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3D Royal Floors 3DRoyalFloors is the only company in the UK which provide 3D Resin Flooring Solution. We intend to proffer you with a distinct route in designing your interior, present novel ways of laying resin floors, be it 3D flooring, with drawings, colored or glossy self-leveling floors. Our professional team follows architectural tendencies from around the world and will individually create a suitable floor and color for you.

We are the specialist resin flooring contractor in London who undertake effective floor preparation coating, leveling, decorative floor finishes, and other commercial flooring skills such as line marking and repairs. Our resin and microcement based coating provide a premium finishing suitable for various surfaces. During the application of resin floors in residential places, a thickness of 2-3mm is maintained.

With professional installation, the surface becomes highly resistant to abrasion, a quality that's attractive for the residential market. You can perfectly match colours and tones from our supplied samples.

3D Royal Floors is a resin flooring specialist, with experience in residential, commercial and industrial resin self-levelling flooring. Our rich heritage and experience allows us to create decorative self-levelling resin floors of various complexities with high quality guaranteed. We focus on rapid delivery times, service, expertise and reliable advice

MicroCement is a seamless cement topping designed to achieve in record time a polished concrete look surface finish. A MicroCement floor gives the crisp look and feel of solid concrete but with a depth of only 2.5-3 millimetres and it looks fabulous on walls too. Micro suggests how thin this finish can be laid and Cement means that it is made on cementitious

At 3D Royal Floors we don't only offer a vast and versatile selection of domestic resin flooring for our customers to choose from but we also take pride in being one of the only flooring companies to offer an individual approach to each and every project that we take on. Understanding that no two projects are the same we love to take time to learn about

The UniColour Resin Floor Systems are made of solid plain colour resins poured at 3 mm nominal. The quiet and light shades form an ideal base to let the rest of your interior shine. On the other side, when you opt for a bolder colour the floor becomes the focal point of the interior. The Unicolour resin flooring is suitable as an aesthetic, decorative

Concrete Look resin floors create a special look with cool greys as a base or 'home-sweet-home' effect warm cosy colours. Everything is possible when choosing a Concrete Look resin floor finish. The Concrete Look colour shades are timeless and form a unique palette, suitable for almost any interior. The Concrete Look Shades are created by mixing two

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