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Mezzanine Floors utilize unused space to the optimum and mezzanine flooring will double its own area in productive space. Mezzanine flooring is the most cost effective way to release otherwise unused space above normal working height. When a business expands, the need for extra space puts pressure on retail, storage and office areas. Mezzanine Flooring will quickly release extra work space in the buildings volume, at an affordable price and are not subject to business rates.

We can design mezzanine floors with spans and load capacities that work in harmony with your current ground floor activities. We also offer a competitive mezzanine floor lease facility, to spread the cost as well as the load. Mezzanines and Storage Equipment are Birmingham, West Midlands based and therefore ideally placed ( geographically ) to supply cost effective high quality mezzanine flooring systems locally and nationally.

We have designed and installed a wide range of specialized mezzanine floors over the years from restaurants, breweries, car showrooms and schools etc.

read more › Mezzanine flooring systems encompass the wide diversity of mezzanine flooring. Mezzanine floors are used to increase storage and assembly areas, retail, offices and can be installed in almost any location. Mezzanines floors are found in most industrial warehouses and distribution centers. However, many car showrooms will have a mezzanine flooring solution to increase their display / point of sale. We have installed mezzanine flooring in restaurants, where we have increased the number covers by increasing the floor space by 50 - 100 percent with a mezzanine flooring second level area, within the buildings otherwise empty space volume.

read more › Mezzanine Floors ( tiers & galleries) when built within an industrial building, between the ground floor and the buildings eaves; with one or more levels or tiers are generally defined as mezzanine floors, raised platform floors or mezzanine flooring. Therefore a Mezzanine Floor is an intermediate floor within the industrial buildings volume. A mezzanine floor will provide additional usable work space and will offer maximum potential within a high roof building, for many applications; including storage and offices.

read more › Retail Mezzanine Floors will add value to any business and retail mezzanine floors will offer you 100% usable space above normal working height ( subject to building height ) in most commercial & retail outlets. Retail mezzanine floors will double your available selling space and our mezzanine floors will transform that extra space to display more of your products, seating area for restaurants & coffee bars, increasing your footfall, your profitability, and your customer's overall experience. Raised platform structures ( mezzanine flooring ) are being increasingly used for expanding a sales area within a retail unit without increasing costs in terms of rent and rates.

read more › Office mezzanine floors provide a great solution for additional offices and boardrooms, if the space is at a premium in other office areas within the building. Our office mezzanine floors will enable you to use that unused area in higher buildings, for the expansion within your existing facility and without the cost of a move to larger premises. Additional office space can be created with office mezzanine flooring, within the same building footprint, thus saving costs year on year. An office mezzanine floor will pay for it self within a very short period of time, when compared to additional rent, business rates that a move to a larger facility would involve.

read more › Storage mezzanine floors are designed and manufactured to support substantial loads, They are capable of supporting racking and shelving layouts, bulk storage of Pallets and heavy plant and Machinery. Our Storage Mezzanine floors can accept loading's in excess of 12,000 kilos, dependent on the ground bearing pressure of the warehouse floor. Our storage mezzanine floors are a freestanding structures, and do not derive any stability or support from the building they are built within and therefore cannot attract any additional rates.

read more › Mezzanine floor Staircase design is covered by BS5395: Part 1, BS5395: Part 3 and BS5950: Part 5. Generar boal guidance on staircase design is contained within the new Approved Document Part K - 2013 (Section K1 - Stairs, Ladders and Ramps) of Building Regulations. This approved document supersedes previous guidance in Approved Documents Part M and Part K relating to staircases and guard railing. The Building Regulations have recently been amended to remove conflicting guidance across different documents.

read more › Mezzanine floor leasing is available to our customers. You can spread the cost of your mezzanine floor and office installation with a mezzanine floor leasing facility. The repayments are generally spread over Two to five years and payments can be made monthly, quarterly or annually to suit your finances. Therefore you can benefit fully with a completed project now, rather than delaying your proposals due to financial constraints. Our Leasing partner is an independent equipment finance company, they have no underwriting rules set in tablets of stone, they simply underwrite with a view to accept.

read more › Mezzanine floor building regulations ( applicable to the UK ) are a crucial part of the initial planning stage for any mezzanine floor. We take responsibility to ensure that the mezzanine floor project is designed to current Mezzanine Floor Building Regulations, including quality standards and best practice guidance. All our mezzanine floors are compliant and conform to the latest Building Regulations. We will provide drawings and calculations to support your application for Building regulations approval; or if required we will submit the application on your behalf to achieve the required consents.

read more › We are unusual in the Mezzanine Floor industry, because unlike most Mezzanine Floor providers, We actually design and manufacture mezzanine floors ourselves. This gives us distinct advantages. We can beat competitors lengthy installation times and offer realistic prices as well. The maximum loading and structural capacity of a mezzanine floor / raised storage platform floor installation must comply to building regulations Part A. It is your responsibility ( under UK Law ) to ensure that any structure conforms to and continues to conform to ( by inspection and maintenance) structural integrity / load limits as loading charts on the installation.

