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Floors To Go Floors To Go is a nationwide chain of locally owned and operated flooring showrooms that, through national buying power, offer a wide selection of the latest styles in top quality carpet, hardwood, laminate, tile, area rugs, resilient and window fashions. With so many options in today's flooring market, you can rely on your local Floors To Go for an incredible selection of quality flooring with experienced and personalized assistance where your satisfaction is, literally, a guarantee.

read more › Carpet provides warmth and insulation against the cold as well as that warm and cozy feeling toes prefer. Available in thousands of colors and styles, finding a carpet that is right for you should be a breeze. Visit your local Floors To Go showroom today and let our design experts help you to choose the perfect carpet for your lifestyle and budget. Floors To Go is proud to offer exclusive collections of elegant and quality carpet. These fine collections offer exceptional quality so you can be certain that your new floor covering will enhance the value of your home.

read more › It is a great decorating tool, providing a relaxed backdrop or making a bold statement with bright colors and unique designs. Improves air quality by trapping dust and allergens, removing them from circulating in the air. Understanding carpet construction is important for choosing the right carpet. Things to consider - what type of construction suits the traffic, ease of maintenance, look, and feel you want. Please browse our guide below to understand the style of carpet you are looking at and if it will fit your needs.

read more › Now that you've selected your new flooring, we will schedule a professional installation. To make this installation as smooth as possible, we have prepared a pre-installation checklist. Here you'll find general guidelines that should be followed prior to the installation of your new flooring. Make arrangements prior to the arrival of the installation crew for removal of old flooring. We recommend that all painting is complete before your new flooring arrives. Rooms and closets that will be resurfaced must be emptied prior to the arrival of the installation crew.

read more › Your new Floors To Go flooring represents a substantial investment in your home. An investment that you'll want to keep looking its best for many years to come. No flooring lasts forever, but by following the maintenance tips outlined below, you'll extend the life and beauty of your floor. Place floor mats inside and outside entrances to trap soil before it is tracked into your home. For best results, give prompt attention to spots and spills. Use a spoon or dull knife to remove solid materials.

read more › When you're looking for lasting beauty, lasting performance and everlasting value, let Floors To Go lead the way. Our flooring experts will show you how to create your new look at prices that will make you smile. With our Lifetime Warranty on our broadloom carpet collections from Infinity Nylon Carpet Fiber, Designer's Choice, Creative Elegance, Softique, Signature Style and Pet Defense (formerly Royal Stainmaster PetProtect) we know you'll be happy with your new floor for years to come. All manufacturer and fiber producer warranties and conditions, attached to the product purchased apply.

read more › Look no further than Creative Elegance carpet for one of the largest selections of velvets, shags, friezes, and cable patterns. In addition to exceptional quality, all Creative Elegance carpet is protected by our Exclusive Lifetime Warranty to stain, soil and wear. Visit our showroom today and see how Creative Elegance can transform your home.

read more › Our Designer's Choice carpet offers many colors, textures and patterns that will bring exquisite warmth and luxury to your home. Backed by our Exclusive Lifetime Warranty you can be sure that you have chosen the very finest carpet on the market today. Visit our showroom and let our design experts show you which Designer's Choice carpet options are the best match for your home and lifestyle.

read more › Infinity Nylon Carpet Fiber by Creative Elegance features soft, luxurious, durable styles made from this exclusive premium brand of nylon. The styles consist of patterns, textures, twists and loops all compiled to make up this beautiful, soft, elegant collection. Infinity Nylon Carpet Fiber carpet has super resilience and is able to literally resume its original shape after being deformed. With our Exclusive Lifetime Warranty, you'll enjoy this carpet for years to come. Visit our showroom today and let our design experts show you all that Infinity Nylon Carpet Fiber has to offer for your home and lifestyle.

read more › We love our furry friends, but they don't always love our floors. Between scratches and stains, you need a floor that can handle the mess. While hard surface floors seem like the easier choice, new technology has created something perfect for carpet fans. Pet Defense flooring combines style with function! With its stain resistant technology, this carpet is an easy choice. Our fibers are color safe and fade resistant. The carpet fibers also release pet hair when you vacuum and reduce odors. Pet Defense boasts some of the most durable carpet on the market.

