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Our ISG Flooring team are based in Glasgow, Scotland with over 25 years' experience, providing a complete solution for your resin flooring and resin surface contractor requirements. All works are backed up with a full installation guarantee and materials warranty. We don't just paint floors - we install tough durable epoxy resin systems, garage flooring, floor screeds, resin bound driveways, and other resin rich flowing systems.

Resin surfaces provide an easily cleaned, long lasting durable surface that really stands out in terms of appearance. All work completed with minimum downtime and disruption to your home or place of business. ISG Flooring Ltd pride ourselves on being able to offer resin flooring and surfaces to a diverse customer base in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Ayrshire, and across Scotland.

Contact ISG Flooring Ltd for bespoke resin flooring solutions to suit any environment. Ensuring the flooring in prepped corrected all the way through to guaranteeing the quality of finish. Epoxy resin is a perfect solution for factory and warehouse floors due to it's durability.

read more › Epoxy resin, polyurethane and MMA flooring treatments and coatings provide attractive and flexible flooring solutions for industrial and commercial properties. These screeds, coatings and seals not only lift the look of industrial and commercial properties, but they also offer improved durability, performance and ease of maintenance. Resin flooring systems can incorporate a wide range of technical features and finishes to meet the needs of the specific site and match your company's operational requirements.

read more › Watch our video of a recent commercial flooring contract at one of the Terex factories in Motherwell, North Lanarkshire. As you can see ISG Flooring Ltd provide every aspect of a commercial flooring contract, ensuring your company the highest quality from start to finish. Used Scott and the guys at ISG for many years now on various different flooring and commercial development contracts. We always know we will get the same high standard of finish meaning we can focus on other stages of the project with complete peace of mind that all surfaces will be fitted to satisfaction.

read more › The pictures above are from a recent factory job in Glasgow. Their warehouse was 1000(m2), to apply this system we had to shot blast the new concrete and then apply two coats of Flowcrete Hydraseal DPM. As you can see we installed a coat of red then yellow followed with a 4mm special blue self-leveling resin screed. To ensure the long-lasting benefits of epoxy resin, we cut and filled all expansion joints to save any cracking on new resin flooring. ISG supplied and installed a full Flowcrete resin flooring solution in our 10,000sqft factory unit, including office and workshop areas.

read more › Of all the pets that you keep, you will agree that dog's deserve and need a little more 'TLC', therefore when designing a suitable kennel, you have to be careful to ensure that the floor provides maximum comfort and safety. How would it feel if you lived comfortably in your home while your dog is suffering in some stuffy room with a wet floor? The materials you choose for the kennel floor will determine the level of comfort. Again, you could choose materials that would harbour wetness and disease-causing bacteria.

read more › The pictures above are actually from a garage flooring job in East Lothian, however, the terrazzo flake system installed is an ideal surface for kitchens, bars, and the hospitality industry. Commercial kitchens are facilities licensed as food service providers to prepare or store food. Since commercial kitchens involve a lot of traffic, the flooring should have high-level anti-slip properties to reduce the risks of workplace accidents such as falls. Additionally, commercial kitchens require high hygiene standards; therefore, the flooring must also be easy to clean.

read more › Safety flooring is a specially designed floor that reduces the risks of slipping to facilitate safe movement. It differs from other flooring types in that it is designed and tested to provide safety in high traffic and commercial areas that require certain safety measures. It offers more traction underfoot to minimize the risks of falling or slipping in wet surfaces, areas exposed to regular spilling, dust, and other contaminants that interfere with the flow of movement. Safety flooring is essential in places that require topmost levels of safety, such as healthcare facilities, educational facilities, and retail/commercial environments.

read more › If you are considering installing a new floor, then there are various options available to choose from including floor screeding. Perhaps you know a little about what's involved a floor screed already? Floor screeding is an excellent option if your current floor is uneven and you are looking for smoother finish. Many people aren't familiar with floor screeds. So they may not be sure about what is and how it works. Fortunately, this article explains what floor screeding is all about and some of the types of floor screed available.

read more › The pictures above showcase a garage floor in Cumbernauld, North of Glasgow, which we repaired, restored and then coated with epoxy resin. Often customers don't realise that we will "make the floor good" in their garage before applying epoxy resin coatings. The pictures above are from a job on Archerfield Estate, East Lothian showcase the terrazzo flake system product, ideal for high end garages, kitchens and bars. Homeowners in Glasgow contact us several times every week to ask for advice on which type of suface to install on their garage floor.

read more › At ISG Flooring Ltd, we install a resin bound system on every single one of our driveways, resin provides a porous surface ideal for water drainage. Resin bound driveway surfaces are manually trowelled into place by our team as shown on the video above. This means your driveway is smooth and has no loose stones. For this new resin driveway, we installed a winter quartz resin bound aggregate which the homeowner was delighted with. We have other pictures that we can show you of this job which you can also find on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

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