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Floor Sander Hire In the 10 years we have been hiring professional floor sanders to the public, a few other companies have tried to do what we do, and many others claim to have the same philosophy, and quality as us, but nobody has been able to duplicate what we do. Why is this so? These younger companies are always going to be playing catch-up, as we have a great head start - but we don't take that for granted.

We keep moving, keep innovating, and keep raising the bar, setting standards in our products and quality service.

read more › Our specialist teams, have an impressive breadth of experience, offering you the most professional service in our industry. To deliver a 1st class service that remains highly competitive, we know we must constantly evolve and develop our products and services to stay ahead of our competitors. Because we are part of the "FLOOR SANDER HIRE GROUP", our buying power and insight to the latest up to date machinery is our keeps us apart from our competitors, We boast more professional machinery than any other company in the UK.

read more › This is a picture of our Belt sander, please note the oversized dust bag and oversized vacuum motor on top of the sander. It also has a clutch type lever which makes this sander easier to use with out gouging big holes in your floors. These are like the drum sanders you will get from your local hire shops and most tool hire shops in England. Very Small capacity dust bag, you Need to physically tilt the sander backwards and forward for it to sand and by doing this you will be introducing gouge marks over your floor.

read more › Take your carpet up carefully, sometimes you will find BT or alarm cables directly under carpet. Disposing of the carpet is normally free at your local rubbish tip for non commercial users. Time should be taken when lifting gripper rods as they have very sharp gripping teeth and one slip will result in a cut finger, Us a hammer and chisel to remove gripper rods without damaging the floor boards below. You should now be ready to start sanding the floor. Use a coarse p24 sanding belt to level and clean the floor boards then use a p40 and p80 medium sanding belt afterwards to smooth floor.

read more › Within the price of delivery you will get a Demonstration on setting the sanders up and also how to use them very helpful for those attempting floor sanding for the first time. We run an efficient next day delivery service covering England. We have six vehicles in the south of England & three in the North, We aim to cover our costs in the transport department and do not look to make any profit from deliveries. Our driver will help you carry the equipment into your premises. When helping the customer take the machines into their premises, we will endeavour to minimise risk of any damage, but this will not be our responsibility.

read more › It is also easier to change belts, as there is no screwing required to secure the abrasives. With belt sanders the dust extraction rate is over 90% where as the drum sander has no dust extraction whatsoever. To fit a new belt simply tilt the sander onto its side and lift the cover, slide off the old belt and slide on the new belt making sure the arrows are pointing forward. If it is a bit stiff you can use a tiny squirt of washing up liquid to lubricate. You should start with a coarse or medium/coarse belt and go through the grades until you finish with a fine belt, as standard we provide 24, 40, 80 and 120 grits but you can order 16, 60 and 100 grits which we may have in stock.

read more › Bona Mega is a one-component finish for the surface treatment of wooden floors in commercial and domestic areas subject to heavy wear. As crosslinking is achieved using the oxygen in the air, Mega has the performance of a two-component finish without requiring any mixing. Excellent flow and levelling give an exceptional surface finish which has become Mega's distinguishing mark. The Mega dispersion is based on vegetable oil, a renewable resource, making it a sustainable choice for the future. Bona Novia is a single component water-based finish for the treatment of floors in homes and other areas subjected to normal wear.

read more › Tungsten Scrapers will be provided with all packages as an optional extra to prepare the corners and hard to reach places. These will be charged at 10.00 for the scraper and 4.00 each for the blades but are on a sale or return basis i.e if not opened they can be returned without charge but if the scrapers package is opened they will be charged for. A deposit by card must be paid when booking the machines for hire, when the customer or their representative signs the hire document it gives us authority to take charges from the card that exceeds the deposit.

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