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Aspen and Ash offers exclusive Tregothan Oak, Olive Ash, reclaimed Douglas Fir and Pitch Pine flooring with unparalleled stability, finish and durability to present stunning floors of genuine, lasting quality. Aspen and Ash is a prominent name in the division of engineered wood flooring, offering exclusive Tregothan Oak, Olive Ash, reclaimed Douglas Fir and Pitch Pine flooring with unparalleled stability, finish and durability to present stunning floors of genuine, lasting quality.

As a long-established Cornish joinery company, Aspen and Ash is well-known for engineered wood manufacturing with more than 40 years of experience in exclusive flooring across the UK. We're committed to recycling and preserving historic, heritage-rich woodland to present quality engineered wood flooring for future generations to enjoy, cherish and admire.

For one of the finest quality ash flooring, you can try our Olive Ash flooring that will refresh your living room with the smell of the freshly laid wood and uplift your mood every time you step in.

read more › We have recently been preparing and laying some reclaimed flooring at a seafront restaurant site in St Ives. Many commercial hospitality businesses desire the worn and neglected look of reclaimed flooring. We've just taken charge of this prime 250-year-old Witch Elm tree to our workshop for machining and processing. At Aspen & Ash, we never cut trees down for flooring. Aspen and Ash installed a new oak parquet flooring, with a walnut beading, at property in Tregony. It was a complicated project in a property that was more than 200-years.

read more › Out of the different wood flooring options available today, oak seems to be at the top of the list for people in the UK. Oak is a type of hardwood that is considered as the king of hardwood floors due to its exceptionally durable nature that gets better with time. It is one of the most gorgeous hardwoods available, and has been used for centuries in the building industry. Aspen and Ash offer some of the best quality oak flooring in the UK. The Cornish oak we use is sourced from the ecological woodlands of the Tregothnan Estate, in Cornwall, and is exclusive to Aspen and Ash.

read more › Considering the different types of flooring options available, wood is still the most popular and aesthetically pleasing. Amongst all varieties of wood, pine wood flooring is a strong contender in terms of its beauty. Aspen and Ash works with pitch pine, as it's more visually impactful than standard pine. Pitch pine also has harder wood between its resinous lines which in turn offers more stability and durability. Our pitch pine flooring is handmade, reflecting ultimate precision and passion that brings about natural aesthetics and authenticity that can't be found in mass produced flooring.

read more › Reclaimed wood has been used for making buildings and structures ever since the 18th century. Reclaimed wood sustainable refers to the wood that is recycled and reused to meet the ever-growing need of today's eco-friendly homes and businesses. Aspen and Ash demonstrates the use of reclaimed wood in current projects, where the materials have been sourced from the Royal Eye Infirmary in Plymouth, circa 1890, as well as Smurfit Kappa, in Essex. This type of wood is a stylish and popular choice preferred for decorating and enhancing all types of modern homes and commercial premises.

read more › Engineered wood is made of layers of both plywood and hardwood, unlike solid hardwood that is made of only a solid piece of wood. The look of an engineered wood floor is very similar to that of a solid hardwood floor, however, the construction of multi -layered wood prevents engineered hardwood from warping and bowing like standard hardwood might in moist conditions. As it's made of two different layers, it offers an extra level of stability. The biggest advantage of this type of flooring is it can be installed on top of a variety of subfloors, such as concrete, and will not be affected by underfloor heating.

read more › This type of flooring is very elastic which means that it can be manipulated into a design of your choice, unlike many of the other more brittle hardwoods. Douglas Fir is a firm choice of quality flooring, when compared with other flooring options. Aspen and Ash is a respected Cornish joinery company, with more than 40 years of flooring experience. The company deals in exclusive high-quality Douglas Fir flooring across the UK, having completed many installations. Aspen and Ash is renowned for dealing in 120-year old reclaimed Douglas Fir that is highly durable and has evidently stood the test of time.

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