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West End Flooring We, at Flooring Glasgow have been fitting carpets and flooring for over 20 years. Based in the West End of Glasgow, our family business takes pride in providing our customers with quality flooring, professional installation and customer service which is second-to-none. We pride ourselves on our personal touch. We Supplied and installed this Commercial Rated Laminate Flooring and Entrance Matting for the Isle of Skye Candle Co in Buchanan Street Glasgow.

We successfully completed six Dhillons fast food takeaway shops. The shops had ceramic tiles down so we lifted a section to give a mat well which we put natural coir matting in. We have a wide product range, which caters for both domestic and commercial properties. Because we customise all our flooring installations to fit our customer's individual needs, no project is too big or too small.

Our staff here at Flooring Glasgow are here to cater to all your Carpet and Flooring needs, when it comes to flooring we know our stuff so when you get in touch with us you can ask for our professional staff for anything and they will provide you with the most useful advice to you in regards to relative style, patterns or which material would be best for your home.

read more › Our customer chose their bedroom carpet from the range Maximus colour Ice-dance from Abingdon. This click LVT from the Polyflor Camaro range was supplied and professionally installed in our customers lounge, hall and bedroom. After completing the carpet tiles we got asked to quote for the laundrette room by Student Sanctuary again in the Murano campus and got accepted. We tendered and got accepted to supply and install 30 student bedrooms for Student Sanctuary in the Murano campus in Glasgow. Alexander Miller Fine Art who are based in Princes Square chose their flooring from the LG Harmony range.

read more › We offer a massive range off flooring in Glasgow, from a simple cushion floor vinyl to buying and designing a unique pattern for your segmented flooring pieces. If you have been looking for new flooring then why not have a look at our wide range of different types to see if any catch your eye. If you have any specific requirements or flooring that aren't listed simply give us a call on 0141 579 0005 to speak with one of our experts, they are always looking to help in any way possible. Below are just some of our most popular types of flooring.

read more › Distinctive flooring comes in a range of three types of luxury vinyl tiles (LVTs) for you to choose from, and we are sure that you will really like at least one of them. Our most popular type of Distinctive Flooring is the Life Tile, which is a cut above other tiles of this type. It not only looks fresh and elegant but it is also practical and easy to clean. There are four types of Distinctive flooring, Autograph, Moods, Italian and Signature, all of which give you the opportunity to design your floor and so create one that suits your room and your personal style.

read more › West End Flooring is now offering all its customers a larger range of Solid Wood Flooring than ever before. Our services have not changed as we still provide our fitting services on top of you purchasing if you so wish us to. Solid wood flooring is milled from a single piece of timber that has been kiln, or air-dried, before sawing. Depending on the desired look of the floor, the timber can be cut in three ways: flat-sawn, quarter-sawn, and rift-sawn. Our Solid Wood Flooring Glasgow stock is no different and the special part of Solid wood flooring is that if it becomes wet it is resistant to warping unlike most types of wood.

read more › Vinyl flooring looks warmer than stone or ceramics and it is a low maintenance flooring which is easy to clean, so it is a perfect choice for your kitchen, bathroom and so on. Our Cushion vinyl is becoming more and more popular as the years go by, one of the main selling point is due to a warmer softer and quieter feel. With popularity rising you can mainly see cushion vinyl being used in a Kitchen or cooking environment due to the easy maintenance and much easier cleaning factors compared to other flooring or tile types.

read more › Luxury Vinyl Tiles offer any Home a very warm and spacious feel depending on the spade or colour of flooring. With Luxury Vinyl Tiles becoming more popular over the years and finding its way into more Homes more people seen the benefits of making the switch to vinyl tiles, some of which are easy ways to clean it with minimal effort. With easy day to day maintenance in terms of cleaning luxury vinyl tiles you could see that it is cheaper to have vinyl tiles compared to having a carpet. As well as having the easy cleaning factor to it vinyl tiles have a easy installation fitting system that can be done by anyone, which further enables the customer to save money in terms of fitting.

read more › We, at Flooring Glasgow have a massive range of carpets available, so whatever your taste and budget, you will be able to find just what you are looking for. If you are looking for something that we do not have in our online catalogue, or if you need help to decide what the best type of carpet would best suit your needs, don't hesitate to give us a call on 0141 579 0005 and find out what we can do for you. Flooring Glasgow have some of the best carpets in Glasgow, and our prices are the best for the quality of our carpets Glasgow.

read more › Patterned Carpets Glasgow, as the name suggests, feature designs in a number of colours. We provide a full range patterned carpets in Glasgow Whether you are looking for contemporary, classical, rustic, simple or elaborate designs you can be assured that they are all f our patterned carpets are beautiful. We at Flooring Glasgow also stock a number of ranges with coordinating runners to help complete the look of stairs and hallways. Patterns have recently re-emerged from obscurity and are back in a big way - from a modern take on traditional designs or for the original olde worlde designs, we have an extensive selection of patterend carpets to cater to every taste and style.

