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Ryebrook Resin Flooring We are Resin Floor Contractors specialising in the supply and fitting of resin flooring and wall systems across London, The Home Counties and Southern England. Established over 30 years' ago, Ryebrook Resins, an employee owned resin floor company, is a leading independent resin floor contractor working across new build or refurbishment projects within industrial and commercial environments.

The perfect solution for a wide range of environments, we install many leading manufactures resin flooring and wall systems. In addition, we have our own range of branded products, enabling us to offer a wide range of resin flooring solutions, suiting requirements and budget. Our team of resin floor specialists aim to deliver the highest level of service and support throughout your contact with us.

We hold a number of accreditations and memberships to ensure we are able to best serve the market and to showcase our commitment to quality workmanship and health and safety. We offer free site surveys and quotations for all our clients and are happy to attend site meetings.

read more › As a specialist resin flooring contractor, Ryebrook Resins Flooring Ltd provides an extensive range of resin floor and wall finishes. We have our own selection of branded products and are a resin installer for many large resin floor manufacturer products. Whether you have a specified product, are looking for product recommendations or are looking for a company to undertake the installation, we can help. As an independent resin contractor, we provide you with a comprehensive turnkey solution, from initial enquiries, resin product recommendations, technical data, site surveys, pricing, on-site advice, supply and installation services.

read more › Along with Chicago Glass (UK) Ltd and Glasweld Systems (UK) Ltd, who together form Glasweld Holdings Group, founded by Alan Button in 1989. Ryebrook Resins moved from their Head Office in Crawley, to their new home on the banks of the River Medway in Rochester, Kent. Tony Hills decided it was the right time to take retirement, and the sale of Ryebrook Resins Flooring Ltd completed today, ready for a new chapter in its history.

read more › A Commercial Kitchen is a busy environment. With water, food spillages, heat and movement of various people throughout, the flooring needs to address contamination, extreme temperatures, cleaning schedules and prevent slips and falls. Ryebrook Resins is an Employee-Owned company, specialising in the supply and installation of resin floors for Commercial Kitchen Spaces. We have been established over 30 years and can assist with resin floor projects for both new build kitchens and kitchen flooring refurbishments.

read more › Ryebrook Resins have provided resin flooring solutions across a range of industrial building environments, manufacturing processing, engineering processing, chemical processing and plant rooms. Industrial flooring tends to be one of the most demanding, with repetitive pallet truck and fork lift traffic to spillages of chemicals. The flooring for this environment needs to ensure that any potential hazards within the workplace are avoidable and resin flooring is a suitable option to consider. Hard wearing, easy to clean, long term performance and the ability to conform to any health and safety regulations, resin flooring offers a product solution which can be tailor-made to suit its environment.

read more › Ryebrook Resins have a comprehensive range of resin flooring solutions specifically made with the key requirements of a working warehouse, storage facility or distribution centre in mind. Where the final use of the property may not be known, a resin flooring will make the property more attractive to a wide range of industries. Our resin flooring products are tough, resilient, easy to maintain, can withstand extensive loading from racking and are able to sustain long term impact from heavy and constant footfall / machinery.

read more › With a seamless impervious and non-porous resin floor, the risk of bacterial growth often found in areas with traditional tiles and vinyl sheets is eradicated. It provides you with a hygienic, hard wearing floor that stands up to the rigorous demands of floor areas where food and drink can be found. In addition, it can be anticipated that these environments can become wet underfoot from both cleaning and spillages. Resin flooring can have anti-slip properties attached to it, reducing the potential hazards to any employees or customers.

read more › Ryebrook Resins have laid resin flooring across a range of pharmaceutical environments, from laboratories, production areas and healthcare centres. We realise that these unique environments need a flooring that withstands the rigours of the day to day operations. A seamless resin flooring offers a number of substantial benefits compared to other flooring for this sector. We are pleased to provide a range of hygienic, hard wearing, durable resin flooring and wall solutions that are suited to the unique requirements of pharmaceutical environments; offering real advantages in maintaining a sterile and safe environment.

read more › Ryebrook Resins have installed resin flooring over the years' within aircraft hangars, airports, training facilities and within train depots. With heavy trafficking from vehicles/machinery and agressive fuels and lubricants found within these areas to high foot fall within airports and at train stations, a resin flooring is a suitable option to consider. With a range of products available to choose from, we offer our customers a floor that works for its intended environment. Our team is here to help you select and install the right resin flooring for your projects environment.

