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Flooring First Founded in 2004, we are your reliable and professional wood flooring company serving London and the surrounding areas. We provide a wide variety of high-quality services, including wood floor installation, floor sanding, restoration & refinishing, renovation, repair & maintenance. We cater to a wide spectrum of projects, both residential and commercial, large- and small-scale.

The perfection in our floor sanding services in London, starts from the selection of a hard-wearing sealer and ends with the detail we put into providing a dedicated customer support, consultation and advice. Detail is our greatest pride and assurance in delivering quality floor sanding and restoration services. Being a leading supplier of real wood flooring in London has always been a benefit to our flooring services.

We know more about floor laying and floor restoration than anyone else, due to our comprehensive knowledge on flooring products. An example is the high number of clients who have trusted our parquet blocks and fitters.

read more › All our wood floor sanding, wood floor fitting and laminate floor installation services are subject to an obligation free viewing and written quotation. Why wait? Give us a call to discuss your needs and arrange a viewing of floors at your convenience. Our wood floor polishing & cleaning services for wooden floors and natural stone flooring, as well as some wood floor repair service and our minimum charge services, may not require a visit to the site before providing you with a quotation.

read more › With over a decade of hard work in everyday wood floor sanding and restoration services, we can confidently claim our prime position as a leading London flooring company. During these years, we have renovated the floors of thousands of homes, and many businesses have relied on us with expectations for no compromise to durability and quality. Sanding floors is a tricky craft that takes time to master. There's a sense of excitement brought to us every time we see any transformation of worn out 100 years old parquet into an elegant, new feature.

read more › Our range of flooring services include fitting of various types of wooden flooring, subfloor preparation & levelling, and finishing works such as skirting boards/beading installation, doors/ door frames trimming, insulation fitting and damp proofing. A crucial aspect of the floor laying process is the proper subfloor preparation. Before the fitting of your new floor commences, there are a couple of steps that need to be taken to ensure that the wood floor installation will be precise and the result will last for a long time.

read more › We, at FlooringFirst!, strive to take a good corner of each and every corner of your floors. Sometimes pieces of your floorboards, suffering physical damage, can be found. They can either be repaired by fixing the parts back together, or by replacing said pieces from your parquet, or another type of flooring. FlooringFirst! has close working relations with numerous suppliers of reclaimed wood materials and, in many cases, we will be able to find the same hardwood material that has been used in your floors (or one that closely resembles it).

read more › Hardwood floors are one of the easiest types of flooring to keep clean. Unlike carpets, they require minimum maintenance and could potentially last for a couple of decades, if attended properly. Clean hardwood floors have a way of making your house look both beautiful, and spacious. Most of the maintenance methods are relatively the same and don't differ much depending on the particular type of hardwood flooring, but some finishes might require you to pay extra attention and work with extra care when removing stains.

read more › Now, which products exactly are oil finishes? Well, obviously those who contain various degrees of oil in their formula - linseed, teak, Danish, hard was oil and modern oil finishes. This also includes oil-based polyurethane varnishes as well. Yes, there is a difference between a penetrating oil which protects the wood from the inside by soaking into it and varnishes/lacquers who form a film on its surface but without reaching the fibres and core. Lacquers and varnishes are also more resilient and last longer.

read more › At FlooringFirst!, we do know that although polishing of vinyl and linoleum floors is not that hard, there are many small things you need to think of and allow for to achieve the perfect results. Give us a ring and let our professional teams handle your floor. Our hard floor restoration and installation services include effective cleaning and polishing of vinyl and linoleum floors and their long term protection by employing state of the art equipment and technical expertise. Your floor can look neat and fine once again, just give us a ring and let us handle everything.

read more › Check out the amazing results our wood flooring professionals achieved for this worn and damaged wooden floor in Lewisham. Floorboards repair, renovation, gap filling and refinishing can truly do wonders when performed by experienced specialists. Parquet floors need some in-depth care and attention, so you are able to enjoy their timeless beauty and durability for many decades. For this Hampstead project we filled all gaps of the floor to improve its stability and durability, and re-sanded and refinished the surface of the floor for a flawless look and condition.

read more › The flooring world is definitely spoiling you of choice. Even besides the great variety of different types of flooring, including carpet, stone, or ceramic and porcelain tiles, even if you are focused on wood flooring only and this is what you are looking for, you still have a lot of choices and different options to consider. Wood flooring and wood mimicking flooring are available in a really impressive variety of options and types, different materials, structures, profiles, finishes and what not.

read more › Our prices for wood floor sanding and wood floor fitting are subject to written quotation after an obligation free site visit and inspection of the floors, therefore may vary between individual quotes. However, we have provided below a price guide to help out clients build an indication for their flooring services needs. In some cases we may decide to include a service at no charge or add an extra charge for service after a site visit, so please speak to a member of our staff for a final quote.

read more › Take a glance at all our current offers and see, which may apply to your booking or service. Please note that Special Offers and Discounts cannot be used in conjunction with one another. Take advantage of our Free of Charge and Obligation-Free site visits followed by detailed Free Flooring Installation Quotations or Free Flooring Restoration Quotations. We can visit your property to carry out a site survey in order to provide you with explicit information about the wood floor installation services required including subfloor preparation, moisture and sound insulation options, wood floor installation methods and techniques as well as all thresholds, mouldings and flooring maintenance products that are suitable for your particular type of flooring.

read more › I am looking for a floor fitter to fit our reclaimed (already purchased) oak parquet into our extension due for completion in 3 weeks. The floor would need sanding and finishing and does have bitumen on the back of it. I'm ideally looking for a herringbone pattern and currently have no preference as to whether it is a 1 or 2 block border. The floor is a suspended wood flooring and the total area is 44.25m2 indicated in yellow on the attached plan. At this stage, I would be ideally looking to get a rough estimate of cost before then organising a visit to the site if required.

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