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Hyperion Tiles We're all about old school service and state-of-the-art merchandise. We source exactly what you need, work with our suppliers to get the best possible pricing, and pass our savings along to you. Come and explore our store today!. Hyperion Tiles is a leading Independent Tile stockist of Porcelain Tiles, Stone flooring and Statement Tiles. Our showroom in Ascot, Berkshire showcase our ranges of inspirational surfaces for our professional and private clients.

We are very much a design-driven company who are constantly looking to bring in products that encompass current trends alongside our timeless classic collections. Within our showroom we aim to create a relaxed informal atmosphere where you can freely browse and gain creative advice and insights from our team, who will happily share their knowledge of our product ranges.

Our friendly team will be happy to assist you on on any size project. We cater for all budgets and are keen to help you find the perfect fit for your needs. We are the first choice of interior designers, local developers and builders looking for high quality products and reasonable prices.

read more › Browse our full collection of porcelain, ceramic, natural stone and mosaic tiles extensively sourced from the highest quality tile manufacturers. We stock quality, designer tiles guaranteed at the best prices. Our beautiful range of tiles are perfect for bathrooms and kitchens, walls and floors, indoor and outdoor and are suitable for luxury living, family friendly, hard wearing and decorative.

read more › Porcelain tiles are a popular choice for many homeowners and property developers alike. Porcelain is the perfect material for flooring, requiring no sealing or after-care because it's so hardy. It's also more affordable than other materials like marble or granite which means you can do larger floor areas. At Hyperion Tiles we work with manufacturers to offer you the highest quality range of porcelain in varying sizes, colours and patterns. We also have a variety of stock, which means you can complement your wood flooring or natural stone with porcelain tiles from our extensive range.

read more › Large format tiles are a cost-effective way to make an impactful statement in any room. These large format tiles can be installed on the floor or wall and will create a bold impression that cannot be achieved with smaller tiles. Some of these larger sized tiles come in different sizes, which is perfect for those who want to maintain continuity throughout their design scheme. Large format tiles are perfect for a variety of rooms in your home. Sometimes, large format tiles can be used in combination with smaller tiles in order to create a non-slip surface in your bathroom.

read more › Wood effect tiles are a great choice if you want something that's durable, long-lasting, and heat resistant. Wood-effect tiles look like real wood but they are easier to install because they aren't as heavy and don't require any nails or glue. They also have the added benefits of being waterproof as well as stain proof so your floors will always be looking their best. Wood effect tile has many benefits over laminate flooring. For example, consider the appearance of wood effect tile. Wood-effect porcelain tile is treated so that it is made to look and feel like wood.

read more › Marble-effect tiles are one of the most popular and timeless materials for flooring. These tiles are easy to clean, resistant to liquid spills, and can be found in a variety of colours and patterns. Marble-effect tiles are a great option if you're looking for something that looks like marble but doesn't have the high price tag associated with it. These tiles come in three different finishes: matte, glossy, or metallic so you'll find just what your space needs. Marble-effect tiles are manufactured through a baking process that utilizes a kiln.

read more › There's a unique charm in having a real wood floor which no other flooring can match. So, while we sell plenty of porcelain tiles and natural stone, we know that a real wood floor brings a true warmth and a certain 'glow' to any room - without having to light a log fire. We source our real woods from established craftsmen who know and appreciate the true value of high quality wood, whether it be oak, walnut, ebony, maple or ash. You can be assured that we will recommend the best choice for each room in your home.

read more › Are you looking to bring elegance and luxury to your home or commercial building? Ca Pietra tiles are the perfect option. Crafted from marble, limestone, sandstone and slate, here at Hyperion Tiles we offer a range of durable tiles. It goes without saying that stone floors have always evoked a sense of sophistication, luxury and added refinement. Ca Pietra offers a smooth finish and striking colour streaks, they aren't just aesthetically pleasing but completely unique as no two tiles are the same.

read more › Every interior or design collection has its muse, its story, its guiding light, but few are as steeped in historic significance as this - our new tile collaboration with the National Trust, Europe's largest conservation charity. You'll be transported to the National Trust's historic houses with this new tile collection. The National Trust is an organization that cares for properties, gardens, coastlines and countryside across England and Wales. With each and every tile from this collection, you'll step into one of the National Trust's historic houses or be transported to the scenery that surrounds it.

