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Carpet Corner Laminate flooring in every colour thickness and price. Choose perfect flooring for the lounge, hallways, landings, conservatory, bedroom and dining room and kitchens. Whether its budget or luxury vinyl you are looking for your local flooring suppliers stock a massive range of vinyl floors in many colours, style and price. All in a superb choice of colours and fabrics.

Achieve the dream floor feeling with Luxury Vinyl Tiles. Ideal for use throughout the home, LVT flooring provides an easy to clean flooring solution which is resistant to both scuffs and stains. Luxury & realistic artificial grass that is suitable for play areas and terraces. Our artificial grass range is pet friendly, UV protected and comes in a range of grass pile height.

Shop Local for carpets and floors in Atherton, Tyldesley, Astley, Boothstown, Hindley, and Leigh. Carpet & Floor fitting and distance no object throughout Greater Manchester towns of Bury, Bolton, Leigh, Oldham, Rochdale, Salford, Stockport, Tameside, Trafford, and Wigan.

read more › Looking for a local carpet suppliers or in need of laminate flooring? Then, you'll be pleased to know that Carpet Corner; founded in 1968 has more than 50 years of experience in the carpet industry. And, offers an extensive selection of flooring products as well as a range of blinds. Our family-run business on Church Street Atherton has been passed down through generations and is controlled by members of the Hilton family. The Sales team we have - Andrew, Tricia, Tom, Val, Josie, and Pete - offering a friendly yet professional service to customers and have retained the companies traditional beliefs by simply treating people how they want to be treated.

read more › Starting a new home improvement project is a big task, and one that can take a lot of time, thought, and effort. Here at Carpet Corner, we have over 50 years worth of experience to help make your home improvement journey that little bit easier. Our experience means we're able to help and give you advice on the best kind of carpet that works for your lifestyle, room needs, and maybe most importantly your budget! Our Atherton-based showroom is full to the brim when it comes to different styles of carpets, different brands, and maybe most importantly, different budgets!

read more › Here at Carpet Corner, we pride ourselves on our amazing carpet collection none more so than our Nylon Carpets. We are one of the biggest local suppliers of Nylon Carpet in the North West. Located in Atherton, we cover the surrounding areas providing carpet measures and fittings. The most durable of all man-made carpet fibres, Nylon Carpets will resist wear and tear over time perfect for your home. Whether you are renovating or buying a home for the first time, Carpet Corner are happy to help you pick out the right carpet for you.

read more › Here at Carpet Corner, we have a great collection of Polypropylene carpets for you to choose from. Flooring is the heart of your home so why not let us help you pick the right carpet for you. It's popular due to its combination of stain resistance, subtle tones, and value for money. Despite its softness, Polypropylene is an extremely durable type of carpet made to handle messes and scratches. It's a carpet perfect for any home, particularly homes subject to family wear and tear! If you require a hard-wearing floor surface then a Poly Carpet is the ideal decision.

read more › One of the most popular styles of carpet, Loop Pile Carpet is especially well suited for areas where there is more footfall due to its long-lasting qualities. The fibres are looped from a single strand, and as a result, can naturally hide blemishes or stains making these carpets very durable. We make buying carpets easy, this style of carpet is great for creating a modern yet rustic look in your home or workspace. Over the years it has become more and more contemporary due to the beautiful patterns Looped Pile creates.

read more › Saxony Cut Carpet is a cut loop pile carpet, having a soft feeling and texture due to the design of incredibly dense fibres. Its softness makes it a popular choice for bedrooms and living rooms based on the luxurious feel and style. So look no further, Carpet Corner are experts in the supply and installation of Saxony Cut Carpet. For a more luxurious and thick carpet, Saxony Cut is the ideal choice. Browse our full range of carpets in a wide range of colours and patterns. Saxony always comes to mind when people think of carpet, Carpet Corner will help find the right style for you!

read more › Acrylic carpet is a cheap option and is great when you need to cover a lot of space, like for a large open room. Made from acrylic fibres, the carpet is a synthetic material and is similar to wool but at a lower cost. If you're looking to overhaul your flooring on a budget, Acrylic could be the type of carpet for you! Acrylic carpet is a lot easier to clean than wool as it resists soiling, stains, and mildew. Acrylic is used in many designs to give striking colours and is a soft and luxurious fabric.

read more › Polyester Carpet is one of the most durable and stain-resistant carpet types available. Additionally, polyester carpeting is very soft on the touch and significantly less expensive than either nylon or wool. Carpet Corner Atherton offers 100% Polyester Carpets! Polyester is a man-made fibre that has hardwearing properties making it suitable for a busy home as they also feel extremely soft underfoot. We offer a great variety of poly carpet designs from different manufacturers. So why not explore our extensive product ranges and receive expert advice!

