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Osmo UK's Esco solid wood flooring is the classic among wooden flooring. No other floor surface radiates such liveliness within four walls whilst also regulating the general atmosphere, Its natural ability to take on and give off moisture has long been. Our entry level engineered oak flooring is great value for money. We offer you a choice of 2 widths 190mm & 220mm and 3 depth combinations.

The 190mm boards come with a Natural Oak pre-oiled finish, whilst the 220mm boards are supplied un-finished only. Read useful information on how to store, fit, clean and maintain oak flooring. Also details of warranties and other important information on how to look after and protect your new oak flooring.

read more › Welcome to More Floor - Hampshire based specialists in the supply, and fitting of top-quality solid oak and engineered oak wood flooring. For our solid oak flooring we select the best grain we can find so that your oak wood flooring looks and feels fantastic, and then when it's sanded and oiled we're confident you'll see the true beauty and advantages of our solid oak flooring. At More Floor we have access to a huge stock of oak wood flooring and can have your solid oak or engineered oak flooring delivered, installed and finished very quickly.

read more › Osmo UK's Esco solid wood flooring is the classic among wooden flooring. No other floor surface radiates such liveliness within four walls whilst also regulating the general atmosphere, Its natural ability to take on and give off moisture has long been positively noticeable, this characteristic influences and balances the level of moisture in a room. Parquet is, thanks to its characteristics, always in trend, no matter if it is needed for rooms with underfloor heating, in various thicknesses for renovating existing surfaces, or whilst planning your new home, the wide range of product possibilities leaves practically no wish unanswered.

read more › The big knots and cracks are filled with a harmless ecological filler and sanded afterwards. The combination of our special rustic style and its classy smooth surface is available in many colour options. Or choose a colour and surface treatments out of our other product ranges and create your own floor finished with Polyx/Hardwax-Oil.

read more › The knots are filled with a harmless ecological filler and sanded afterwards for a smooth finish. The original Polyx Hardwax oil adds the finishing touch. Our Chateau is available in many colours, widths and high-quality styles. In combination with our "create your floor!" program and the ready-to-install Hardwax-Oil finish this is a floor for every room!

read more › Our "Kolonial" series comes with a wire-brushed structure and therefore offers a harder surface. Feel free to combine modern design with our Superb or Elegance style. Of course the floors receive the original Polyx/Hardwax Oil surface to ensure a high-quality product which is ready to install. 8 colours or several widths not enough? Create your floor by using different colours or surface structures for a floor with your own signature.

read more › The Pelgrim floor with its aged look is one of ESCO's specialties and popular throughout Europe for over 15 years. With our special process steps the knots are filled and oiled to achieve a 100 year old look. Damages and aging marks complete the old appearance. It is also available as herringbone or pattern-floor. Explore the many possibilities with our "create your floor" program to achieve your personal floor finished with Polyx/Hardwax-Oil.

read more › Design manufactured boards in Rough-sawn, the cross-wise cuts are grooved in the surface with great care. In combination with the many styles and colours Harfa has many emotions. Like most Esco products, the Harfa is finished with the original Polyx Hardwax oil so that the quality you expect and wish is guaranteed.

read more › Karel IV. really is something unique within our product range. European rustic oak with a highly distressed surface structure is mainly being produced by the hand of skilled joiners and carpenters. Every single board receives a high-quality hardwax-oil finish and therefore an exclusive and individual look. Karel IV. looks 300 years old and is extreme in style and dimension.

read more › Sumava is the latest ESCO product. European Oak 2- and 3-layer plankwood floors are filled in a new way, wire-brushed and then factory finished with the original Polyx Hardwax oil. The colours extra-white, black and tobacco will be available ex stock in 2 dimensions and therefore offer the shortest lead-times. Explore our new but special oak floor and impress your clients with something extra.

read more › Maintaining your floor will guarantee the look, and extend the lifetime of your floor. In order to maintain the look and finish, it is important to clean and care for it on a regular basis. The overall ease of daily maintenance is one of the reasons behind the popularity of wood flooring; a quick sweep with a soft broom or vacuuming with soft, bristle-protected nozzle takes only a few minutes and allows your floor to shine. Depending on the type of finish on your floor MoreFloor will recommend easy-to-use maintenance products for oiled or varnished floors to preserve the quality of the floor throughout its lifetime.

read more › We know that trade customers are repeat ordering customers and we support them by offering some attractive trade discounts. We offer all our trade customers the choice of supply only or a supply and install service. We are always pleased to work alongside Architects, Builders, Property Developers, Kitchen Designers etc.

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