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Courtcraft Courtcraft is the market leader in the design, innovation, installation & maintenance of squash courts, sports flooring, and flooring maintenance in the UK. Proudly based in Manchester, we offer full nationwide coverage and highly competitive prices on all of our services. We are experts in our field and we are proud to be leading the way in both squash court and sports flooring innovation & technology.

If you are looking for a professional squash court design or installation, then you are in the right place. With over 25 years in the industry, and an accreditation from the World Squash Federation (WSF), Courtcraft's name has become synonymous with the highest levels of workmanship and experience in squash court design and build projects throughout the UK.

Our very own Innov8 and Renov8 squash court wall panel system draws from many years of experience in the design and build of squash courts. These innovative panels have been researched and developed by us to produce the most versatile panel system available today.

read more › Courtcraft are the market leaders in the design, installation & maintenance of squash courts and sports flooring systems in the UK. Based in Manchester, we offer nationwide coverage, along with competitive prices. We work with architects, specifiers, main contractors & clients direct, in order to offer the correct solution to your needs. We are experts in our chosen fields and we are proud to be leading the way in both squash court and sports flooring innovation & technology. At Courtcraft we are proud to be the first & only UK World Squash Federation accredited company.

read more › Produced and manufactured solely within the UK, Innov8 is a double-skin, self-supporting system and is appropriate for new build courts. In multiple court configurations, a dividing Innov8 wall can be installed as a moveable wall. Thus courts that are side-by-side can be easily expanded for other activities. This also allows squash courts to convert to a doubles squash court. Innov8 is the first and only British product to achieve accreditation from the World Squash Federation. Renov8 is a single skin system and can be used for new build or existing court renovations - for both front and side walls.

read more › Designed, manufactured and built entirely within the UK by Courtcraft. Renov8 is a wall panel squash court system developed as an alternative to using traditional wet plaster based systems. Renov8 courts perform as good as any traditional squash court with respect to how they play. The dynamics of ball bounce, return and spin match any traditional plaster constructed walls. The Renov8 wall panel system has the advantage of easy maintenance over time. Our Renov8 court walls can be scrubbed clean or painted many times due to the durable nature of the panels.

read more › All of our squash court flooring systems provide the optimal playing surface for squash. The products we use at Courtcraft provide the right amount of surface texture to provide good traction for a fast-paced sport, excellent shock absorption, resilience & ball response and a uniform light colour to sight the ball properly in play. Courtcraft squash court floors comply with the latest European performance standard EN 14904. We offer a choice of systems from leading manufacturers to suit your preferences and your budget; solid Junckers SylvaSquash beech which is approved by the World Squash Federation and England Squash, or Boen's new Arenaflex Squash, an engineered board with beech or maple wear layer.

read more › Squash courts eventually show signs of wear and tear after a seasons play. For example plastered squash court walls surfaces degrade from the constant pounding of balls and rackets. The repeated impacts can turn tiny pin-holes in the top coat plaster into larger craters which will need filling. Panel system walls accumulate rubber from the squash balls meaning the walls will need to be repainted. Floors accumulate dirt and sweat and will need regular fine sanding to provide the correct grip. Older squash floors may succumb to board breakages which will need repairing so that they do not create safety hazards for players.

read more › Armourcoat is the world's premier brand of squash court plaster, manufactured from a high quality blend of alpha grade gypsum, resins & aggregates, Armourcoat has a unique combination of smoothness and strength. This provides accurate and durable playing surfaces, capable of withstanding the constant pounding of balls & rackets. Armourcoat plastered walls is the traditional method of squash court build preffered by many clubs and leisure factilities. The wall surface is easy to maintain and repair, with wall cleaning recommended every year to keep the courts in top playing condition.

read more › Glass walled rooms radiate more space compared to traditional block walled rooms. Adding a glass wall to your facility can allow you to create brighter interiors and exploit nearby natural light sources. They add a modern feel and look to a building and can be fitted new or retrospectively to most contemporary structures. Glass is a superb material that balances out functionality and durability with a natural attractiveness. Glass walls offer an alternative walling or partition solution in your sports and educational facilities and provide safe viewing areas for parents and coaches where physical protection is needed.

