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Stonhard Our head office is located in Risley. We have a team of experienced Territory Managers who'll be happy to discuss your requirements with you. With nearly a century of experience worldwide, Stonhard is the unprecedented leader in manufacturing and installing high-performance epoxy resin flooring, wall and lining systems. Stonhard's seamless, long-wearing and easy to clean resin flooring systems are engineered to perform in both industrial and commercial environments without sacrificing design or functionality.

Industrial flooring, non-slip flooring, factory flooring, anti-static flooring or simply stunning seamless flooring. Whatever your needs, we'll work with you directly - formulating and installing long-lasting resin flooring, walls and linings for any industrial and commercial environment, new construction or refit. You can rest assured that both our products and workmanship are covered by a single source warranty for added peace of mind.

We have an industrial flooring system suitable for every environment.

Stonhard is the unprecedented leader in manufacturing and installing high-performance epoxy and resin floors. Our seamless, long-lasting, easy to clean flooring systems are engineered for both industrial and commercial markets and have been extensively used by a vast range of businesses worldwide for 90+ years. We also bring the same performance to

Safe, easy-to-clean floor systems with design flexibility. Available in both epoxy flooring and urethane flooring systems in a myriad of patterns and textures for light manufacturing and commercial environments. It's ultra-slip resistant too. Textured, decorative epoxy mortar system with the same characteristics as the HRI and SLT systems but designed

Stonblend's smooth surface makes it easier for equipment, such as lunch carts, to be taken from Point A to Point B. Stonblend floors not only meet the requirements you desire to make your cafeteria perform well, they also have a sophisticated patterns to fit the aesthetic you desire. Staff will benefit from functionality, while visitors enjoy the savvy

Dense, stain resistant, epoxy and urethane based systems in an extensive range of flake finishes and color options. Popular with design teams for applications from pharma labs to university concourses. Perfect for quick installations. High-gloss, urethane-based system with superior chemical and wear resistance capabilities. Methyl methacrylate resin

Stonlux is the top choice for clean room environments. Stonhard makes easy-to-clean, hygienic, stain-resistant surfaces a priority with Stonlux, while minimizing time and energy spent on laborious clean up procedures. Space facilities require floors that stand up to heavy machinery, traffic and chemical spills. Stonlux offers these properties as well

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