read more › Cut Pile Carpets are a luxurious style of carpet manufactured by cutting the yarn loops which produces an upright pile, displaying a tidier appearance than loop pile. The pile is short and slightly twisted with an even look making it perfect for a formal room or setting. The Cut Pile style comes in various different lengths and thickness. Being one of the most popular styles of carpet today, we are experts in Cut Pile and have an extensive collection of colours and designs. Carpet Corner Atherton, Manchester is the home of local quality carpets and flooring.

read more › Looking for a textured carpet supplier near you? Then why not browse our collection of textured carpets, the best-selling type of carpet style. It's easy to clean and available in a variety of different colours and shades to stand out in both classic and modern interiors. Looped carpet fibres at the top are cut with yarn bundles that stand straight creating a textured cut and a luxurious appearance. The twisted texture acts as a very durable carpet and is less likely to show less wear than you'll see in standard cut carpets.

read more › Wool comes from sheep or OVIS ARIES if you like to get technical! The look, feel and quality of a carpet is largely dependent on the type of yarn fibres used to make it. Carpet suffers very harsh treatment from shoes, furniture, grit, dirt and vacuum cleaners. The pile must retain its looks and density, and so must be very hard wearing to withstand years of everyday use. We pride ourselves in having a large selection of 80/20 Wool Roll Ends and Remnants in stock in both 4 & 5m width which are all at a fraction of the usual retail price.

read more › Twist pile carpets are great for busy families. They're made from twisting the yarn fibres tightly together, which makes them hardwearing, durable and easy to look after. The heather twists are less likely to show marks - so they are ideal for high traffic areas such as your hall, stairs and landing or living rooms. Most are stain resistant and therefore perfect for families. Explore our spacious store offering budget brand-name designer carpets today! If you like the idea of a twist carpet, but don't really want it covering the entirety of your room, then why not opt for a rug?

read more › A pattern brightens up and gives warmth to even the dingiest of rooms, whether you're making a statement in your hallway with stripes or a bold panel design, or styling your lounge with floral or classical motifs, patterns can be dramatic, adventurous and fun. A pattern carpet will give your home character and they are also great at hiding marks and most are stain-resistant too. Explore our spacious store offering budget brand-name designer carpets today! If you like the idea of a pattern carpet, but don't really want it covering the entirety of your room, then why not opt for a rug?

read more › We have hundreds of room size Roll Ends / Remnants to fit rooms large and small, with many of these at well under 100, our amazing Factory Clearance Roll Ends represent excellent value for money as we clear surplus and discontinued rolls from the UK and Europe's largest manufacturers. These roll ends and remnants are superb quality at amazing prices and are available for instant collection or FITTED FREE when you buy any of our unbeatable underlays. We also have a massive selection of 5 metre width roll ends for those larger size rooms.

read more › At Carpet Corner we have a great choice of laminate flooring. So, whether you're looking for the more traditional wooden tones or something more modern, we've got it all! Visit our Atherton based laminate and flooring showroom to see them in person. Laminate flooring is perfect for use across the majority of the home, from living rooms, to hall ways and stairs, to bedrooms and dining rooms. Their hard wearing abilities means this is a flooring style that can keep up with the busiest of house holds.

read more › It's practical, durable, waterproof, and easy to clean, what more could you need? This style of flooring is suitable to be used in practically every room in your home including bathrooms, kitchens, and conservatories. We have over 50 years of experience which means that we're able to find the right flooring for your homely needs!

read more › At Carpet Corner we offer state of the art wood effect vinyl flooring, that is perfect for any home! So, if you are looking to give your home a new cosier, beautiful look then look no further. We have all kinds of wood designs that we know you will love. Also, with the floor being vinyl you can have the same aesthetics as a real wooden floor for a fraction of the price. In addition, this type of flooring is very easy to install and allows you to get your new floor installed within a short time.

read more › Carpet Corner offers lots of great high-quality options when it comes to tile effect vinyl flooring. With this style of vinyl, you will be able to easily update your home with a great new look. Ultimately, tile effect vinyl is very realistic allowing you to enjoy all the visual benefits from a vinyl floor as if it were real tiles! At Carpet Corner you will find tile effect vinyl flooring in various designs to fit your personal style and theme of your home. Choosing vinyl flooring instead of the real tiles brings lots of advantages.

read more › If you are looking for a top of the range patterned vinyl selection then Carpet Corner is a perfect choice for you! Our local showroom stocks an amazing range of patterns and styles of vinyl floors that is sure to please. Invest in patterned vinyl from our store and you will guarantee yourself a high quality, aesthetically pleasing, and long-lasting floor. And, your home will get a brand new feeling that you will love. Plus, our customer feedback on the patterned vinyl we have sold and installed has been positive when it comes to looks and price.

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