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Duraflor See how our client created interest on the floor, and an on brand look and feel to this corporate office. More than ever you need a flooring company that is UK based and has the ability to provide you with immediate delivery of popular floor covering designs. We have stock to meet a wide range of budgets and specifications, and can give you immediate over the phone advice to project requirements.

We love great images as much as you do, so we are sharing some of our recent Projects, there are some really striking flooring images in our Gallery and our Practical Design blog is packed full of inspiration and useful advice. New Espressa LVT colours available from stock The Espressa LVT Range has proved exceptionally popular from the day it was launched, and as with.

CFJ Virtual Expo and CDW Unlocked We are excited to be taking part in not 1 but 2 exhibitions this July. We will be. The BLIZZARD range is certainly a success story, popular, stylish, affordable and now it has 5 more colours that have extra standout.

read more › Duraflor's carpet tile range provides solutions for both design led and budget driven projects. Our range of commercial carpet tiles includes popular colours and designs that are usually available on. Our range of commercial carpet tiles includes popular colours and designs that are usually available on next-day delivery. We endeavor to make it simple and straightforward to specify and install carpet tiles. Research proves that up to 90% of dirt in a building is 'walked in' or comes in via wheeled traffic.

read more › When we ask our customer why they choose us, the answer more often than not is 'because of our people'. It is the fact we go the extra mile on service, have a passion for the products we sell, and have a high level of industry expertise, that makes us their flooring supplier of choice. It is not just our passion for flooring and expert attention to detail that makes us a good partner for your interior design project. We understand project limitations and timescales. We make ordering samples simpler and getting decisions faster.

read more › Our Practical Design blogs are filled with great advice on the topics design professionals and project managers want to know more about. We like to think we have struck the perfect balance between design inspiration and practical tips - why not see for yourself. The importance of designing an office with wellbeing in mind There are lots of considerations that go into a new office fit-out and. Why your business needs specialist entrance matting There are some very practical reasons why we recommend a specialist entrance matting system and barrier.

read more › Both Duraflor and its production partners are committed to a programme of environmental improvement. This includes compliance with internationally recognised regulatory standards, energy consumption and ensuring wastage is significantly reduced. Both Carpet Tiles and Vinyl Flooring are produced as part of a highly sophisticated recycling programme to ensure minimal environmental impact. Our carpet tiles are made with recycled yarn, some ranges use 100% recycled yarn. Equally recycled product is used in the tile backing, some tile backing is 100% recycled.

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