read more › Enhance your home and surround yourself with warmth and elegance with our top quality hardwood flooring products. Visit our showroom today to experience our wide selection of colors, styles, and finishes for hardwood flooring. Our design experts will help you to create the look you desire. Floors To Go is proud to offer exclusive, high-quality hardwood brands that carry a reputation that is unsurpassed in the flooring industry. Creative Elegance and Designer's Choice are manufactured with craftsmanship and pride right here in the USA.

read more › Species There are many species of hardwood. Each has its benefit depending on desired look, color, and durability. Not all species are equally hard. If your floor is in a high traffic area or a heavily used room then you should consider oak, maple, or ash. Traditional oak has more variations in grain and shade while maple is cleaner and more understated. There are exotic species such as Tigerwood, Brazilian cherry, and Santos Mahogany with a unique combination of origin, color, and surface characteristics.

read more › Once your new floor is installed, you'll want to keep it looking like new. You can prevent scratches caused by dust, dirt and other particles with the use of mats or rugs, especially in high traffic areas like entrances. Buy a good quality broom and sweep your new floor at least once a week. Reduce dust - a major source of scratching - by using a dry microfiber mop in between sweeping. A vacuum cleaner without a beater bar can be helpful in between planks and other hard to reach areas. Take your shoes off.

read more › The Designer's Choice hardwood collection offers a luxurious assortment of classic and contemporary hardwood styles that are sure to add style and grace to any home. Visit your local Floors To Go Showroom today and allow our design experts to help you select the perfect hardwood to match your style and budget.

read more › Laminate is strong, durable and beautiful. Laminate floors can be used for either commercial or residential areas. Laminates are available in a variety of patterns including wood, slate, tile and brick. Visit your local Floors To Go showroom today and let our design experts help you choose the perfect floor for your lifestyle and budget. Floors To Go offers the finest selections of laminate the industry has to offer. The Designer's Choice and Creative Elegance brands have earned a reputation for offering quality, durability and style.

read more › Laminate flooring allows you to get the look and feel of domestic hardwood, rare exotic hardwood or expensive stone at a fraction of the cost. Laminate can visually replicate the look of natural products because of its highly detailed photography of the original material. The image is coupled with advanced embossing that adds realistic texture to the floor surface. Laminate has become its' own flooring category. It is affordable, extremely durable, and easy to maintain. Due to laminate's ability to withstand wear and tear, it can be used in virtually any room in your home and works great in high activity areas.

read more › Your laminate flooring is highly durable and made to look like new for many years with little maintenance. By following some simple cleaning and maintenance tips, you will ensure that the beauty of your laminate will last as long as possible. Be sure to get instructions from your Floors To Go expert or the manufacturer on the first cleaning after installation. You may need to wait 48 hours or more before cleaning. As with all flooring, it is best to place mats at entryways to stop dirt, sand, and oil from being tracked onto your floor.

read more › Creative Elegance laminate is easy to maintain and install. Creative Elegance laminate offers an array of colors, styles and even hand-scraped options for a rustic look. Let our flooring experts beautify your home today with the perfect laminate flooring choice from the Creative Elegance laminate collection.

read more › Ceramic and porcelain tiles are available in a large array of styles, colors, sizes and patterns. Our expert installers can create custom patterns and designs to create the perfect look for your home. Floors To Go is proud to offer exclusive collections of elegant and durable tile from Designer's Choice and Creative Elegance. These fine collections offer exceptional quality, so you can be certain your new floor covering will enhance the value of your home. Visit your local Floors To Go showroom today and allow our design experts to show you how your home can be transformed with the perfect flooring choice for your lifestyle.

read more › Not only is tile gorgeous but it's also very practical. Tile is basically an inert surface of fired (baked) clay, metal or stone. It's easy to keep clean and tends to retard the growth of fungus, mold, and mildew. Your options are virtually endless with all the colors, textures, shapes, and sizes available today. Selecting tile requires careful consideration because of the initial cost and the complexity of changing it. Not all tile is rated for everyday use. Your Floors To Go Expert can help guide you in your choice.

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