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Floor Renovations Site visits are available and follow government guidelines on social distancing and safety. Care of your home - Staff are neat and tidy and take care of your home the way you would expect. Using special equipment reduces dust, which gives better results and customer satisfaction. Local to you - When you're looking for wooden floor restoration 'near me' you want someone close by.

Because of the location, our team can reach you quickly. Now it's your turn to feel great about your wooden floor again, and it all starts with a free consultation. You can see written and video testimonials from recent customers, in their own words, and also some examples of our work. Services cover all types of solid wood flooring, including parquet floor restoration.

See our HUGE number of testimonials from people just like you that have completely altered the look and feel of their rooms thanks to our wood floor sanding and sealing services. We work at homes, businesses and schools.

read more › We are an award winning Family run business, in North London, consisting of a husband and wife team. We will reply to your call promptly if unavailable immediately, so please leave a message if you get an answer phone - we're probably just on the other line! Affectionately known as 'Vas' to our customers, he will generally be the person who carries out your floor sanding and sealing. He brings a wealth of knowledge to the job, which is reflected in the consistent high standards and excellent five star ratings that we receive from our clients.

read more › Often wooden flooring is found in a home when the carpet is lifted. It could be dirty floorboards or tired looking parquet blocks that can be restored to their natural lustre and colour. Our sanding process provides you with great quality machinery, the best Bona Kemi products and skilled technicians that know all aspects of wooden flooring. Our experts have years of relevant industry experience with hundreds of happy customers. Professionally sanded floorboards or parquet can look as good as and even better than expensive flooring.

read more › To get your free floor sanding quotation, either call the numbers below or use the form and someone will come back to you within a few hours. Please note that we offer free estimates over the phone and can carry out free site surveys as necessary. You can contact us on the above numbers and if we are unavailable, such as out of office hours, we will call you back at a time that's convenient to yourself. We pride ourselves in punctuality, a high standard of work and customer satisfaction. Rest assured, we take the same care whilst at your house or premises as if we were at our own.

read more › Our dedication to the work in hand, and the careful preparation that leads to our success! You can see testimonies including reviews from 2021, from so many of our happy customers, and in case you need more than just the many written testimonials, here are some recent customer video testimonials for floor sanding in London, too! My floor it has been done as an excellent job by Vass and his team and his workmanship is second to none. Me and my wife and my family we are so pleased to have had this floor done; I would recommend anybody for this job.

read more › Looking for the cost price of sanding and varnishing Wood Floors? We offer free, no obligation site surveys and telephone pricing for London floor sanding, throughout the area. Site visits are available and follow government guidelines on social distancing and safety. We have updated our price list to include new services, such as floor Sanding only. Our usual services involves at least floor sanding and varnishing or sanding and 2 coat wood floor oil or hard-wax oil. Wood floor sanding includes 3 stage treatments and wood floor finishing includes 3 coats of varnish.

read more › Prices are current as of 2021 and calculated by size and specifications, using costings below. Our pricing is kept current and you can see when we last checked them, below. Prices are for wooden floors, floorboards and parquet floor sanding and restoration. Cost is evaluated per square metre and prices are for the London area, as we generally only carry out floor sanding in London and the vicinity. Bear in mind: we are often able to tailor a price to your budget by changing the specification. Site visits are available and follow government guidelines on social distancing and safety.

read more › Please get in touch. Has your wooden floor been hidden under carpets all these years? Many houses, particularly in older houses in London have wooden floors hidden under carpets. Why hide such an asset? We can take a wooden floor that looks best covered and transform it into a beautiful part of your house's decor. After many years of use, wooden floors, like carpets will wear. But while carpets have to be disposed of, the beauty of a wooden floor is, that it can be brought back to an excellent condition with some floor sanding, repair and varnishing or staining.

read more › Looking for school hall floor sanding? Then at Floor Renovations, we are ideally suited to help, with years of experience and many satisfied customers in London Schools. School halls and gym spaces are some of the most heavily utilised spaces in a school. The floors are in the majority of cases wooden and although hard wearing, the surfaces will gradually wear and discolour over time. This is why school floor sanding is needed on occasion, to bring the floors back up to a nice finish. This can completely lift the look and feel of the building, and helps maintain a smart appearance for the school, as well as being more practical and nice to use as a working surface.

read more › Every wooden floor worked upon by us is first checked for damaged and loose boards before sanding and it is followed by replacing broken boards or fixing loose ones. All damaged boards are replaced with real reclaimed floor boards. The removal of old concrete fire hearths transforms the look of the area from ugly feature into more useful floor space when is matched with the original existing floor. The concrete slab can be removed and floorboards reinstalled. During the sanding process the repaired area is blended and after final coat of finish it is hard to believe there was a fire place there.

