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James Carpets Design Floors Stone Carpets are the perfect basis for your interior which can be used in living rooms, halls, kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms. James Carpets, now offering the opportunity to purchase Pay Weekly carpets in Preston. James Carpets is a highly respected and experienced supplier and fitter of pay weekly carpets, vinyl and flooring in the Preston area.

He began in 2000 after a 16-year career in the Army and says that by hard work and dedication to his customers, he has become the leading mobile provider of carpets in Preston. Most of his work is by recommendation. Owner Jim Moran spotted a niche in the market to become, he says, the first person in the city to sell carpets from a van and operate a fully mobile service - "bringing the shop to you".

The shop has 100's of samples of carpets and Vinyl's to suit all budgets. There is a Design Flooring showroom with Karndean and Cavalio floors laid out and lots of sample book to choose from. James specializes in design flooring and has completed many designs using borders or laying the floor diagonally.

read more › Whatever your taste or budget, James Carpets in Preston has something for you. You can visit the shop and browse the 100's of samples and displays with no obligation or he will bring catalogues and samples to you if you prefer the mobile service. Customers can choose what they like and Jim will provide a free measure and instant quote. Sourcing his carpets from the Continent, he has products ranging from budget, felt-back carpets to pure wool, high-end products. There are twist piles, saxonies, deep piles and in terms of designs, striped, patterned, plain carpets and more.

read more › James Carpets in Preston have 17 years experience of fitting carpets and Jim Moran does all the fitting himself, rather than employ a carpet fitter, to ensure his high standards are maintained. Normally, householders are asked to move their furniture beforehand but Jim offers free moving and free lifting of old carpets for older folk and disabled people, who comprise much of his customer base.

read more › James Carpets in Preston also supply a wide range of floor vinyls (also known as cushion flooring) which are easy-to-clean and maintain products ideal for your kitchen, bathroom, utility room or other areas you do not wish to vacuum. We provide hard wearing vinyls for commercial premises that are suitable for high traffic areas which are durable and low maintenance. Laminate flooring is a multi-layer synthetic flooring product fused together with a lamination process. Laminate flooring simulates wood (or sometimes stone) with a photographic applique layer under a clear protective layer.

read more › Jim Moran is a specialist in Karndean - a high quality, hard-wearing vinyl which is softer, warmer and attracts less dust than wood. A "floor for life", it is guaranteed for 12 years upwards and can easily be patched if damaged, unlike laminate flooring. Cavalio, which Jim also supplies, is a similar, top-of-the-market product with the same length of guarantee. Both products come in strips and tiles, meaning Jim can customise it to your personal taste, designing individual patterns and borders to suit.

read more › Our natural stone flooring, known as natural stone carpets, is 2-3mm natural river gravel which is sourced from the river beds throughout Europe and screened several times for size and shape. The gravel can then be dyed in hundreds of colours and shades and mixed on site with an epoxy resin to give a durable long lasting finish. Marble Stone Carpets are another addition to the natural stone range of flooring. Created by grinding marble slabs down to the required size, polished and mixed with a resin giving it a unique creative finish.

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