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Our showrooms will remain open and we would like to welcome you along for a personal consultation. All of our appointments are scheduled individually so you will only be in contact with one of our consultants, our cleaners will clean the surfaces after each visit. Please feel free to schedule your visit today to occupy yourself with the more beautiful things in life!

Interiors with domestic resin floors and walls creating unity. At Senso, we strive to build sustainability into everything we do. Sensofloors are compliant with LEED or Breeam certified buildings, offering an environmentally friendly alternative. Come and see us in one of our many locations across Europe and view our floors and walls for yourself!

A warm, stone-like wall covering is the perfect addition to your Senso flooring. Our wall coverings are fully water resistant, durable and flexible so our clients can enjoy the most of their purchase for as long as possible. Senso floors are made using from plant derived resins, making it the first seamless floor that is made from renewable ingredients.

read more › The environment and sustainability are hugely important to us, so all of our floors and walls have a natural base. Our floors are made of plant oil while our walls are made from rock resin. They are proven to be healthy, safe and all have an international Eco-certificate. There are so many possibilities for your interior, if you let creativity take its course. We co-operate with some of the world's best known designers to come up with new ideas, new collections, bright colours and amazing designs.

read more › Our Senso resin floors are based on pure biopolymer for a vibrant foundation of your interior. Our resinfloors are made up of two colours that combine to create a gorgeous and vibrant floor in your home, office or any other space. Moreover, our concrete-look resinfloor have crack-bridging properties and are fully seamless. Senso seamless floors are the modern foundation for any interior. Available in virtually any colour from any colour chart. Give your interior a personal touch by opting for a seamless floor from our Pure Collection.

read more › The Grain Collection by Senso Flooring is based on our Fusion range, for which we blend two colour together to create a subtle and delightful marble effect that brings liveliness and warmth to your space. For the Grain Collection, we explored the possibilities of giving the Fusion range a more rugged look without using any inferior materials. Our extensive research led to adding fire-dried quartz, giving our Grain floors their distinctive peppered look. After installation, your Grain product is polished up perfectly in three steps, with the result of a Grain flooring with a fantastic textured surface, an incredibly durable system and a unique, rugged allure.

read more › For our splendid Superquartz Collection, we looked for a specific type of quartz that is also used in tile production. We combined this with our own elastic biopolymer to create a fragmented floor pattern with a vibrant effect. This new method also allowed us to significantly extend the durability and lifespan of the floor, so you know that when you buy from our fantastic Superquartz collection you are truly getting a floor for life. We opted for marble sourced from Carrara, Italy, for our flagship store in Amsterdam.

read more › The Fusion Collection Senso floors is created by mixing two exquisite hues together by hand. This results in a truly wonderful combination of colours that surprises every time and reveals the craftsmanship behind our process. For example, take this extraordinary family home. Here, we used the colour Fusion Zinc. The oak staircase, the white kitchen and the rugged, comfortable sofa fabric all come togethre to create a luscious contrast and an overall balanced, elegant look.

read more › The Senso floors in the Pure Collection are completely solid. They come in one single, block colour to convey a sense of power, tranquillity and unity in your space. In addition to a line of strong basic tones, we offer a comprehensive bespoke selection to choose from. Our colour designers are happy get to work to find the perfect colour for your dream interior. Take this luxurious home, for example. It is full of the contrasting tones of black, white and pop of colour. This completely radiates power and serenity.

read more › Our Senso Titan Collection here at Senso is inspired by typically Italian, centuries-old terrazzo floors. These Terrazzo surfaces are made up of a mixture of broken marble and cement, which is then polished for a gorgeous finish. Cementitious Terrazzo products, however, have one major disadvantage: they are extremely sensitive to cracking. That is why we developed Natural Terrazzo flooring. We use real marble sourced from Sienna, Carrara and Verona, and mix it with our biopolymer resins instead of cement to avoid any risk of cracking.

read more › The Impressions Collection is based on our Freeze technology and is a prime example of the ultimate goal when using biopolymers: a crystal-clear cast floor. Marcel Wanders, the internationally acclaimed top designer, added a whole new dimension to these gorgeous floors - that of an optical illusion. In this villa, we installed an Impressions floor in the bedroom, dressing room and bathroom - complete with a sauna. Discover all cast floors by Senso.

