oak (hardwood) are the most popular floors that have been laid in the UK over the years.

read more › Many customers assume that all wood floors should be coloured, and that it's a routine and simple part of floor restoration, just as easy as rolling a coat of paint on a wall. How we wish it were that easy! A stain is quite different from a 'finish' which is the generic term for any substance that can seal the porous surface of a wooden floor to provide a layer of protection and reflective sheen. Floor staining is difficult, meticulous work, often with unpredictable results as there are many variables that can make staining go wrong and when it does go wrong, the only solution is to re-sand the floor and start the process all over again.

read more › Our surveyor likes to see your floor and estimate just what needs to be done before the process can start and personal survey visits are offered throughout Leicestershire and Rutland, but projects elsewhere are assessed remotely by photo's sent via electronic communication. The surveyor will help you to decide on what overall look you are trying to create, and depending on what furniture you are installing and the amount of natural light in the room, you may prefer a Matt, Gloss or Satin effect to complement it.

read more › You first have to decide on what the best treatment and finish would be for your wooden floor. Our knowledgeable Surveyor will give free advice on what would be the most appropriate products to use during his site visit. This will depend on the specific age and type of wood, the environment (see below) and preferred sheen level. Floorfixer is a genuinely independent company and we are not obligated to use a particular brand or product as some other local companies are. Soft wood floors work successfully with a much smaller range of products and finishes than hard wood flooring.

read more › Learning how to clean wooden floors is essential for protecting and maintaining your newly finished wood floor which is a major investment that can add value to the look and feel of your home. Since dirt and grime can't hide on a wood floor like it can on a carpet, cleaning your floors may seem "high maintenance". However, once you establish your own routine, the best way to clean wood flooring won't seem so difficult after all. If it is cared for and maintained well, it can last for a very long time.

read more › Screening is a quick and easy refinishing option where we simply rough up the top coat of existing finish without cutting into the wood itself to enable a recoat. Sanding gets down to the bare wood, while screening simply removes the top coat of finish. We can screen a wood floor by using special metal mesh screening discs attached to a professional high speed rotary floor-buffing machine. You could consider recoating instead of sanding and may be able to make the wooden floor surface look nice again by adding a new coat of polyurethane lacquer or hard wax oil on top of the old finish.

read more › If you would like to have a Bona Spray Mop exactly like the one shown in the video below, Floorfixer wood floor restoration staff will be pleased to supply you a complete kit for around 45. A Spray Mop is designed for use on all types of wooden floors whether pre-finished, or with lacquers or oils applied on site. They are easy to use with an extra wide 360 degree swivel mop head for attaching the re-usable and machine washable Microfibre cleaning pad which enables you to get into awkward corners and around furniture.

read more › Sanding a wood floor and then seeing it all come together during the finishing process is the most enjoyable part of our work. What we really find to be the most satisfying thing about working in the wood floor restoration trade is having the opportunity to bring some life back into an ancient floor and transform it for people to enjoy for many years to come. The famous oil painting seen alongside here is called Les raboteurs de parquet (The Floor Scrapers). It was painted in 1894 by Gustave Caillebotte and shows just how hard these floor renovation guys worked in the old days.

read more › Floorfixer Floor sanding services are regularly requested to refurbish School floors by Local Education Authorities, Grant Maintained Schools, University Bodies or Building Contractors. We are always flexible with our working patterns to accommodate the needs of our clients and understand the need to work under tight time constraints caused by condensed programmes during school closure periods usually around the school holidays. Our team has carried out floor restorations in Secondary Schools such as Moat Community College, Universities include Leicester and Loughborough University, Colleges, Academies, plus many Primary Schools and Early Learning Centres.

read more › We use the latest technology in advanced hard wearing finishes for heavy traffic areas within churches and chapels, and our experienced professionals are able to source suitable products to ensure a complete refurbishment of a church floor. We understand that when updating the church floor, your priority will be to keep the project on budget as church funds may not be so flush. However, revealing the hidden beauty of a tired or worn wooden floor is always worth the expense and Floorfixer can provide the very best results.

read more › Floorfixer can offer a professional sport floor sanding service for all types of sports / commercial floors. Sports hall floors, gymnasium floors, dance floors, aerobic studios - in fact any type of sports flooring can be restored or installed by our experienced floor sanding team. We are able to work to exact specifications; always within budget and we also provide an extremely high quality service. Multi-purpose sports flooring needs to be extremely durable and we can provide solutions for flooring to suit all budgets and requirements.

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