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Floor Sanding Partners Brighton based Floor Sanding Partners LTD will sand your floor in a clean and efficient manner preventing any damage to other parts of your property, repairing and refurbishing to a brand new state. Please do visit our Checkatrade web page for all our reviews and below for some of our five star Google reviews. We begin by checking the floor for any nails or staples and we check for any damage or loose floor boards, then we start sanding using a 24 or 36 grit sanding paper (depending on the floor condition).

After we move to 50 or 60 grit then finish off with 120/150 grit (depending on the finish eg: Oil, Varnish or Wax). For the edges we switch to smaller equipment for better control near skirting boards and walls to prevent any damage from bumping or scraping. We will make sure we keep you informed from start to finish, aiming to ensure that you are satisfied with the work carried out, we will also listen to any questions that you may have.

We have built up a reputation for quality floor sanding / restoration and honestly priced work throughout Brighton & Hove, East & West Sussex, Surrey, Kent and London.

read more › We haven't built ourselves up to be as successful as we are by ignoring exactly what dedication 'great service' takes. We understand the importance of consistently delivering a quality, reliable service. Our customers trust us to ensure that they are included throughout every step of the process, from our quote to the final finish. Our team pride themselves on their efficiency, passion and punctuality, after all this exactly what we expect when we need other services!. See for yourself how our customers feel about us and the great service that we offer, check out some of our fantastic customer reviews below.

read more › We also take care to operate our machinery and tools correctly whilst being vigilant and aware of our surroundings and other people in the vicinity. Here at Floor Sanding Partners, we begin your floor transformation by preparing your floor so that it is ready to be sanded. We will check for any protruding nails and staples and ensure that all of these are removed or punched down level to the floor. Next we check for any loose or uneven floorboards by walking over the floor and making visual checks.

read more › To ensure a professional, successful floor sand, your floor will typically need some care and attention before we get to work on the sanding process. We start by walking all over the floor to check for squeaky/moving floor boards and then proceed to secure these. We first need to lift your boards to ensure a clear pathway before securing these back down using our Tongue Tite Screws. These screws have extremely small heads that are barely visible to the naked eye, allowing for a pleasing finished result that does not distract from the beauty of the wood itself.

read more › For the best finish Floor Sanding Partners ltd will always use reclaimed wood slithers made from reclaimed pine to fill the gaps between your floorboards. The sizes for wood slithers very from 2 mm to 8 mm thick. Generally the floors with gaps 2 mm - 8 mm wide are perfect for wood slithers. If the gaps are less then 2 mm wide we recommend Resin, and if the gaps are more then 8 mm wide we will have to look at rearranging some of the boards. We have used wood slithers for over 12 years and we get a lot of positive feedback from our customers/clients.

read more › This paste (think plastering) is then hand applied using a spatula over the entire floor area and left to dry, this is then sanded back, leaving all of the gaps, cracks and nail holes filled with the Resin, resulting in a nice smooth finish. The Resin Filler is recommended for the general filling of glued wooden floors. Resin filler is for use in conjunction with the sanding process to fill in gaps between the floor boards, cracks and nail holes. It is generally recommended for gaps up to 3mm, for gaps larger than this we recommend Wood Slivers.

read more › Sanding your floor requires skill and precision. Anyone can hire a sanding machine for use themselves, however, they often underestimate how difficult the process is! Our floor sanders have over a decade of professional experience in the use of these high quality floor sanding machines. Here at Floor Sanding Partners Limited we use a range of different sanding abrasives, again, only the highest quality belts and discs are used. Our team will use their experience to decipher which grades of sanding products to use.

read more › Most floor sanding companies will not consider sanding staircases as they are notoriously difficult to do! Our team have been sanding and finishing staircases as long as they have been sanding floors therefore are well practiced in completing them. Our Festool dust free hand sanding machines are used to sand the steps (treads) of the staircase and we use a small triangular precision hand scraper for the difficult to reach areas (such as the corners). Our sanding machines are designed to be used flat, therefore are not suitable to sand the uprights (risers) of the stairs and we must use our hand scraper for these areas (very labour intensive!)

