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Sutton Timber Our engineered wood flooring is also available in a range of both English and European species. The emphasis is to supply beautiful flooring of the highest standard. Offering a product of absolute stability. Suitable for any room or workspace, even when fitted over underfloor heating. Green or air dried oak has been part of our building industry for centuries.

Renowned for its great strength and durability its the natural choice for timber framed buildings and construction. We buy only best quality joinery oak from sustainable forests in Britain and Europe. The key is to start with a large diameter, slow grown log, with a clean straight grain. After thoroughly air drying the timber is kilned and graded.

Hand selected to meet individual requirements we hold large stocks of joinery timber available for immediate sale. Timber cladding is natural, durable and stable and there are several suitable species. We stock hardwoods such as oak, ash, elm and sweet chestnut, in addition to softwoods such as larch, Douglas fir and cedar.

read more › Sutton Timber are independent hardwood timber merchants. Specialising in wide boards for solid and engineered flooring, furniture, joinery grade sawn English and European hardwoods, and constructional fresh sawn oak beams. With Ben's extensive knowledge of the timber trade and a conscientious team in support, the focus is squarely on providing a quality product and excellent customer service. Involved at every step of the process we take great care when selecting our timber for supply. By personally purchasing logs on site, overseeing the milling of every log, kiln drying and end sale Ben Sutton is completely confident in the quality of his product.

read more › Offering a dependable, reliable service focussing on high quality, sustainable products for every customer. Our solid wood flooring range is sustainably sourced from across the UK and personally selected by Ben Sutton. We seek out high quality logs which we then mill and kiln dry ready for sale. Specialising in long wide boards. Our engineered flooring is available in the same range of UK species as our solid range. Engineered flooring is in fact a layer of hardwood timber on top of high quality birch ply.

read more › Solid or engineered, a hardwood floor is a stunning and lasting addition to any home or commercial space. At Sutton Timber we offer both solid and engineered wood flooring. Responsibly sourced from forests across the UK and Europe, you can be assured that our timber is an environmentally friendly option helping to reduce your carbon footprint. Real solid wood flooring is hard to beat, crammed with character and interesting grain it creates a stunning addition to any property. For a period home or an older home, solid flooring is the obvious choice.

read more › A solid wood floor, rich in colour and texture, compliments any home. Choose from our range of beautiful, native hardwoods depending on the natural colours you prefer. Many clients select oak for their solid wood flooring because of its durability and tradition as a flooring wood. Oak tends to be a warm honey colour and dependant on finish gradually darkens slightly with with age. Ash is a popular solid wood flooring, particularly in a contemporary setting. It's colour is generally white, or at least light in colour.

read more › Ash is naturally a very pale timber and is ideal if light flooring is desired. It is a very hard wood and consequently extremely durable. With a strong, visible, clean grain and very few knots it offers a striking contemporary look. Colour varies in tone from almost white to biscuit. It's currently very popular to apply a white stain to the boards achieving a Scandinavian style look to the floor. However, applying a natural finish is equally stunning. Elm is probably the most beautiful timber and definitely worth considering.

read more › Below are answers to some of the more frequently asked questions regarding our solid and engineered wood flooring. If you can't find the answer please call and we will be delighted to answer your queries. Solid wood flooring is produced from boards cut from solid hardwood logs. Engineered flooring is constructed of layers of ply bonded together with a top veneer of solid wood. See our infographic for more information. First Quality - straight grain, consistent colour and very occasional small knots.

read more › Sutton Timber's wood has been used in many large building projects over the last 25 years. Fresh sawn structural oak or green oak has been part of our building industry for centuries. Renowned for it's great strength and durability it's the natural choice for timber framed buildings. Structural green oak, when cut has a high moisture content and is therefore easier to cut and shape joints than air dried oak. Once constructed, an oak timber frame dries naturally. With oak dowels holding the joints, the beams and posts shrink and tighten resulting in a structurally sound frame.

read more › An attractive, environmentally friendly addition to any structure from a fabulous barn conversion to the humble shed. Timber cladding is extremely popular with architects and designers. It ticks all the boxes; being renewable, recyclable and a biodegradable product. Natural, durable and stable, there are several suitable species. We stock a range of hardwood timber cladding including oak, elm and sweet chestnut but also softwoods such as larch, Douglas fir and cedar. Sometimes referred to as weatherboarding cladding is attractive and environmentally friendly.

read more › We source standing trees from the private forests of Northern Europe and specialise in long lengths of oak for our sawn joinery timber. We buy veneer and first quality logs that produce a superb quality board. This is then air dried for three years, ensuring that the structure of the board is not damaged by pre-kilning. Our oak doors are hand made to a clients individual specification. We cater for the idiosyncrasies required in older properties as well as contrasting with modern materials in high spec new build properties and barn conversions.