read more › We've been carrying out Parquet sanding, repair and restoration for many years. We take care to match wood if we have to replace or repair. And even if there's a gap where an old wall was, or a fireplace has been removed, we can restore your parquet to it's proper condition. The floor, with its new coat of lighter varnish now makes the room feel more modern and bright, with a fresh, contemporary look, incorporating traditional parquet. Parquet floor is another great option of laying wood on the floor, and parquet blocks are well known for their elegant and affluent appearance.

read more › Surveys such as USA today show that when looked after, real wood floors often command a premium over carpets or laminates in a property sale. From that point of view alone, it pays to take care of your wooden flooring and regard it as an investment over time. We are nearly always asked whether any decorating should be done before or after the floor sanding process takes place and our answer is always the same; before please. The reason for this is because we take so much care over our sanding work that we make less mess than any decorators!

read more › A. Yes, it is. With our modern technology machines the work will be done with minimal dust. Floor sanding machines are virtually dust free due to their powerful suction and large dust collection bags. A. It can be both ways. We would recommend decorating first. Bear in mind that the edging machine will slightly damage the skirting boards. It would be best to apply the last coat of paint on the skirting boards after the floor is done. A. The varnish we use is quick drying so you can walk on the floor about 4-5 hours after its last coat wearing just socks.

read more › Enfield is less than quarter of an hour from our base, and as such just a 'stones-throw' away allowing fast access to our customers. If you're after floor sanding in Enfield, this makes us an ideal choice. See our price list. We work throughout the EN 1 area, such as Cockfosters, Palmers Green and Wood Green on wood floor restoration, both domestic and commercial, including floorboards and engineered wooden floors. Below is a recent example of our wooden floor restoration in the Enfield area, where a hall floor needed some attention to bring it back to its natural beauty.

read more › At Floor Renovations, we're at hand if you need floor sanding in Hounslow. Just call 020 8368 5705 and we can visit you for a quick quotation, with our best online prices! For floor sanding in Hounslow, London you can call us on 020 8368 5705. Services include staining and sealing and re-varnishing of sanded floors and floor repair as necessary. Rather than call, you can use our online enquiry form If you prefer, and we'll call you, giving you a free, no obligation quotation. In Hounslow, many houses have wooden floors (but, if you're already looking for wood floor sanding services and are living in the area, then I'm sure you're probably quite aware of that!).

read more › Being just quarter of an hour away from Ealing, we can easily reach your site if you need floor sanding in Ealing. Floor Renovations are simply a call away on 020 8368 5705 or you can use our online enquiry form and we'll come back to you, if you'd prefer. Vass and Stephen have just sanded my floor in the lounge and they've also done the bedroom as well. There was concrete filled in and loads of repairs around the edges. They even repaired places where I didn't point out, and it looks so much better than I expected.

read more › At Floor Renovations, we're around forty minutes away in Barnet and ideally suited for floor sanding Hillingdon properties, businesses and schools. Call us on 020 8368 5705 or use our online enquiry form for our best prices and a free quotation, without obligation on your part. We don't just sand wooden floors. As well as floor sanding in Hillingdon, we offer a whole range of associated services. Discovered an old wooden floor below a worn out carpet, lino or even below a tired laminate floor? Let us clear away the old floor covering and do the whole job for you.

read more › Floor Renovations, refurbish wooden floors in Redbridge, and are within easy reach to carry out a free quotation. Whether you're based in Ilford, South Woodford, Barkingside, call us on 020 8368 5705 for a competitive quote. Whether you have a room or a whole house or premises, wood floor sanding is just a small part of what we can do for you. Whether you're in need of floor repair to your floorboards, or require removal of old floor coverings, such as lino and carpets before repair or sanding, you can contact us.

read more › Based in Barnet, we're ideally suited for wood floor sanding in Haringey, being just over ten minutes drive away. Use our online enquiry form, or call us on 020 8368 5705 for immediate service. We carry out floor sanding in London boroughs and we cover others in the immediate area include Camden, Enfield, Hackney, Islington and Waltham Forest. Floor sanding is only a small part of the services we offer. We can take a 'whole job approach' for you, including initial preparation of the room by removal of existing carpets or lino.

read more › At Floor Renovations, we're right on your doorstep if you need floor sanding in Barnet / East Barnet. Just call 020 8368 5705 for a quick quotation, with our best online prices! Our services include floor repair as necessary, staining and sealing and re-varnishing. If you prefer, you can use our online enquiry form and we'll call you, to give a free quotation, without obligation on your part. I've just had my floors refinished by Floor Renovations. As you can see, they are absolutely beautiful.

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