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We are a company with a professional team of experienced flooring applicators working on a nationwide basis. We have many years experience in the trade, we have completed thousands of flooring applications for many regular, satisfied customers and have built up a fantastic reputation for providing high quality industrial floor coatings to customers throughout the UK.

Customer satisfaction is our priority and the price we quote you is the price you pay - we don't start the job and then look for 'extras'. Our applicators are courteous, clean and tidy professionals with a willingness to work around you and your team in order to get the job done on time with the minimum of disruption to you. We work for a number of different industries such as data centres, factories, warehouses, domestic and car parks.

With years of experience in the trade, we have completed thousands of flooring applications throughout the UK.

This type of flooring was originally designed to withstand extreme damages - they are also used on aircraft carriers- so they are able to provide remarkable care to sensitive areas of any location. Epoxy coatings can be used on concrete as well as in protecting other surfaces such as wood, metal or fibre glass, among others. They strengthen and improve

We have completed successful projects for a diverse client base. Industries we work within include: food, automotive, industrial, commercial, leisure, domestic, dilapidation and refits, and carparks. Companies we have worked with include: National Rail, BMW, Honda, Mitsubishi, Royal Ascot, Asda, Cadbury, ABB, Nationwide, NHS, Tyco Electronics.

We pride ourselves on offering a first class, reliable industrial floor coating service at competitive prices. Over our many years of service, we have worked a variety of well known, local businesses including: ASDA, Cadbury, Nationwide, Network Rail, BMW, NHS, Tyco Electronics, Honda and ABB to name just a few. Apart from one cup of coffee he did not

Epoxy resin, which is used in the process of covering a floor, is a chemical that is commonly a two part system. Once the two parts are mixed, there is a small window of time before it starts to cure, or become solid, that we have to make the coating process. Naturally, there are ways to speed up and slow down this process, allowing us to cover smaller

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