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Polished Concrete The Polished Concrete Co. are leaders in the field of contemporary concrete design. Our specially-commissioned polished concrete floors fulfil the highest requirements of exclusiveness and durability. Their feel and industrial appearance enhances any architectural style - whether you are looking for a modern, rustic or coolly elegant interior. Our highly-trained team have worked in the polished concrete industry for over 20 years and has vast experience in both the domestic and commercial fields.

We are passionate about polished concrete and pride ourselves in producing quality work that inspires others. The design options for a polished concrete floor are immense. You can choose from a range of beautiful colours, create patterns with saw cuts or embed aggregates to give stunning effects. We offer a range of services from Superfloors to PANDOMO overlays.

We have an unrivalled reputation as artisans in our field, delivering quality work that exceeds our customers' expectations. If you would like any information or to arrange a survey, please contact us to discuss your flooring options.

read more › We are specialists in all areas of the flooring industry - and concrete floor is one of our most popular materials. Based in London, our team have been working to develop and refine our concrete floor products and services. We are approved installers of ARDEX PANDOMO, which opens up a multitude of exclusive design possibilities for each room: the base is a cementitious floor covering, which allows an almost unlimited range of designs and colours thanks to its unique design concept. Our origins stem from the commercial flooring field but we are now working closely with architects and designers on high end retail and interior projects such as Lyle & Scott in the West End.

read more › Polished concrete floors are the ideal solution for contemporary living, having many benefits over other flooring choices. Our polished concrete floors are laid using a PANDOMO compound. Once the compound has been applied, the floor is then treated with stone oil to give the surface a silky sheen finish that increases colour intensity, abrasion and water resistance. The nature of the polishing process means that the level of finish can be controlled by using different degrees of polishing and alternative sealants/oils.

read more › Polished Concrete Co. offer a vast range of concrete finishes and choosing which is right for you largely depends on your existing floor and design requirements. Our trained staff will be happy to talk you through your options in detail and arrange for a site visit to conduct a full survey. We will then be able to put together a polished cement flooring solution to your exact personal specification. Polished concrete is ideal for residential, commercial or retail flooring. Our concrete finishes work equally well for bathroom and kitchen flooring; retail, hotel or office flooring.

read more › Polished Concrete Co. Micro-topping is perfect for someone who is looking for a continuous surface, which is natural and innovative and has the ability to make any environment unique. It's ideal in a modern and minimal setting, but can also enrich a classic or rustic house with refined style. Many artistic designs and effects can be achieved using different application techniques, colours or acid stains, to make your project exactly as you want. Micro-topping is a polymeric-cement system designed to work in multiple thin coat applications.

read more › After your floor has been installed, it is extremely important that it is cleaned and maintained to preserve it for many years. Curing time: A period of seven days should normally be allowed after application of the finish, before any wet cleaning process is carried out. During this curing period, which will be dependent on ambient conditions and temperatures, floors should be suction cleaned or lightly swept with a soft broom. Initial clean: This should be carried out as soon as possible after the installation.

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