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Elite Floor Sanding Service is a well-known company based in Liverpool with over 10 years experience in wood floor sanding and restoration. With an experience team of people who specialise in restoration of wooden floors to their previous glory. Elite have extremely high standards which have help the company grow over the years building on there repetition.

Our expertise is not only delivering excellent work but delivering a service which gives our customers the opportunity to relax knowing that the work is being carried out by a specialised team. All our finishers are trained by the company and are taught that it is the customers satisfaction that is of the up most importance.

This is where our professional expertise, extensive experience, team working and dedicated customer care blend together to allow us offer a tailored, flexible and reliable domestic and commercial wood floor renovation and wood floor installation services.

read more › Elite floor sanding services are a specialists in wood floor restoration, sanding and fitting. Based in Liverpool, we cover the North West region working on residential and commercial businesses. The Elite team have the expertise and professionalism to deliver a high standard of work that has build upon a reputation that has been 10 years old.

read more › Installation/Fitting of solid wood flooring, laminate flooring and engineered wood flooring. The above services that we provide are not only for commercial business such as large office spaces, grade listing buildings or local bars and restaurants but also for the domestic home. We have a team of specialists who are more than capable to work on large or small projects to delivering not only to cost effective work but to the highest standard. Contact us today and have one of our experts discuss in more detail what we can do for your home or your business.

read more › Here at Elite floor sanding services we are experts who are in Liverpool but work all over the north west on project on a domestic jobs. We employ a team of experts in restoring, installing and sanding wood floors to a high standard. The machinery that we use make the finishes are of such quality but also in a time-scale that make it affordable for our customers.

read more › Fitting your wooden floor can not only become a time consuming but frustrating improvement to your home or business. That's why having experts like ourselves who can not only fit the wood flooring to a high standard, but also advise on after-care to maintain the look of your newly fitted wood floor. Having the experience of wood floor installation we are able install the wood floor to not only to a standard that is custom to our reputation, but also the time in which it takes to deliver exception work.

read more › Parquetry or Parquet as we all know it, is the placement of wood pieces used to give a decorative effect within the room. Herringbone is one of the most popular parquet flooring that is performed by specialist wood floor fitters such as elite floor sanding services. Parquet flooring can be not only fitted in different shapes by a range of woods are used for the effects depending on the room. The reason is mostly down to the colour contrasting from oak, walnut, pine and maple, with a more expensive option being the use of a richly coloured mahogany.

read more › There are two forms of solid oak flooring that is most common and that's unfinished and pre-finished. The different between them are unfinished has only been sanded and has no covering on the wood, while pre-finished will have an oil or lacquer already within the wood. Either of these can be fitted by elite floor sanding specialists, with the further option to oil and lacquer the unfinished wood. Unfinished wood can be bought at a cheaper price due to the process of not having any covering to protect the wood.

read more › Engineered Oak Flooring, is the combination of oak and plywood pressured, heated and bonded together to create a flooring that is wider than solid oak and is also a cheaper alterative to the solid wood flooring. It has the same character, charm and beauty, but without the risk of shrinkage and unwanted movement that you would get from a solid oak floor. Engineered oak flooring has been a more popular choice over the previous years due to the cost, the stability that it provides, its appearance looking like a solid wood flooring and also the factor that it can be installed anywhere within the house and not have any issues with light moisture like solid oak wood has - especially in kitchens, bathrooms and basements.

read more › Laminate flooring is a multi-layer synthetic flooring product that is fused together. It is constructed by having an inner core of melamine resin and fibre board materials with a photographic layer under a clear protective layer. Laminate flooring has grown in popularity over the last decade to its cheap cost, durable, easy to maintain and also the hygienic factor. It has its disadvantages that each wood has, but laminate's is that it is made of plastic so is less durable than more conventional flooring and would not be advise for commercial use.

read more › Wood Floor restoration is one of the best ways to restore a room to its best. Whether its your entrance hall or main living room its breathes new life into any room within your home. When renovating your wood flooring, selecting the right company to restore and repair you floor can be the hardest decision. Here at Elite Floor Sanding services we make that decision easy for you. Putting you at ease from the first phone call that you make, we provide assurance that you floor is in capable expert hands and will develop work to the highest standard.

read more › Elite Floor Sanding Services are specialists in restoration your wood flooring by the process of sanding your wooden floor to restore it to its former glory. Our team of experts will provide a service that is not only efficient in the time that it takes to complete the work but also the level of work that we provide. The machinery that are used within on a daily basis are used by all professional sanding experts to give the best finishes in restoring your wooden floor. We will be looking to update our gallery on a regular basis providing for the new sanding projects that we are working on.

read more › We have been servicing the local community with our work for 10 years servicing local schools and colleges, community halls, local business premises and local government bodies. Whether you require a quote for school or college hall or a government project, here at Elite floor sanding services have the workforce and the skills to to the job for an affordable price and also in a time-scales that fits all businesses.

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