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Wood Flooring Engineered We wish our staff and customers good luck and health throughout these concerning times. Being the rare breed of British Bespoke Manufacturer; we are keeping calm and carrying on! Our factory & showrooms are open for business as usual. We are proudly a British bespoke manufacturer and wholesaler of high-end engineered wood flooring & parquet flooring.

We machine our floorboards with a tongue and groove profile on all four sides, which means at 19 / 20mm thickness they can be used structurally. Our engineered wood floors are both beautiful and practical - for use with all under floor heating systems. A deep 5mm / 6mm solid hardwood wear-layer gives our flooring the longevity of solid wood flooring, with many decades worth and more of sanding.

The deep hardwood top-layer is backed by the highest quality Russian Birch Plywood, reknowned for its superior stability and quality. If you choose to have your flooring stained / pre-finished, it will be completely ready-to-lay. All of our bespoke wooden floors are made to order, which usually takes between four and six weeks.

read more › Once narrowing down your selection, you may wish to request a large floorboard sample / working sample, which is a very wise idea. We do have to charge for long floorboard samples which will be Fed-Exed to you but deduct this cost from your order. You can also visit our factory showroom to select and takeaway samples. Our experts are always available for flooring and installation advice and to talk through your concepts and help you realise your ideas. We have a wide range of our engineered wood flooring and parquet flooring installed.

read more › Engineered White Ash flooring is a durable, contemporary hardwood alternative to Douglas Fir flooring and a perfect choice for a Scandinavian style white wooden floor. White Ash flooring is naturally pale, highly desirable and looks sensational stained a translucent white. The beauty of American White Ash wood flooring lies in both its natural allure and unique natural properties. Our engineered Ash flooring is naturally almost pure white, with a beautiful grain and wavy figuring. Exceptional natural qualities and striking beauty, makes pale toned American White Ash a seriously stunning and special white wooden floor.

read more › Our Natural Ash flooring looks as gorgeous as nature intended. Beautiful organic, creamy greige hues are retained with our Natural UV Oil finish. American White Ash is a beautiful, naturally pale hardwood with a long wavy grain and stunning figuring. Natural Ash is perfect for a Scandinavian style interior with its pale creamy tones, natural appeal and earthy ability to transform the feel of a space. The beauty of American White Ash Flooring lies in both its pale figuring and natural inner strength.

read more › Band Sawn Natural Ash Flooring is a beautiful new engineered Ash floor to our range. Pale, light sandy tones, wavy figuring and a rippled surface make this beautiful timber a fabulous choice for a coastal style wooden floor. Our unique textured and naturally toned Ash flooring combines three key looks for contemporary wood flooring: wide-plank floorboards, organic tones and texture. Band Sawn Natural Ash engineered flooring is not only stunningly beautiful but perfectly practical too; it's the hardest of the hardwood engineered floors that we produce, suitable for all types of underfloor heating systems and for structural use too i.e. laid directly to joists.

read more › A Whiter Shade of Pale was a smash hit in the 60's and a #1 for our Scandi Style Ash Flooring too. Last year we worked closely with our clients in Edingburgh, to create the perfect Engineered Scandi Ash floor for their exquisite interior. All of our engineered wooden floors are produced to your unique specification but this beautiful American White Ash floor however was treated with an extra layer of white. Due to the popularity of this beautiful Scandi Style Flooring on Instagram etc we have since added this stunning Ash floor to our product range.

read more › Douglas Fir flooring is stunning, sustainable & bestows a beautiful Scandinavian Style. Douglas Fir yields exceptionally wide and luxuriously long planks due to the enormity of the trees. What this means for you is understated drama. Large rooms can be installed with room-length floorboards that unify and open spaces, reflecting nature's allure without visual interruption. For versatility and beauty you cannot compare with Douglas Fir Flooring. Douglas Fir flooring is naturally a rosy pink toned timber but enhanced by a Scandinavian style bleached white finish.

read more › Engineered Southern Pine flooring is beautiful, sustainable and a more durable Pine. Engineered Southern Pine Scandi flooring provides a strikingly similar Pine floor to Douglas Fir. Unique qualities of this timber make Southern Pine the cream of the crop and a low-maintenance alternative to our Douglas Fir flooring. Our combined refined manufacturing, staining and finishing processes deliver smooth, stable wide-plank engineered Pine flooring with a bleached white UV Oil finish for a simple Scandinavian style.

read more › Character Oak engineered flooring has remained amongst our most popular floors for many years. Character Oak as the name suggests is a truly characterful blend providing a timeless, classic floor. Perfect for period properties, barn conversions and injecting depth and warmth into apartments and new-builds. Expect beautiful grain patterning, flashes of lighter tones, darker caramel hues and occasional (filled) knots of varying sizes. Clear UV Oils, Hard Wax Oils and Lacquers protect the floor and enrich warm tones, grain structure and figuring.

read more › Engineered Select Oak flooring provides a classically beautiful, timeless floor. Select Oak flooring is selected for natural beauty and character - expect some knotting, stunning variations of graining, you may see some Pippy knots / Cats Paws, medullar rays & subtle colour variation with some flashes of Prime Oak intermixed. European Oak is a completely natural product that we hand-select into three grades : Select, Pippy and Character. All of our engineered Select Oak Flooring is wide-plank and produced in long random lengths, our standard median length is 2.4m but we offer an extra-long specification - up to 4.0m - subject to timber availability at the time of manufacture.