read more › Courtcraft are one of the leading specialist contractors in education & leisure flooring in the UK. We are partnering contractors with nationwide health & fitness chains, David Lloyd Leisure, Esporta and Virgin Active, fitting out & maintaining squash courts, installing dance & fitness gym floors and working with local authority partners, such as Everyone Active and Pulse Fitness. Increased environmental awareness and the demand for non-allergenic floor surfaces have all made natural wood flooring more popular than ever with building contractors.

read more › Courtcraft are a national approved contractor for installing and maintaining all types of Junckers timber flooring, having installed over 50,000m2 of Junckers solid timber floors in the past two years. The Junckers' approved flooring contractor scheme allows for installations to be fully guaranteed for up to 25 years as long as they are maintained by an approved contractor (terms and conditions upon request). Junckers are Europe's leading manufacturer of solid pre-finished hardwood flooring and all Junckers floors are obtained from sustainable resources, with production from European and Scandinavian forests, under recommended Chain-of-Custody guidelines.

read more › Courtcraft are a national approved contractor for installing and maintaining all types of Boen timber flooring, having installed many 1000's square metres of Boen engineered timbered floors. Boen have over 50 years of experience of designing and manufacturing timber floor products and over 2 million square metres of sport flooring has been installed around the world. They are one of the leading producers and suppliers of sports floors. They specialise in the production of engineered boards, with a hardwood wear layer.

read more › Courtcraft are experts in sports flooring and the Courtcraft 'know how' is the best guarantee for our customers. Our PU product is perfect for indoor sports & activities. Whether it's a sports hall, dance studio, for basketball or 5 a side soccer, Courtcraft's PU Flooring is perfect. This multi-purpose surface is designed to maximise stability & safety. Available in different colours, both standard and bespoke, the '6 steps to success' allows installation on your existing floor or any substrate, applied by our in house team.

read more › Logic Floor Levelling cradles provide an easy new way of levelling floor battens - solving the problem of uneven sub-floors and varying floor depths with an original dual-height cradle design. The combination of a Logic cradle with the quality and range of Junckers, Europe's leading manufacturer of solid pre-finished hardwood flooring, creates the ideal floor surface for your courts. Courtcraft are recognised as a Junckers national approved contractor. Logic Floor Levelling systems are innovative in their simplicity of design and flexibility of installation.

read more › Courtcraft provides a complete supply & fit package for sports hall floors. This includes line marking, skirting and accessories, plus an aftercare & maintenance service. At whatever level you play it, sport is all about performance & endurance - the same is true for sports flooring. Safety is increasingly a prime consideration. A good sports floor enhances performance by reducing leg fatigue and the risk of injury. It provides good traction, resilience & accurate ball response. As one of the country's leading sports flooring specialists, our sports & activity floors provide optimum performance, the right amount of shock absorption and resilience.

read more › Dance and aerobics can be an intense and physically demanding activity, both for users & for the floors they exercise on. Dance & activity floors need to be resilient, slip-resistant & provide good shock absorption, so that repeated steps and impacts don't damage joints & ligaments. Our dance floors do just this. Importantly, dance & activity floors need to provide safe, splinter-free & durable surfaces that won't degrade with repeated use. They also need to be easily & cheaply maintained. As dance & aerobics flooring is subject to various forms of activities, it's important for it to be resilient enough for almost anything.

read more › Fitness floors need to perform several important functions. The foremost being the practical need to support heavy equipment and to conceal power & data cables. They then have to be able to withstand the constant repeated impacts of users exercising. Equally important is the need for hygienic surfaces, which are low-maintenance, and easily cleanable; which are non-allergenic, which don't harbour bacteria and stay odour-free. Our hardwood access flooring systems fulfil all of these requirements, whilst providing visually attractive surfaces suited to the contemporary design schemes of modern clubs.

read more › Courtcraft specialises in the layout and marking out of indoor sports courts - all in accordance with the recommendations of Sport England, and the requirements of governing bodies & national associations such as FIBA, England Basketball & England Netball. Using CAD Layout Design allows us to precisely match the specifications given to us on each project. Courtcraft's dedicated water-based line paint ensures a non-slip, high performance result.

read more › Courtcraft provide a range of renovation and maintenance packages which provide the perfect solution for squash courts, sports hall flooring, dance floors, activity floors, school halls, commercial floors. It is a legal duty to provide a safe environment, so floors need regular sanding to provide the correct grip, but even well-maintained floors need replacing sooner or later - regular sanding inevitably wears them out. Older floor types with random-length boards can suffer from frequent board breakages, creating potential safety hazards for players.

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