read more › Sections of concrete, often found lying flush up to a chimney breast are the remains of a fire hearth. These are often unsightly and can range from small to very large. If you would like, we can complete a 'Fire Hearth Removal' for you. The first stage is for us to smash out the existing concrete and neatly dispose of the remaining rubble. Next is to supply and fit the joists that are missing, as the concrete box was sat in place of these. Our team will ensure they are placed correctly and securely so they are ready to support the floorboards.

read more › What exactly is a wood Colour Stain? A Colour Stain is a spirit based liquid available in a variety of different colours and is used to alter the natural look of pine flooring. If you like to experiment with different coloured units and wall paints in your home then why stop there! We will provide you with Colour Stain samples on your newly sanded floor for your approval. We have a beautiful range of whitewash, (bleached effect) mid to dark honey tones, right the way through to rich dark walnut and gray stains to choose from.

read more › Varnish or Oil? Choosing what product to finish your floor with can be a difficult choice with each having very different properties and each giving their own unique finished look. Here at Floor Sanding Partners Limited, our choice of varnish/lacquer is Bona Mega. After using a wide range of products over the years and getting to grips with what kind of quality to expect, discovering Bona meant we had found a clear winner in the floor finishing department! From very first use, the ease of application was immediately apparent and it's super quick drying time ensures it saves both the customer and us valuable time, meaning you can resume your normal home activities in next to no time.

read more › Our team are Lagler approved to use our very own floor sanding machinery. Starting in 1956, Lagler have pioneered the floor sanding machine industry with revolutionary designs and dust-extraction technology. Their outstanding reputation has been built over 50 years as they continue to produce high-quality machines with unrivalled life spans, ergonomic designs and high-specification materials ensuring ease of use and exceptionally efficient work production. Lagler machines are innovative and simply designed making them easy to maintain and operate while achieving the highest quality results.

read more › CHAS (the Contractors Health And Safety Scheme) is an industry authority on UK compliance and health and safety legislation. CHAS is an authority and a trusted advisor on health and safety compliance, responsible for setting industry benchmarks. Since 1997 CHAS has been helping to improve health and safety standards across the UK and safeguard organisations from risk. Checkatrade is a trusted nationwide online tradesman portal. Checkatrade have their own vetting and monitoring points to inspect tradesmen, including address, ID and insurance checks.

read more › The most famous floor sanding machine in the world. The Lagler HUMMEL is ideal for finishing both large and small areas. It's highly developed, long-life technology ensures optimal sanding quality, even with problem floor surfaces. The Flip is a powerful edge and corner sanding machine that allows you workvirtually dust-free. The abrasion-proof, glass-fibre reinforced plastic in the motor casing, handle and attachments make this edger extremely light and easy to handle. The flexible sanding board is an intelligent, basic tool for manual sanding straight or curved surfaces.

read more › Protecting your wood floors are simple. By routinely cleaning, you remove dust and dirt before they scratch and dull the finish, or wear the floor. Always keep water to a minimum when cleaning your wood floors. If you spill (food or drinks), wipe up immediately to prevent any permanent damage or staining. Do not use "all-purpose" cleaners on your wood floors as they tend to leave a dull residue and you end up using too much water, which is damaging to your wood floors. If your wood floors are starting to look dull or have small scratches, you can use Bona Wood Floor polish or a refresher to revive them.

read more › Most of the floors we see are not in great condition, most haven't seen the light of day for years, and have sometimes been neglected. Sanding a floor strips away layers of wood; around 2-3mm is taken off revealing a clean surface. An average size room for instance 4.5m by 4m, will take a couple of days, depending on the condition and the amount of repairs that are needed. Finished Floors are hygienic, practical and very stylish, they do not harbour parasites like carpets do and they are virtually maintenance free.

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