read more › From workshops and production lines to high end automotive showrooms, Ryebrook Resins can supply and install a resin floor that matches the demands of its environment whilst reflecting corporate branding designs. Whether you require a hard wearing, durable resin flooring for a demanding production line, to a comfortable, chemical resistance workshop area, or a decorative flooring reflecting the corporate brand in a showroom, a resin flooring is an ideal solution for your flooring needs. Tailored to its environment, a resin flooring can provide you with a floor that works for its intended use, ensuring you maintain a safe and professional workshop.

read more › Ryebrook Resins have provided resin flooring solutions across a range of building environments within the public sector, from higher learning environments, museums, fire stations, hospitals and custodial centres. Resin flooring is a suitable option to consider for public sector flooring. It is hard wearing, easy to clean and can conform to the required regulations for its intended environment. We can provide a firmly bonded flooring to ensure the safety of those staying within police cells, easy to manage seamless flooring reducing maintenance and minimising disruption times at hospitals and a flooring suitable to impact and high foot traffic levels in museums.

read more › Ryebrook Resins have installed resin flooring in a range of environments in the retail sector, from entrance foyers, stores, showrooms and production/manufacturing factories. Where you are looking for a floor that continues to remain looking professional, creates a visual design impact but can also perform under the stresses of heavy footfall, cleaning regimes and protect customers and employees from impact and spills; a resin flooring is an definite option to consider. Our team is here to ensure you have the right product, and to provide you with a seamless service from advice, quotaton, supply and installation of your chosen product.

read more › With a wide selection of floored areas found within the Leisure and Hospitality sector, you need to ensure that the flooring suits its intended purpose. Cast your eye over our Food and Beverage sector, if you are looking for a flooring suited to a commercial kitchen, food preparation area or cellar area. Whether it's a vast entrance foyer of a hotel, a working kitchen in a cafe, to the changing rooms of a leisure centre, resin flooring provides you with an easy to maintain creative solution that can stand up to traffic from a large volume of people, dropped objects, spillages and reduce trips and slips.

read more › With a floor to wall angle, it can be difficult to eradicate dirt that harbours within the angles. Resin coved skirting is ideal for food, pharmaceutical and healthcare environments as it offers a smooth transition from floor to wall. This creates an easy to clean surface area; eliminating possible breeding grounds and reducing the risk of contamination incidents and unhealthy working areas. Our team can suggest a number of products suitable for coved skirting and wall coverings. Please take a look at our own branded product here or contact our team to discuss your requirements further.

read more › You may be looking for a price to enter into your tender, or for a contractor to undertake the work after a successful bid. The team at Ryebrook can assist with both. We provide a complete package to those looking for a resin floor contractor able to undertake the flooring aspect of the a new build or refurbishment project within the Industrial and Commercial Sectors. Our dedicated team will keep in touch with you along the way. We hope that you will select us to work alongside you on your successful project appointments for your resin flooring and wall systems requirements.

read more › Ryebrook Resins offers you a complete package. From product recommendations, advice and support, along with the supply of product and installation, there is no division of services. Please describe your flooring project as much as possible to help us recommend the relevant products. Listed below is key information that will assist us with your enquiry. If you are looking for recommendations we are happy to consult with you on the best product for the job, before providing a quotation for one or more of the products discussed.

read more › We use our knowledge on resin flooring and wall products built up over the last 30 years' to assist you in sourcing an alternative product to that which has been specified. Whether the specified product has been discontinued or the design or performance requirements have changed during the project lifecycle, we can help. Contact our team with the following information and we can discuss suitable product substitutions, along with the costs to supply and install the substituted products. Information on what the floor is going to be used for, including any relevant performance requirements.

read more › From your initial contact with us, our team will ascertain any critical factors of the design intent, the floorings purpose and usage, design aesthetics, if the floor needs to comply to any specific legislation and any other key factors of the project. With a range of products out there, our decades of experience can help identify the products ideal for your project. We can also provide you with the necessary resources and information to go into your specification (section M12 - specialist resin flooring) - performance, technical data, requirements for installation, plus information surrounding product substitution.

read more › Here are some of our commonly asked questions in relation to the supply and installation of our resin flooring and wall systems. If you have a specific question in relation to a resin floor project, please call and speak to one of the team here at Ryebrook Resins on 01634 957 520 who will be happy to help answer your questions. Yes, we have a team of fully employed flooring technicians that are fully supported by our Head Office team in Rochester, Kent. We cover new builds and refurbishment projects in London, Southern England and the Home Counties.

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