read more › Today the kitchen is the heart of the home, a place to entertain, relax and bring a sense of well-being. We stock a range of English and European hardwoods suitable for creating bespoke kitchens and wood kitchen worktops. Striking in simplicity, choosing oak, ash or elm, provides the essential element to creating a beautifully crafted kitchen. Solid hardwood kitchen worktops are not only aesthetically pleasing but also hardwearing. Elm, traditionally used as bar worktops is a popular choice. Depending on your preference in colour scheme, kitchen cabinetry crafted from oak, ash, elm, or for a lighter option sycamore bring the room to life.

read more › Our solid wood doors are produced by our specialist machinists and cabinet makers in our on site joinery shop. We offer a bespoke service catering for every clients individual requirements. Hand made from the finest timber to the exact specifications and design to suit the style of the property. Solid hardwood doors not only contrast well with modern materials in high spec new build houses but equally suit older properties and barn conversions. The oak for the ledge and braced doors is selected by our team of experienced craftsmen.

read more › We hold plentiful stocks of air and kiln dried timber at our yard available for delivery or collection. Please contact us for more information. We source the best quality joinery oak from standing trees in the private forests of Britain and Europe. Air dried and kiln dried hardwoods always available. Please contact us for up to date availability. Oak framed construction is a traditional craft that still remains popular today. We have huge stocks of structural oak available which can be cut on site in our workshop to your exact requirements.

read more › Sycamore now available, suitable for carcassing, and also great for cabinetry requiring a painted finish. We stock a range of English and European hardwoods suitable for creating bespoke beautifully crafted kitchens. Our range of pippy oak is very popular for kitchen cabinetry. Clients love the interesting grain and colour it brings to the room. Alternatively, choose ash for a clean lighter contemporary look or elm for its interesting and beautiful swirling grain which flows along the boards. Solid hardwood worktops are not only aesthetically pleasing but also hardwearing.

read more › For joinery customers who are looking for long lengths of oak, we source standing trees from the private forests of northern Europe. Here we buy a veneer and first quality log that produces a superb quality board. We then air dry for three years, ensuring that the structure of the board is not damaged by pre kilning. We hold a wide range of both kiln and air dried joinery grade oak in stock, in a variety of thicknesses widths and lengths. Our onsite joinery shop can cut timber to your required specifications.

read more › Over the last thirty years we have worked closely with specialist designers, and large furniture making companies throughout Great Britain. Many of the logs we have acquired and sawn have been breath taking and the resulting furniture produced from our timber is truly outstanding and each piece is unique. We understand that furniture and cabinet makers are looking for the very best quality wood and often the most diverse and unusual boards to create beautiful furniture. We seek out wood with the most interesting grain and colour.

read more › We began supplying boat builders in 1996 and since then we have seen interest steadily build. For commercial boats and boats on a larger scale we cut 54mm and 80mm first quality prime oak into lengths of 5m to 7m suitable for the replacement of large sections. Douglas Fir is a very strong timber and is generally knot free making it highly suitable for masts and spars. Oak is a heavy and durable hardwood and its use in boat building traditionally goes back centuries. Ash is a light yet a strong and resiliant timber with excellent bending properties.

read more › Using timber for architectural projects is an opportunity to create something uniquely beautiful. At Sutton Timber we understand that architectural and design projects have specific requirements and specifications. We listen carefully to our clients, their architects and designers to ensure we provide the most suitable timber for the project. We have been part of many prestigious architectural projects over the years including the Royal Festival Hall, The Houses of Parliament and The Globe. More recently we supplied a fabulous solid elm floor for the new library at Rochester Cathedral.

read more › This fabulous dodecagon shaped house vertically clad with beautiful native larch. This thermally insulated building with its superb design has an internal central supporting structure of steel. Transparent white oiled engineered ash flooring over underfloor heating. Highlighting the beautiful and delicate grain of the timber a simply stunning and very contemporary. Best quality engineered Oak flooring in modern kitchen - beautiful, stable, durable and able to withstand changes in temperature, humidity and moisture.

read more › Round logs are individually sourced, measured and graded by Ben Sutton in the forests of Britain and Europe and then brought to Helmdon Sawmills for cutting. We grade according to three diameter classifications and four log qualities. On arrival at the mill, the different log grades are separated out and stacked together ready for sawing. We use different diameter classes for different productions. For example, our production for kitchen manufacturing is not a by-product from beam grade material, it is a high-quality log with a small diameter (40cm to 50cm) that allows us to produce a superb board 20cm to 40cm in width and 2.5m or 3m in length, ideally suited for the purpose.

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