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Woodcraft Flooring Based in Hertfordshire, just north of London, we also cover Buckinghamshire, Essex, and Greater London. We've the expertise to help you decide on your perfect floor, a team of skilled tradesmen to customise and fit it to your exact requirements, and an after-sales service which includes free maintenance for three years. Read about how we'll walk you through making the right choice, and our installation service.

We offer floors in five hardwood species, the base products for each one sourced from a single, carefully-vetted supplier. We recommend Oak, but you can also have Ash, Maple, Walnut or Wenge. When it comes to the type of floor, you can choose from engineered or solid planks, parquet blocks, or panels. We usually recommend an engineered floor. We don't keep stock.

We'll order what we need to make your floor, finish it by hand to your specifications, then fit it. To see why we're true flooring and wood experts read about our history, our key people, and our approach. We care about our supply chain, so all wood in our floors will have come from a managed forest (certified by the FSC with the exception of Wenge).

read more › Woodcraft Flooring was born in the UK in 2005. A family business, it is headed today by father and son Mursel and Granit, but the company's history can be traced back to another family-owned business that began in Kosovo, 1964. Mursel's family have worked with wood for generations. As a child in Kosovo, he and his brothers were responsible for gathering fuel for their family, and at ten years old he was proficient with a chainsaw, using it to fell trees and turn them firewood. In his teens, he joined his father and uncles in the family wood working business, which supplied timber from Kosovo's native Beech and Oak trees for home building and other local enterprise.

read more › Find out more about our Custom Finishes. OUR GUARANTEES: 25 years on engineered planks, plus 3 years' free maintenance - find out more. Exceptional blend of hard wax oils have been used to create an outstanding finish, every board takes the finish differently by hand, which is the true meaning of a hand custom finished board. OUR GUARANTEES: 25 years on engineered parquet planks, plus 3 years' free maintenance - find out more. A project which will never be forgotten due to the shire work required to prepare, install and finish the 8,400 maple parquet blocks.

read more › Oak is our favourite hardwood for making floors. We use one species exclusively, from one supplier only. Their wood has a beautiful bright creamy colour with subtle variations in its 'raw' form, with a varied (but not too wild) grain. The species we use is called Quercus Robur and it is commonly known as 'English Oak'. Whilst this tree does indeed grow in the UK, we source our wood from managed forests in the Ukraine. First, the Eastern European Winters are longer and harsher. The colder climate means that the trees are very slow growing; a tree felled to be used in a Woodcraft floor will typically be 150 years old.

read more › Whether the parquet blocks are engineered or solid, the only visible difference will be their dimensions. However there is another invisible but crucial difference between parquet blocks and planks: parquet blocks are more stable. By 'more stable' we mean that they are more resistant to changes in the humidity of the room they are in. As a rule, we are hardly ever able to approve the use of solid planks for a basement floor. Solid parquet, on the other hand, can be installed in many circumstances - but please be aware that there are still limitations.

read more › Our expert craftsmen breathe new life into wooden floors at affordable prices. There are normally three stages in the restoration of a wood floor: preparation; sanding (and sometimes filling gaps); and finishing or re-sealing the surface. This would involve making sure that there are no loose planks (or blocks for a parquet floor). So we either have to nail or glue parts of the floor down to its sub-floor, or to the joists in some cases. Sometimes certain planks or blocks will need replacing altogether.

read more › With many colour variations that can be applied to an oak, the golden oak colour can be overlooked as an aged colour. With our refined original finish, we provide the oak with a golden colour rather than the yellowish which clear oak is known for. Our oak is European engineered, with a 6mm top Ukrainian oak layer and 15mm Russian birch plywood base to provide structural stability. We hand finish our Original with multiple coats of high quality clear hard wax oil, which produces an exquisite finish with superior surface protection.

read more › Wood flooring is available with almost endless combinations of texture or grade, grain, and colour finish. The sheer number of options on offer could mean that you find yourself struggling to make a decision on the perfect look for your home or business. We have built our business via personal recommendations. This is partly because we spare no effort to help you make the right choice, and to pick a floor that's just right for you - one that you will be happy with for years after it's been fitted.

read more › When we talk about a 'solid' wood floor, we mean one where each plank of wood has been milled (cut) from a piece of felled timber. Although it has been shaped, kiln-dried and sanded, each plank is basically wood in its 'raw' form. This is the traditional way to make floor boards, and still far more common globally than the newer 'engineered' planks. In a word, no. The word 'solid' is one that normally conveys qualities like sturdiness and resilience, so you could be forgiven for thinking that this is the best type of wood flooring.

read more › When we say that we offer 'bespoke wood flooring' we really do mean that it's possible to have something unique for your home or business. Every floor we install is made to order. We do not have stock; our workshop is full of planks that are going through different stages of treatment to become a 'one-off' floor, finished the exact way the client wanted it. Here we outline the different ways in which the appearance of your floor can be tailored to your specific requirements. When used with reference to wood flooring, 'grade' means the appearance of the grain: basically how many knots are likely to be in the average plank.

read more › When it comes to oiled floors, we use only oils which offer ultraviolet protection, so sunlight will not damage your custom finish or lighten your floor. However, regular cleaning and maintenance with the right products is essential to maintain your floor's natural beauty and prolong its life. Plus, it's vital to know what - and what not - to do to care for your floor properly. Take shoes off if you can because the tread in trainers usually holds small stones and grit. ALWAYS remove high heels, as the pressure created under the heel is immense - at least 60 times greater than you'll find under the average car tire!

read more › When a forest is certified by the FSC part of the certification means that for every tree felled a new one is planted. This will be a young tree (a few months old), not a seed. This is a very good reason to avoid cheaper imports from the Far East: unless you can be sure of the supply chain, your wood has most likely not come from a managed forest and is therefore contributing to deforestation. Throughout their lives, trees 'breathe in' CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) and store it. Over the course of its life, a large tree can trap and store hundreds of kilograms of CO2.

read more › May we take this opportunity to say what a pleasure it has been to deal with Mursel and the team. We are really delighted with the floors and it has been such a relief to have the expertise, commitment and flexibility that has been required on this project. I thank you for the service you have given us. The quality of workmanship was excellent and I would highly recommend your company to friends in the future. It was a pleasure to see our floor transforming. Thank you for good work, good spirit and easy co-operation with other craftsmen in the house at the same time.

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