read more › Our inspiration for Bcrete came from a remarkable company based in the north of Denmark. They reclaim old, used and discarted fishing nets from the North Sea in which otherwise large fish would have been cought up and tangled. This gave us the motivation to look into possibilities to reuse this material. We think it's important to design our Sensofloors in such a way they provide a solid but beautful basis for your interior. Because of this we were looking to find a way to use this reclaimed material in a subtle and refined way.

read more › Our bespoke seamless floors complements any style withouy competing with it. In this unique way, Senso brings unity to interiors with innovatie and seamless floors and walls. This blank canvas allows you to be truly creative. Senso's durable and stylish wall coverings add the perfect statement to your interior style. They are perfect for bathrooms, but by installing them in the bedroom you can create a seamless finish that unites your personal living space. Senso wall coverings are made of crushed stone mixed with natural binders, to form a watertight whole.

read more › We provide resin floor products for different environments. View our projects below and read the specifications to see where you can use a Senso resin floor. Our resin flooring is installed to the highest quality in residential, commercial and retail settings. There is a Senso resin floor system for most uses, please browse through the showcase of resin flooring projects to help you select the best resin floor for your project.

read more › In today's modern, fast paced living we try to limit the time we spend on cleaning. It is important for our resin flooring to withstand dirt and bacteria to the highest level. Our hygienic flooring is robust, durable, and easy to clean - even in PURE white. A Senso floor works very well with underfloor heating and in certain instances we can install this for you, even on an existing floor. Please ask us about this. Rest assured you can comfortably sit on your sofa in bare feet, whether it is hot or cold outside - a Senso floor sits at the ambient room temperature.

read more › Research is very important to us because so much is possible. We are not only looking at what is possible now but we are also doing research on what the needs are in the next few years. Therefore a Senso floor meets all modern safety and comfort standards. We have our floors tested in Germany because that is where the strictest regulations apply and some of the best testing in the world is being done. We test our Senso floors on fire safety as well. We do this in co-operation with TuV to make sure our products meet the required standards in such situations.

read more › Senso flooring is not made from refined petroleum, in the same ways as an epoxy or polyurethane resin. Senso flooring is made from natural plant oil products, which is therefore cleaner, safer and better for the environment. The oil for Senso Floor is extracted from the castor bean which is a rapidly growing, annual fruit bearing, tropical plant. The areas in which Senso harvest its oil does not compete with agriculture as the land is mostly arid, where our plants grow perfectly but other forms of agriculture is not possible.

read more › SENSO resin floors are easy to care for because they are completely seamless. No need to spend a lot of time cleaning them. A vacuum cleaner and a mop are all you need to make the floor shine again, and you don't even need to do it often. With a SENSO resin floor, you will have time to spare. Easily extend the life of your SENSO resin floor by placing felt liners under heavy pieces of furniture. Clean your floor weekly, remove stains within 30 minutes and place a doormat at the entrance. These are small things you can easily do to keep your floor beautiful, to be able to enjoy it for many years to come.

read more › Tiles were once the only option when it came to bathroom walls. Now, Senso's seamless walls make a fantastic and striking alternative for your bathroom, kitchen or shower. Our wall coverings are completely impervious and resistant to limescale and mould, making them ideal for use in bathrooms, wet rooms, spas, kitchens, and even restaurants. A warm, concrete-like wall covering is the perfect addition to your Senso flooring. The two go so well together that this incredible seamless wall product has been a staple in our portfolio for almost ten years.

read more › Senso offers seamless resin floors for a wide range of purposes, both residential and commercial. Sensofloors can be used for a large variety of environments. From offices to retail environments, public buildings and hotels, to restaurants and clinics. Feel free to visit one of our locations and discover the endless design possibilities for yourself. Strong, durable, natural, endless design options. ToughWear by Senso for office environments. Offering solutions to meet LEED, Breeam and WELL requirements.

read more › A resin floor in the house ensures a spacious appearance, as various spaces are connected and boundaries are blurred. The result is seamless unity, from the living room to the kitchen and from the attic to the garden. These floors feel soft and warm to the touch: homely and comfortable, just the way you want it. SENSO develops resin floors using biopolymers, which are VOC-free in accordance with Cradle-to-Cradle guidelines, because it is better for both your health and the environment. SENSO does not use epoxy or polyurethane to create its floors.

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