read more › Mezzanine Flooring is the best solution where space is compromised and a mezzanine floor will quickly create additional usable space in warehouses, offices, showroom or retail outlets. Mezzanine floors will also give your business significant cost savings, when compared to relocating or other storage solutions available. We are a specialist designers, manufacturers and installers of mezzanine flooring and have projects throughout the UK. We have gained experience in mezzanine floor design, over many years and with numerous successful Mezzanine Flooring installations and projects throughout the UK.

read more › Birmingham based Mezzanines and Storage Equipment, have many years experience in designing, manufacturing and installing high quality mezzanine floors and mezzanine floor ancillaries throughout the Birmingham conurbation, West Midlands and throughout the UK. We have designed, manufactured and installed a wide spectrum of mezzanine flooring over the years, including restaurants, schools, universities, offices, storage, retail and warehouses. We are Birmingham's established specialist provider of high quality mezzanine flooring solutions and will provide you with the the most competitive mezzanine floor solution available.

read more › Mezzanines and Storage Equipment have installed numerous mezzanine installations throughout Worcester and the Worcestershire conurbation. We are one of the UK's leading designers and manufacturers of high quality mezzanine flooring. We are based in Birmingham West Midlands and are ideally placed to service Worcester and the entire UK. Whether your business is based in a factory, industrial warehouse, office or retail trade premises you can be assured that Mezzanines and storage equipment will complete your installation efficiently and at a highly competitive price.

read more › Mezzanines and Storage Equipment have installed a variety of Mezzanine Floor projects in the Leicester and Leicestershire area over the past 35 years. We are are one of the UK's leading Mezzanine Flooring designers and manufacturers of Mezzanine Flooring, Pallet Gates, Hand Railing, Balustrades and all other mezzanine ancillaries. We are based in Birmingham, West Midlands and ideally placed to service Leicester and the entire UK. If your business is based in a factory, industrial warehouse, office or retail premises you can be assured that we will complete your installation efficiently, on time, at the best price and to a high standard.

read more › West Midlands based Mezzanine Floor manufacturers, Mezzanines and Storage Equipment Ltd, have over 35 years of experience designing and installing high quality mezzanine floors at highly competitive prices. We offer bespoke designs which are catered to each of our customers' individual requirements; no matter what you require we are confident that we can deliver and satisfy your requirements at prices you will find hard to beat. We have installed many types of mezzanine floors and complimentary equipment throughout the West Midlands together with all mezzanine floor ancillaries, Office and industrial partitioning, shelving systems, pallet racking and much more.

read more › Telford Mezzanine Floor manufacturers, Mezzanines and Storage Equipment, have worked with businesses in the Telford and Shropshire areas over the years and also across the UK. We are one of the UK's leading designers, manufacturers & installers of high quality Mezzanine Floors and Mezzanine Floor ancillaries, including - Pallet Gates, Balustrade, Handrails, Staircase combinations and Fire Protection. We specialize in retail, office and storage Mezzanine Flooring and also Partitioning Systems for office, board room and clean room environments.

read more › Oxdord and Oxfordshire Mezzanine Floor Manufacturers, Mezzanines & Storage Equipment have many years of experience designing and installing high quality Mezzanine Flooring across the Oxford and Oxfordshire Conurbation and indeed throughout the UK. We have installed mezzanine flooring in Restaurants, Schools, Universities, Retail Outlets and Warehouses including full office fit outs with Turnkey project management. We are able to look after the design, installation and management of each project, meaning that we are fully equipped to deal with every stage of the process.

read more › Wolverhampton Mezzanine Floor Manufacturers, Mezzanines and Storage Equipment, have been designing manufactured and installing turnkey projects including mezzanine floors, office partitioning, storage & handling to businesses of a wide diversity throughout Wolverhampton and the UK, over many years. We are one of the UK's leading designers and manufacturers of high quality mezzanines and mezzanine flooring ancillaries ( staircases, handrail, balustrade, loading gates ). We also Specialize in Partitioning systems and can offer single and double skin steel, composite and track & stud systems.

read more › London Mezzanine Floor Manufacturers, Mezzanines and Storage Equipment, have installed numerous mezzanine installations throughout London and greater London over the years. We are one of the UK's leading designers and manufacturers of high quality mezzanine flooring and mezzanine floor ancillaries. We supply one off products if required, including staircases, hand-railing and pallet gates etc. Mezzanine Floors are the cornerstone of our business, but we also have a great range of Benches, Shelving, Racking, Lockers, Bins & Containers Etc.

read more › Mezzanines and Storage Equipment Ltd, offer a large range of office partitioning systems from premier office partitioning suitable where the aesthetics of the building are of the utmost importance to industrial partitioning where the partitioning needs to be both attractive and durable. Each partitioning system can be tailored towards your needs. We can offer a budget office partitioning system to create individual offices, to a bespoke "seem-less" glass system, where only the best will really be suitable.

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