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Degafloor is the home of ultra-fast curing MMA resin flooring for commercial and industrial environments. With a nationwide network of expert Approved Installers, we guarantee customer satisfaction throughout every project. For all your Pothole repair needs, take a look at our Degafill permanent pothole repairs solutions.

From decorative resin flooring for retail and education, to heavy duty options for mechanical and industrial areas, Degafloor explains what exactly is resin flooring and how it can be suitable for a variety of environments.Degafill by Degafloor is an ultra-fast curing permanent pothole repair solution for driveways, car parks, roads and highways. Download our datasheets for more information on all of the Degafloor resin flooring systems, including car park systems and pothole repair products.

Visit our online shop to buy our range of tools, consumables and our permanent pothole repair solution, Degafill. Degafloor Approved Installers are experts in MMA resin flooring for commercial and industrial environments.

read more › Degafloor provide fast curing resin flooring solutions to a wide range of industrial and commercial sectors. Our outstanding resin offer includes: resin flooring systems, car parking decking systems, and pothole repair system DegaFill. Each fast curing resin flooring system was designed and developed with our customers specific needs in mind. Degafloor work with some of the best and most experienced resin flooring contractors in the UK, giving us a very detailed insight into the resin flooring market and its needs.

read more › Degafloor MMA resin flooring products have been designed to deliver lasting performance in commercial and industrial environments where speed of installation, durability, slip-resistance and aesthetics are paramount. Degafloor offer a wide range of high performance car park surfacing products, including line and surface marking, permanent concrete repair and pothole repair products. Degafill by Degafloor is an ultra-fast curing pothole repair solution for driveways, car parks, roads and highways.

read more › A resin floor is a hardwearing plastic surface, created by mixing together a selection of ingredients to initiate a fast and controlled chemical reaction. The chemical reaction creates a highly durable finish, ideal for the heaviest use environments. As performance demands intensify - typically resulting in an increase in resin floor thickness - the range of ingredients grows to include aggregates, pigments, decorative chips/flakes and in some cases, cement powder. Most resin floors utilise a primer which penetrates into / reacts with the substrate to create a high strength and reliable bond which is essential to the longevity of the floor.

read more › The Flake System is a decorative resin flooring, combining the durability and ultra-fast cure time of MMA resin and incorporating coloured flakes for an outstanding finish. The Full Broadcast (FB) System is hardwearing, slip-resistant resin flooring, specifically designed for busy areas where slip hazards are a constant risk. The Full Broadcast Heavy Duty System is a heavy duty industrial flooring, specifically designed for areas which are continually exposed to high levels of machinery. The Quartz Trowelled (QT) System is a trowel-applied MMA flooring, ideal for demanding environments which require a decorative finish.

read more › From commercial and retail areas to hangars, baggage halls, catering facilities and more, Degafloor MMA resin flooring is the ideal high-quality resin flooring for airports where minimal shutdown is essential. Hundreds of pubs and restaurants nationwide trust Degafloor with their commercial kitchen flooring and specifically designed slip-resistant flooring systems. From entrances and classrooms to school kitchens and changing areas. Degafloor works closely with specifiers and education providers to create stimulating, safe and hygienic learning environments that last.

read more › Car parks are an essential asset to retailers, businesses and local authorities; car park maintenance and the overall upkeep is crucial to the visitor experience. When refurbishing a car park, minimising downtime is critical. Degafloor's ultra-fast curing waterproofing and surfacing systems provide an outstanding bond to existing asphalt surfaces and cure within one hour - in temperatures as low as -10°C. Our innovative car park maintenance solutions use cold applied, solvent-free advanced methyl methacrylate (MMA) resin technology.

read more › Degafloor's extensive range of car park refurbishment products are specifically designed to extend the life of all car park environments, including top and intermediate decks, ground level, basement car parks and customer interface areas. When bold and vibrant coloured surfaces are required to create demarcation, safety features or simply for aesthetics, the Degafloor range of surface and area marking systems provide the perfect solution. Degafloor line marking products are the ideal specification to refresh worn traffic management lines, apply stencils or create demarcation or pedestrian crossings.

read more › Degafill is an ultra-fast curing, permanent pothole repair solution for driveways, car parks, roads and highways provided in kit form. Based on high-performance methyl methacrylate (MMA) resin, Degafill bonds chemically to the existing asphalt or tarmac in just 20 minutes - delivering unrivalled strength and durability. Suitable for all roads and footpaths, Degafill offers outstanding durability, excellent skid resistance and the flexibility required for harsh weather conditions and temperature changes throughout the year.

read more › Our brand new video for Degafill - the permanent road pothole repair solution has launched on YouTube. Within it, you can see how the Degafill kit works on road potholes, why it's quick and easy to use and how it's effective. In addition, all Degafill kits come with a 5 year warranty. Degafill is an ultra-fast curing, permanent road pothole repair solution for driveways, car parks, roads and highways. The Degafill kit is based on high performance methyl methacrylate (MMA) resin. As a result, this allows the Degafill kit to bond chemically to the existing asphalt or tarmac in just 20 minutes resulting in unrivalled strength and durability.

read more › The Degaflex Roofing System is a fast curing, high-performance methyl methacrylate (MMA) waterproofing system for use in flat roofing and roofing repairs. Degaflex is Fire Resistant to BS 476 Part 3 EXT.F.AB. Degaflex encapsulates fibreglass chop strand matting to produce a flexible, yet very strong, water-resistant and fire-retardant membrane. Each layer of the system cures within 30 minutes allowing the complete system to be fully cured in less than 2 hours. Its ability to cure at temperatures as low as 5°C allows for quick repairs throughout the year.

read more › Degafloor MMA resin flooring systems achieve full chemical and physical cure in less than two hours following installation, which means your business can be fully operational within two hours of work being completed. Degafloor MMA resin flooring systems are extremely versatile and can be used in many commercial and industrial environments, including commercial kitchens, food and drink production areas, manufacturing facilities, warehouses, retail outlets, schools and hospitals. Degafloor MMA resins have an exceptional resistance to temperatures, they can be installed all year round regardless of weather conditions (-30°C to +35°C).

read more › Degafloor have a UK-wide network of Approved Installers, ensuring the quality of resin flooring installation matches the quality of the product. Over many years Degafloor has developed a reputation built on the quality of our products, our professional service and value for money. But, of course, the quality of resin flooring installation is central to that reputation. That's why our specialist installation partners are stringently selected for their professionalism and experience in using reactive resins and, in particular fast curing technology.

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