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With over 15 years working with all types of wooden floors in Brighton, our flooring specialists can restore your wooden floor back to its former glory. Why buy new flooring when you can get us to sand your floor back and breathe new life into it. Whether you need your wooden flooring repaired, restored or just sanded, all of our flooring work is completed to a very high standard.

We will treat your wood with varnishes or oils to preserve your wooden flooring to look beautiful in your home. Our team of sanding experts have undertaken all levels of wooden flooring repairs, which is why we pride ourselves on carrying out seamless repairs.

read more › Every wooden floor is different. Be it from the type of wood, the age of the wood, the design or the condition, our sanding specialists use the best sanding methods to ensure your wooden flooring becomes beautiful again. At Brighton Floor Sanding, most of our sanding work is carried out using 'Lgler' sanding machines. We use the renowned 'Hummel' belt sander for boarded and strip flooring. To get to the awkward parts and for a seamless finish, we use a 'Unico' edger. If you have herringbone parquet flooring, or other fine cross-grain floors, we will use the 'Trio' machine.

read more › Floor finishing with wood stains and floor wax by Brighton floor experts. Our floor finishing service is the final step we take once we have sanded and repaired your wooden floor. For us it's about putting the finishing touches on the work our craftsmen have carried out, so your wooden floor can last longer. As part of the finish, we apply the best quality varnishes or oils depending on the condition and location of the flooring. For wooden flooring in homes we use a water-based varnish called 'Bona Mega' and a high-performing varnish called 'Bona Traffic' for high-use areas such as school halls.

read more › Wooden flooring repairs for original flooring in Brighton. Whether you need the gaps in your floorboards filled or an area of rotten wood replaced in your floor, we will tailor our flooring repair service to suit you and your property. We replace all damaged or newly inserted boards with reclaimed boards of the correct age and appearance. Hearths can be removed, new joists inserted, and staggered boards relaid. Gaps can be filled with reclaimed timber wedges or flexible filler. For original wooden flooring repairs we use appropriate Regency, Victorian and Edwardian reclaimed boards to match as closely as possible the original wooden floorboards.

read more › When it's necessary tp preserve the integrity and the existing patina of your floor, we offer a specialist hand stripping service for you. Keeping the floors in your home looking good, whilst restoring the natural elements of your floor is important for keeping strong, long lasting floors in your home. Hand stripping floors keeps the integrity of the floor through the use of a longer process than floor sanding. The benefits of hand stripping floors rather than floor sanding ensure the flooring is preserved at it's finest.

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