read more › Natural is the new neutral. The raw beauty of classic Oak flooring is preserved with our low lustre natural finish and a fond farewell to glossy golden Oak. Unfinished Oak is a naturally beautiful shade of grey & beige / greige. Clear oils and lacquers intensify warm tones within Oak, over time and exposure to sunlight a golden patina develops and deepens. Our Invisible Natural UV Oil finish retains beautiful organic hues and prevents yellowing or the 'Golden Oak' effect. We manufacture our engineered Natural Oak Flooring in widths from 125mm - 260mm in a choice of grades described below.

read more › Antique Oak engineered flooring is stained a rich dark chocolate for an authentic aged effect emulating the patina of centuries old Oak flooring. This unique floor is a perfect pair for our shadow gap finish which embodies the natural shrinking of traditional solid Oak plank flooring. Consider specifying mixed-width engineered Antique Oak floorboards to completely recreate an authentic aged Oak floor. Hixter Bankside SE1 - Our extra wide-plank Character Antique Oak engineered flooring was installed at TV chef Andy Hicks' signature restaurant.

read more › Whitewashed Oak engineered flooring; wide-plank floorboards in luxuriously long lengths takes our engineered Oak flooring to a natural high and forms a sophisticated blank canvas. The appeal of Whitewashed Oak flooring reaches far inland, as a shipshape and Bristol fashioned floor for a Coastal interior and a durable hardwood alternative to our Scandi style Douglas Fir flooring. We create a lime washed / whitewashed effect with a translucent white stain and low-lustre UV Oil finish for a durable, low-maintenance white wooden floor.

read more › English Oak flooring is inimitable with an unrivalled depth of character and truly, timeless quality. Unique growing conditions, namely lots of space and light around our native Oak trees, result in lots of epicormic burrs, which when the timber is sliced, create beautiful cat's paw knotting throughout the floorboards. We produce our engineered English Oak flooring in three grades: Pippy (Cat's Paw Oak ), Select Oak and Pippy-Select English Oak flooring. All are manufactured at our Somerset factory in single-strip, mixed-width floorboards in luxuriously long lengths.

read more › Engineered English Elm flooring is exquisite, highly unique and made from our beautiful native hardwood. Our engineered Elm flooring features a wide variation in both colour and grain direction. Molten caramel swirls and creams contrast against rich dark and reddish chocolates. Elm flooring is truly bewitching, bursting with characterful burrs and swirly grain but it is also very tough, will not split and naturally rot resistant. These natural qualities led to its traditional use in the construction of British Piers and water pipes.

read more › American Black Walnut engineered flooring is rich, dark and seductively stunning. Lustrous chocolate tones with flashes of molten caramel and mocha combine with such alluring figuring. American Black Walnut provides a luxurious hardwood floor that finishes to an extremely high standard. The photograph above illustrates our Black Walnut flooring with a gloss lacquer which truly enriches the glorious chocolate tones whilst enhancing caramel highlights, with the occasional hint of purple or burgundy hue.

read more › Extra-long length specification - up to 4.0m long + 15% on list prices & subject to the availability of timber. Clear hard-wax oils and our UV Oil finish both protect the flooring and enrich the warm tones within the timber and the beautiful grain structure. Both are available in a matte or semi-sheen finish. Untreated Prime Appalachian White Oak engineered flooring in 3.5m lengths, ready for dispatch at our Somerset factory. Appalachian White Oak is naturally a light creamy shade of greyish brown to biscuit, with pinkish undertones.

read more › Bespoke engineered wooden flooring, made in Somerset. We are proudly a British Bespoke Manufacturer of Engineered Wooden Flooring & Parquet. We offer a unique service to our clients, producing high-quality bespoke wooden floors. Your floor, your way.your choice of timber, timber grade, floorboard width, floorboard length, floorboard profile, texture, stain and finish. We work to individual specifications and timeframes. Wooden flooring is now a serious design statement and arguably the biggest piece of furniture within an interior.

read more › Our engineered wooden flooring is supplied untreated as standard ( bare sanded floorboards). The finish you choose is therefore the most important consideration; Hard Wax Oil, Lacquer or UV Oil? All of our engineered wood flooring in the picture of our Somerset showroom above is finished with UV Oil. UV Oil is a specialist oil-based melange, which enables UV curing in less than sixty seconds through our Ultra-Violet rollercoater. Our UV Oils are hybrid finishes with amazing coverage and formulated with a low gloss level for a subtle low-sheen finish.

read more › Wood cladding is available in our entire range of timbers. We produced engineered Douglas Fir flooring and Wall Cladding for London Yoga Studio - The Refinery, London. Cladding walls with wood has long been an interior design classic but of late a modern twist is emerging. The contemporary look is all about bringing the warmth of nature within. Wood cladding has the unique ability to organically soften an industrial interior. Pale toned wooden floors and walls are key elements within Scandinavian interiors, adding not only organic texture and tones but a natural source of insulation to uniquely transform the feel of a space.

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