read more › The lily pad collection is an iconic design that offers staple interior colours, suitable for any kitchen, bathroom or living space. The tiles are machine-made from porcelain so they are thinner than the encaustic version making them ideal for wall installation. Being made from porcelain they also don't require sealing and need little maintenance.

read more › Our interior decorative collection is spot-on for when you wish to add statement style to your home. Whether it's a welcoming slogan on the floor as you walk through the door, or an eye-catching splashback, or feature area on walls, add interest to your interior with colour, shape, pattern and print.

read more › Beautifully hardwearing and suitable for high traffic, external spaces - our exterior porcelain and ceramic range means you can run the inside out and follow your design dream throughout the scheme. Porcelain and ceramic tiles for the outdoors are an affordable and attractive fit. They require minimal work, handle the elements well, and will last for many years. They also look great in a wide variety of different areas, like patios, walkways and other outdoor areas. Ca'Pietra exterior tiles come in a wide variety of different designs so you can find the look that works for you.

read more › So many finishes, with various grains, in a host of colours, and several sizes - there's such a wide range for you that give off the warm glow of wood with the robust durability required for high traffic areas. Ca'Pietra wood effect tiles are a great way to bring the natural look of wood into your home or business. These tiles are attractive, durable, and inexpensive. They come in a variety of styles, colors, and finishes that can be customized to suit the needs of your home or commercial property.

read more › The look and feel of stone and cement is easily replicated in this stunning range of tiles which is virtually stain proof with no need for sealing or ongoing maintenance. The longevity of the tiles means you can use them in large-scale schemes as a more cost-effective stone or cement effect solution. Ca'Pietra makes marvelous stone and cement effect porcelain tiles. Many people marvel over natural stone and cement floors, but don't realize how much these types of floors cost and how difficult they are to maintain.

read more › The effective way to bring marble onto your flooring or walls is to introduce these chic yet hard wearing marble-effect porcelain tiles. Marble is adored for its beauty, style, and elegance. This material is an upscale, luxurious option for interiors. But as flooring, it requires more care and is more susceptible to damage than porcelain tile and even other forms of natural stone. It is also very pricey. For those who want the look and feel of marble without the hassle, Ca'Pietra marble effect tiles are a very affordable alternative.

read more › Minoli produce luxury tiles in Italian ceramic, porcelain, Terrazzo as well as working with mosaics and marble. Here at Hyperion Tiles we supply Minoli tiles due to the design, quality, durability and performance. We hold plentiful stock so the vast majority of our clients' orders can be delivered within 24 hours. At Hyperion Tiles, we offer a variety of modern and classic Minoli tile designs that are sure to give your home the look you're going for. Whether you want something contemporary or more traditional, our selection is perfect for any style!

read more › Clever craftsman techniques give these tiles the intriguing, luxurious look of marble with the natural looking veins, and the feel they need without the expense of actual marble. Minoli marble look tiles are ideal for transforming any room of your home into a luxurious space and will add value to the room. Hyperion Tiles has many different styles and sizes of marble-look tiles, ranging from cosmopolitan styles to Minoli Marvel tiles, which is an exclusive line of marble-effect tiles. Marble-effect tiles are made from porcelain, but are styled and colored to look like marble.

read more › So many styles and finishes to choose from to help give the true effect of stone but without the care required for natural stone. Stone look tiles from Minoli are a great fit if you are looking for a style in your home that matches stone. Stone tiles can be prohibitive for people for a variety of reasons. Many homeowners might not have the remodeling budget for the cost of stone. It is also cold, slippery, and brittle. In some situations, stone tile may require structural updates to support it.

read more › These tiles ensure you still get that warm, cosy feeling that you experience with a real wood floor but they are so much easier to maintain and will always look as good as new. Porcelain tiles can be textured and colored to look like real wood. If you browse any of the wood effect tiles that we carry from Miinoli, you will notice that the look and feel of these tiles look like real ash, oak, or many of the other beautiful types of wood that are out there. Climate can be particularly detrimental to natural wood.

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