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Soft & Hard Wood Floor Sanding My name is Gordon and if you are looking to have your floors sanded to reveal the freshness of there original appearance and lacquered, or stained and lacquered to highlight the grain and protect them from wearing for many years, then please browse the website further and I hope you will be convinced that this is the company to re-store your wooden floors.

A Fife based company which commonly works out with the boundaries of Fife increasing its reputation as one of the leading floor sanding companies at your service.

read more › My name is Gordon Hush and I am the owner / manager of "Soft and Hard Wood Floor Sanding" and am the person who will sand your floors, responsible for the pleasure you will receive when you view them restored to there original beauty. I have been in business of sanding/restoring wooden floors for 11 years now, during which time I have created a reputation for excellence in the field of floor sanding. I have a passion for sanding floors, a point often made by clients as to why they chose me to restore there floor.

read more › This section is work in progress and will be added to as and when a customer asks for floor to be stained. St Monans, East Pier Smokehouse, somewhere I would highly recommend if a lover of smoked sea food The views from its location across the Forth to The Isle of May are stunning. The owners of this eatery requested there upper floor, previously painted to be Sanded clean, stained dark and coated with Lacquer.

read more › The BRAND NEW Frank COBRA is a professional endless belt floor sander with hi power dust extraction, suitable for sanding all wooden floors, including parquet. Frank belt floor sanders are the only machines in the world to have to received the FPH certification of effective dust extraction. Efficient dust extraction is essential for health and environment, protection of client's property and the reduction of clean up times. To reduce dust pollution, the Frank URS Edge Sander has a high efficiency dust extraction system built in.

read more › Mega is a one-component waterborne 100% polyurethane finish for the surface treatment of wooden floors in commercial and domestic areas subject to heavy wear. As crosslinking is achieved using the oxygen in the air, Mega has the performance of a two-component finish without requiring any mixing. It has all the advantages of a waterborne system and has a solvent content of approx. Traffic is another of Bona products that we use where the floor requires extra protection and is used where, as the names suggests, there is a lot of regular traffic crossing the floor such as pubs, clubs, church halls, shops etc.

read more › Our old worn Beech Floor has been given a new lease of life and is once more looking like new. We are delighted with the end result of the hard work done by Mr Hush and would happily recomend his business 'Soft and Hardwood Floor Sanding' to anyone contemplating floor renovation. Maree wanted her 60s floor boards sanded and stained Georgian Medium Oak. It was suggested that she was wasting her money as plumbers had left the boards in a mess. When Maree saw her finished floors she expressed shear joy and suggested that the person who said she was wasting her time said "I eat my words" I agree they have made a fantastic job of your floors, I could not believe possible.

read more › Firstly we employ a very friendly and relaxed free quotation service where we arrange for, at a time which suits both parties, to meet and discuss what you want from your floor/s. Sizes of the floors will be measured and you will be given a quote to restore your floor/s. No VAT is charged, the quote given is for the completion of the floor/s. Never talk about or discuss other floor sanding companies unless I am recommending them to you. Do not do testimonials as it is to easy write them up myself, if you require to speak to customers or view any of my work it can easily be arranged.

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