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Flordeck Industrial Flooring Trading for over 20 years in the field of industrial resin flooring, Flordeck is a company that prides itself on delivering high quality resin flooring outcomes. With extensive knowledge of the product itself and its application, Flordeck has provided resin flooring solutions to a wide variety of different industries over the years. Priding itself on the ability to deliver resin flooring solutions to such a varied number of industries is the foundations on which Flordeck has been built.

Enabling many highly regarded companies to entrust Flordeck to deliver a high quality outcome on their premises. You've seen our lovely yellow floor and now you can see how it was created! Heartfelt thanks and free beers to Steve Bainbridge for the images and Mark Cherrie for the sounds.

read more › We are a firm of Resin Flooring Specialists who have been trading for the last twenty years throughout Kent and the Southern counties. Flordeck specialise in installations of high Spec Industrial Flooring Systems supplied by manufacturers such as Altro & Resdev. We have successfully completed repairs and replacement floors for a wide range of clients in many different industries such as, Tilmanstone Salads, Shepherd Neame, Brewers, Delphi Diesel Systems, Vinci Facilities and many, many more.

read more › Flordeck are a leading installer of specialist flooring for the Food Industry. With a wealth of experience in the installation of high quality and high performance flooring for various companies, we have a plethora of satisfied customers, who can testify to our professionalism and knowledge of specialist flooring. With a wide range of flooring available, we can supply and install flooring that is specifically designed to match your requirements. Over the years, we have worked towards becoming one of the most proficient industrial flooring companies.

read more › The craft brewing industry is one that has bloomed in recent years and in turn so has the demand for high quality resin floors, suitable for the brewing process. The high chemical resistance of resin flooring makes it the perfect product to withstand the constant exposure to the various different products used within the brewing process. With each brewery differing from one another, it is important to implement a tailored solution that ensures that the company's specific requirements are met. We understand the importance of fitting flooring that is capable of being intensively cleaned and sanitised with a range of chemicals.

read more › Having worked with many large engineering firms over the years, Flordeck has great experience providing resin flooring solutions to the engineering industry. Chemically resistant floors that can be applied around existing machinery can be delivered to a high grade specification. With the addition of various different toppings, the floor can be made slip resistant. Making our floors especially suitable for use within industries that use large quantities of oil and cutting fluids that would usually make a floor treacherous.

read more › Flordeck offers the installation of stainless steel drainage systems, popular within the food and brewing industries. Flordeck offer the service of supplying bespoke designs of drainage systems including floors laid to falls and bund walls. The stainless steel drainage is ordered bespoke for each job and can have certain additives such as foul air traps ordered.

read more › The food and drink industry obviously upholds very strict levels of hygiene and quality control. This is something Flordeck has past experience with and will always adhere to. Through the use of our dust free preparation and works isolation it is possible for a new floor to be applied in one area of the factory whilst production still continues. Through communication with the client, and workers within the factory, it is ensured that a high level of hygiene is maintained for the duration of works.

read more › FLordeck offer the installation of highly chemical resistant floor surfaces, capable of withstanding a wide variety of both every day products & aggressive chemicals. This provides the chemical firm with the peace of mind that they can safely continue production without the risk of degrading their floor.

read more › Flordeck provides slip resistant toppings that prevent employees from slipping when working. If the floor is cleaned and maintained as suggested by Flordeck, it will maintain its slip resistance for many years. Slip resistance can come in different forms such as, toppings to the resin floors, GRP plates and slip resistant stair nosings and treads. As well as being able to apply a slip resistant top coat to a resin floor, Flordeck also offers the fixing of slip resistant nosings and plates to existing floors and stairs.

read more › Once the base resin floor layer has been applied, various different toppings can be added to give a multitude of different effects. The most popular being slip resistance, but other finishes are available. Coatings can be applied to decipher between certain areas of a factory or working area. This includes different colours and textures for applications such as pedestrian walkways in an area with functioning forklifts or other vehicles. Another service that is offered by Flordeck is line marking, again this allows for areas to be divided through use of markings on the floor.

read more › The build up of static electricity can cause major problems to many industries, including electronic manufacturer's, chemical & processes using volatile solvents. In order to combat this, Flordeck offers the installation of Anti-static floors that dissipate the build up of static energy throughout the entire floor, ensuring that the static energy never builds up enough to cause a spark. The flooring is generally made up of 3 layers all performing to reduce static build up and all tested during installation to ensure optimum performance.

read more › On top of all the flooring works that Flordeck offer, the company side project, named Florelec offers Portable appliance testing on an industrial scale. Florelec offers the service of travelling to a firms premises with its portable PAT testing machine, and being able to test a large number of appliances quickly and efficiently, with prices being decided on predetermined rates for each appliance. With asset registers being produced for each firm visited, a company can easily keep track of their tested products and when they are due to be retested.

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