read more › Have a look through just some of the styles of Natural Carpets Glasgow stock that we offer. If you don't see a style here you are looking for then not to worry as we will most likely have it in store for you to pop in and see. Practical and durable, sisal gives you many exciting ways to create a new look for your living space. Its natural fibres readily take on vegetable dyes, so you can now have you beautiful colour blends or solid tones that will match your decor. Grown in Africa and South America, sisal yarn travels to China to be made into these creative floor coverings so you really will be bringing a piece of the world into your home.

read more › A straight Saxony carpet has all its fibres going in the same direction so that the colour looks uniform. This style is also sometimes called a 'velvet' saxony, because it has a similar appearance to velvet. If you brush your hand across the surface, you will see the difference in colour where the disturbed fibres have moved in the opposite direction. This style of carpet is beautiful and luxurious, but will show every footprint and every vacuum stroke, so it is not the choice for a room which is frequently used.

read more › Berber/Loop pile carpets look like, and are named after, a handmade, thick woollen carpet made by the Berber tribes of North Africa and Asia. These Berber carpets are extremely popular these days, probably because they look good and last a long time. The loops used in a Berber/loop pile carpet are made from thick wool and nylon. One thing to take into account as you walk on the comforting luxery pile Carpet is that if you have any pets they may feel the need to dig their claws in as Berber/Loop Pile Carpets don't tend to agree with them.

read more › A wool carpet can help a room retain aorund 10% more heat and so it can help reduce your fuel bills. Quite apart from that, on the practical side, wool carpets are easy to clean, their pile is resilient and doesn't flatten easily and so, naturally they look better for longer and also last longer than carpets made from synthetic materials. They also add a touch of comfort to a room because they are so soft underfoot! Wool-rich carpets are a popular choice as they provide morre durability and stain resistance than many other types of carpet.

read more › We have been providing commercial flooring services in Glasgow and beyond for over 20 years. We have a massive range of flooring services available for commercial clients so if you would like to find out more you can call us on 0141 579 0005. Hopefully we can be of use to you and that we can not only supply you will great quality commercial flooring to even fit it for you if you would require any help. Majority of our flooring comes with a click system that enables anyone to piece together the flooring in their own style or patterns, not to mention how easy it can be as well.

read more › Commercial carpet tiles are some of the most flexible tiles on the market, this is due to their clic fitting system. The clic system allows any customer to easily fit tiles and flooring into any pattern they so wish as they can do it themselves without the help of a professional. With some other benefits like the tiles being easy to clean and maintain due to every tile being an individual all that needs to be done is removing a single tile and cleaning it without the hassle of damaging the other tiles in the process.

read more › We offer a wide range of commercial carpets here at Flooring Glasgow. From wool and patterned carpets all the way through to saxony and natural carpets. In all our ranges we like to have a variety of different colours and textures on offer as to try and give our customers as much of a choice as possible. With commercial carpets still in use across many businesses across the UK you can be sure that there is a type that suits your needs. With our commercial carpets stock in Glasgow we have also a number of experts that are always happy to point you in the right direction and offer their advice.

read more › Our Commercial Matting Glasgow stock is the perfect solution to a professional shop entrance or public building that may see a lot of customers coming to and from the building throughout a general working day. Commercial matting is a great solution to the dirty flooring or carpets inside your business, it works by using a mixture of metal and carpet both working together to trap and keep dirt at the door without the real need to wipe your feet. The coil acts to scrape and remove hard dirt or mud while the carpet aspect of the matting acts to catch moisture and trap it within the fabrics of the matting.

read more › West End Flooring stair edgings (commercial stair nosing) can help to reduce accidents on stairs as well as helping to provide an 'inclusive' environment giving access to all building users. They also protect the edges of floor coverings from becoming worn or damaged, prolong the life of the floor coverings and prevent trip hazards from occurring. West End Flooring stair edgings are offered in a choice of materials and four profile designs to accommodate most step shapes. A choice of gauges is offered to suit most floor coverings, whilst single, double or multiple channel options are available dependent on traffic levels and conditions.

read more › At Flooring Glasgow we understand the importance of Health and Safety as regards flooring. Vinyl Safety Flooring (our contract vinyl flooring) has a highly slip-resistant and is especially good for wet areas such as showers, wet rooms, WC's, bathrooms, kitchens, canteens and so on. Our contract Vinyl Safety Flooring can be installed either using a 'Straight Lay' or 'Cap and Cove' method (when the floor covering is installed slightly up the walls). With both methods it is important to weld any joins and our skilled flooring fitters are very experienced in doing this.

read more › If you need PVC skirting in a living or working space, look no further than us at Flooring Glasgow. We can supply all you need in terms of floor coverings and accesssories. Skirtings, cove formers and capping strips are a clean, hygienic solution for junctions where the floor joins the wall; they also make the join look neat and most of the time enhance the look and style of the room. There are a number of skirtings and cappings available, and we would be happy to advise you on what would work best for you.

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