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Based in Norwich (UK) we specialise in wooden floor restoration and re-finishing to the highest professional standards. Using what are widely recognised throughout the industry, as the best floor sanding machines on the market, made in Germany by the Lgler Company. With a back ground in furniture making and many years experience in carpentry as well as wooden floor restoration and sanding, our emphasis has always been on quality of craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Whatever your requirements are; From fine finishing of a new wooden floor, to a complete restoration of an old floor in need of remedial work, insulating and gap filling, prior to re-finishing. We have the knowledge, experience and equipment to bring out the natural beauty of your wood floor. We would like you to know just how delighted we are with our floor.

The results are absolutely stunning - so much better than anything we had dared to hope for. We were particularly impressed by your meticulous attention to detail, and the fact that you finished the job on time, and with the minimum of disruption and inconvenience to us.

read more › Remedial Work: By the very nature of floor restoration, most floors will require a certain amount of making good before the sanding and finishing processes. From fixing down a loose board, filling gaps, or replacing damaged boards and joists, adding insulation beneath suspended floors or even replacing the whole floor. We are able to advise on and undertake the necessary floor repairs before sanding and finishing. If your floor restoration is part of a bigger renovation project; the whole room, or maybe the complete house, then it could be beneficial to consider at which stage to do the floor finishing work in relation to the other aspects of the project.

read more › Sanding: Once the remedial work has been undertaken, or having laid a new floor, the sanding process can begin. For old, uneven floors and those that have an old coating on that needs to be removed we begin with our "Hummel" belt sander. This will cleanly and efficiently remove old finishes and level the floor ready for fine finishing with the "Trio" orbital sander. On new floors that are already level we can often go straight onto the fine finishing sander. This forty year old Iroko parquet had seen better days.

read more › Finishing: On completion of the fine sanding your floor will now be ready for the application of the chosen finishing products that will protect and give your floor the desired look that you want for many years. There are many different products available, a lot of good ones, and some not so suited. We will only use proven, quality products designed for floor finishing from reputable manufacturers, and whenever possible, use environmentally friendly products. Premier Floor Sanding & Wood Floor Restoration & Carpentry are based in Norwich.

read more › Lgler have developed a range of machines to cover all aspects of floor sanding and finishing, with very efficient dust collection systems. They have also researched floor sanding techniques and have developed a system, which we have been trained in by them, to maximise the potential of their machines, when used together. The "HUMMEL" belt sanding machine is the best known floor sanding machine in the world, with thousands of models in use across the globe. Mature, long-life technology for perfect sanding quality and enormous machine power have made it the undisputed number one system for parquet floor finishing for decades.

read more › Q. Can you fill the gaps in my floor? A. Yes. Small gaps, typical on a parquet or wood block floor can be filled with a joint filler. Larger gaps typically found between pine boards can be closed with long slithers of wood. This is worth doing, especially on downstairs "suspended floors" which can be quite drafty. Q. Can I use the floor again straight away? A. No. You will need to give the lacquer time to cure (harden). The modern lacquers that we use the most, and recommend, are water based and are touch dry within a few hours.

read more › Thank you John - What a good job, the floor looks great - better than we had hoped - The lacquer has brought out some lovely colour in the Oak. This parquet had previously been finished with a coloured varnish, was quite badly marked in places and had quite a lot of paint spatters as well. Sanding back to clean wood and re-finishing with a clear lacquer really gave it a new lease of life. Another satisfied customer! The original finish had worn right through in places, giving the whole floor a dull, worn out look.

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