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As you can see we offer more than one service: Sanding and Sealing of Wooden Floors, Wood Floor Installation and Stone and Tile Cleaning and Sealing. So we thought it would be best if each of our Services had a different tab, that way which ever one floats your boat is the one for you to 'click' on. We have created a 'Before and After' photo Gallery that includes each service we perform so that you can see for yourself the high standard of our work.

The photo's make for some dramatic viewing. My name is Matthew Warner and I started my business over 20 years ago as a cleaning company. The focus of my business changed 11 years ago however when I saw that people with original floors in their homes and businesses needed someone to Sand and refinish them. Before long I was also fitting Solid Wood Floors for a national company called Fired Earth.

Since then my company has continued to develop as I have seen other needs arise for example the restorative cleaning and sealing of difficult floors e.g encaustic or Victorian Minton or Slate.

Wood floors add warmth and charm to any decor. Whether Period, Modern, Minimalist, Commercial or Domestic, the wooden floors in your home or business will complement your individual Decorating Style. Sanded and refinished floors are hygienic, practical and sleek, they do not harbor parasites like carpets, they are low maintenance, easy to clean, they

My floor looks a mess I think it may be too bad. Most floors haven't seen the light of day for years or have been neglected. Sanding a floor strips away layers of wood to reveal a clean surface. Floorboards cut or damaged when laying pipes or power cables can be replaced or just 're shuffled' to improve thier appearance. Block or parquet floors are

Do you have a Quarry, Minton, Slate or Encaustic tiled floor that's maybe looking a bit tired and sad, even when you mop and clean it, it still looks dull and dirty? If so, we can Clean and Restore it! We can then Seal your tiles and grout (or just the grout) to prevent dirt penetrating and to make cleaning easier. Seemingly smooth surfaces become scratched

Hi Matt, Our hall floor looks lovely. We are now having to have a new fire in the dining room and would like to get rid of the hearth. Would it be possible for you to find some parquet to fill in the gap and do the floor for us. We need to know this before we choose the fire. Dear Matthew, Just a note to say how pleased we were with the work you did

It is, however, a sad fact of life that, with time and use, your wood floor can eventually become dull and lacks its original lustre. Happily, this does not spell doom for your beloved flooring! Here at THE FLOORMAN we provide truly effective wooden floor sanding in Sutton Coldfield and surrounding areas. If you have been searching for Wooden floor

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