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Domestic Garage Flooring One type of flooring that may often be overlooked in homes is garage floors. Garage Floors must withstand everything from oils and grease to chemicals and petroleum products as well as heavy loads, strong equipment and foot traffic. Garage flooring needs to be long-lasting, hard-wearing and multi-functional; not an easy thing to ask of any flooring.

In addition, the type of flooring can have a serious impact on health and safety, presenting hazards from physical sources (such as pitted surfaces) to chemical ones. Thus, the choice of garage flooring is worthy of some serious consideration. Epoxy Resin and Polyurethane floor finishes produce a low maintenance and durable floor that help reduce dust problems and provide a comfortable work surface.

Available in a range of colours and textures, they are attractive and are used in both domestic and commercial garages. Surface applied damp proof membranes are also available if required.

read more › REME Industrial Flooring Ltd specialise in the specification and installation of hard-wearing synthetic resin flooring systems from light-duty coatings to heavy-duty industrial screeds. Drawing on experience in both the installation and manufacturing of epoxy resin and polyurethane flooring products, our aim is to provide an honest professional service. With offices in England and Wales we offer a nationwide service, placing emphasis on providing the correct information based on consultation with the end-user about their specification requirements and costs.

read more › Using exactly the same floor preparation and application techniques as we do in our commercial and industrial applications, we apply the same high quality epoxy resin or polyurethane flooring systems to our domestic garage installations. These systems have a proven track record in many industrial and commercial environments and provide a tough domestic garage floor that requires little or no maintenance and durability that lasts for many years. If required, we can install the floor with a damp proof membrane and also anti-slip properties for any areas that are susceptible to water or oils.

read more › Even if you just have basic concrete as your garage flooring, it is still worth considering applying a protective surface finish. Concrete is porous and stains easily and permanently, as well as being susceptible to pitting. Not only does the coating protect the floor from oils and chemicals, and excessive wear and tear, it also prevents pitting which makes the floor easier to clean. In the long run, you will not only protect your garage floor from stains and deterioration but also save yourself money as it will reduce the need for maintenance.

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