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Construction materials are becoming ever more important in efforts to effectively control the risk of infection. Quality, outstanding service and continuous innovation are crucial to nora systems in our work as rubber floor covering manufacturers. At nora systems, we have made a name for ourselves as floor covering manufacturer using rubber as an outstandingly resilient material.

Since 1950 we have stood for top quality and the best possible service. In recent years, nora systems has optimized the manufacture and revolutionised the installation of floor coverings with the introduction of the innovative quick installation system nTx by using self-adhesive rubber flooring. It contributes to a healthy indoor climate and is extremely versatile for interior design.

Quick installation thanks to innovative installation techniques and optimised material properties ensure optimum use in many and varied areas. The floor covering manufacturer nora systems provides floors for sports halls and all-purpose halls where it is important to use joint-friendly flooring that is easy to clean and extremely robust.

The floor is an essential part of the performance of every building. Whether in schools, hospitals, industrial areas, or transportation facilities - spaces need to meet requirements, provide services, and often do more than just function, because they are part of the processes that take place in the building. As part of Interface and as a world market

Get healthy and stay healthy. As a specialist in the healthcare sector, nora offers the ideal flooring to meet the high requirements of different healthcare facilities: Healthcare flooring needs to meet hygiene, medical and safety standards. With nora healthcare flooring, you can be sure that you've got it all covered. Thanks to their composition they

Staging products and creating brand and experiential environments is one of the core functions of retail. In doing so, the flooring is an important architectural and design element when it comes to creating an emotional atmosphere. The flooring also allows you to cleverly arrange sales areas and present differentiated theme worlds. The use of custom

Transport floors must always put safety first. Flooring in transportation needs to comply with a wide range of regulations: Fire protection, slip resistance and other features are crucial. Floors for transportation must be extremely resistant while also being easy to maintain. People travel many hours each day to go to work or school, see friends, go

They are mixed with minerals from natural sources and other components, such as environmentally compatible color pigments, pulled into blanks, pressed and then vulcanized under heat and high pressure. Thanks to the material's elastic properties, our floors do not require any plasticizers. The subsequent crosslinking with nora cleanguard in the factory

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