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Ecohardwood Wooden Flooring Eastcote Ecohardwood Ltd is the official sales office of respected Lithuanian manufacturer Ecowood UAB, who has been providing the highest quality in engineered oak flooring since 2012. With an established manufacturing process behind us, we are able to guide each individual client through every step when choosing their wood flooring. Our symmetrical, balanced 3 -layer oak floor construction is designed to ensure maximum stability which will last a lifetime.

It takes over 100 years for an oak tree to fully mature before it can be utilised to produce wooden planks. Our raw materials are carefully selected from sustainably sourced FSC approved European forests before finding their way to our completely green production line at our factory, where it is processed. Ecowood UAB uses the latest cutting-edge technology and equipment to dry the wood and produce engineered oak flooring which is distributed throughout Europe and beyond.

Great devotion and focus are required in order to deliver an eco-friendly, high quality and chic engineered wood floor to your home.

Whilst comparing various engineered oak floors on the current market, I came across Ecohardwood's website. A quick phone call to John, who's knowledge and expertise. Received 1st class service from Ecohardwood. John took the time and real care to explain in detail the product range on offer and also to. The quality of the Ecohardwood floor is clear

Oak stairs are one of the most desirable choices for many homeowners due to its durability, practicality, easy maintenance, and elegance style. However, it can be quite expensive to design and install a brand-new wood staircase. Also, in some older UK properties, it's not even possible to do so at all. If you want oak stairs, a great alternative idea

Due to dramatic temperature fluctuations, not all types of wooden flooring can be laid over underfloor heating. The heat can dry it out causing shrinking, which creates gaps in the floor. Contrary when the heating goes off, the wood reabsorbs moisture and expands. That is why the best type of wooden floor for underfloor heating systems is engineered

In order to avoid scratching the floor surface, glue felt or any soft material under the furniture legs. Remember that wood is a natural product. Irrespective of the finish, with time wood, will change its color. Wood is especially sensitive to direct sunlight. Floors with 'AQUA' and steam finishing will acquire their final shade only several months

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