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Anglia Composites Anglia Composites are one of the UK's leading manufacturers, suppliers and installers of high quality composites safety flooring and access solutions. We are here to assist and help you solve your access and flooring problems with bespoke solutions. We offer a nationwide installation service if required using our own skilled craftsmen. A comprehensive design and build/project management service is also available for larger projects which can include CAD drawings and engineering calculations.

We make every effort to provide our customers with the best value and highest quality service at all times. Our solid experience in the field and long list of previous projects completed demonstrate our reliability as a business partner. By choosing our company, you will benefit from our expertise, dedication and availability throughout your project.

Lightweight fibreglass gratings, ladders, stair treads, tread covers, stair nosings, handrails, walkways, platforms, lightweight ramps, GRP pultrusion, fibreglass solid gritted plate, decking strips, GRP pultruded profiles, safety gates, roof walkways, working platforms, fibreglass flooring, stairs, stair treads, ladder guards, tactiles, decking strips, tracmat bridging ladders for 4x4, DDA approved products and much more.

read more › Fibreglass grating has been proven to have superior mechanical properties over traditional materials such as wood or steel. Available in a wide range of sizes and colours, our non slip fibreglass grating is corrosion resistant, chemical resistant, impact resistant and lightweight. We also offer fibreglass non-slip grating particularly suited to wet or oily conditions and creating fibreglass ramps, platforms and walkways. Ideal for riser shaft grating, pontoons, platforms, walkways, roof access etc.

read more › We have a large range of steel, stainless steel and plastic fixings and accessories available from stock. We stock all the regular grating fixings such as M clips, G clamps, J clamps and handrail fixings as well as many purpose made fixings. M clips and J clamps all use an M8 bolt. G clamps all use an M6 bolt. We also have acces to low-cost tooling for the manufacture of bespoke fixings in steel, plastic and stainless steel. Use M clips to fix grating panels down securley. M clips are available for 12mm, 15mm, 20mm, 25mm, 38mm and 50mm gratings.

read more › Lightweight and robust GRP cooling tower access including walkways built on site to any height, access ladders, handrails, ladder guards, self-closing safety gates, stairs and fibreglass gratings. Built and installed by our own skilled craftsmen. Safe access to maintain cooling towers can be a real problem. Health and safety inspectors are getting very strict with companies to make sure staff have permanent and safe access to carry out maintenance tasks such as cleaning the media. Anglia Composites can design and install access platforms to suit just about any cooling tower.

read more › Roof walkways are the ideal solution to access high level equipment for maintenance etc. GRP Roof walkways incorporate lightweight support beams, gratings and handrails 1/6th the weight of steel so there is no need to factor the weight into the design. Roof walkway installed at Denham Railway Station for roof access. The roof walkway is 42 metres long and was installed in just 4 days by our own craftsmen and incorporates lightweight flooring. A series of 12 roof access walkways were installed at Bristol St Philips train care shed.

read more › Fibreglass ladders and ladders with a safety cage are suitable for sewage and water treatment plants, chemical plants, offshore, power stations, roof access etc. All GRP fibreglass ladders and stairs are manufactured to British Standard BS 4211 and can incorporate a safety cage and walkthrough with handrails. Straight fibreglass ladders with no safety cage can be made to any length and width. Fibreglass ladders are made to order with short lead times. Any size is possible and can be supplied in either yellow or grey.

read more › Lightweight working platforms for access, walkways and ramps complete with handrails, ladders and stairs built and installed to your exact requirements and to British Standards (BS5359) by our own skilled craftsmen. A complete CAD / design and build service for our platforms, walkways and ramps is available complimented by a project management service if required for larger projects. We are a small company but specialise in complicated fabrications and installations sometimes under the most extreme conditions.

read more › We have two standard types of fibreglass handrail systems. Square section and tubular section. We generally use the square section system when building platforms, stair handrails and walkways. The square section fibreglass handrails are usually built in our workshop in sections ready for installation. However, If you wish to install the fibreglass handrails yourself then we can cut and prepare the posts to make installation even easier. This type of fibreglass handrails system is available in grey or yellow from stock.

read more › GRP Pultrusion - A wide range of pultruded profiles are available from stock including round tubes, box sections, angles, U beams. Composite pultruded structures made from our profiles are substantially lower in cost than steel and cost competitive with stainless steel. Our pultruded profiles are made from glass reinforced isophthalic polyester resin with a polyester surface veil. This combination gives excellent corrosion resistance and weatherability at an economic cost. An introduction to the pultrusion process.

read more › Anglia Composites safety gates are manufactured from Instant Set Polymer and are coloured throughout. The moving parts of the gate hinge will never wear out and there is nothing to lubricate or maintain. As this is a gravity closing gate there are no springs or bearings to worry about. The material is not affected by sunlight and will never rot or rust. All safety gates are double bar plastic gates and conform to ISO 14122 part 3:2001 and part 4:2005. Our corrosion resistant safety gates are self closing gates and have a knee rail and hand rail.

read more › Railway supplies include dagger boards, roof walkways, pedestrian walkways, track crossings, handrails and barriers. We can also install anti-slip flooring to work areas and stairways in maintenance sheds. Dagger Boards - Solid GRP (fibreglass) Dagger boards can be manufactured to any size and cut-out pattern. The pictures shown here are dagger boards manufactured to Network Rail specification and are installed at Aigburth station near Liverpool. These particular boards are 15mm thick solid GRP with a wood grain finish to give an attractive, realistic appearance.

read more › Fibreglass plate is available from stock in a range of colours and sizes. Our anti-slip GRP plate has achieved a rating considered to be "Better Than Excellent" in both wet and dry conditions during testing. Sheets of our anti-slip GRP plate can be cut and drilled for you free of charge for easy installation. Powerful adhesives are also available for internal and external use. Anti slip GRP plate can be used to create an almost instant, seamless anti-slip walkway. Anti slip GRP plate can be drilled and countersunk to accept standard screws free of charge if required.

read more › Anti-slip tread covers are a simple and cost effective way to provide superior slip resistance on stair ways. They are extremely durable and completely corrosion resistant so will never rot or rust. They have a contrasting nosing for high visibility. Anti-slip tread covers can be cut and drilled if required to your exact specification free of charge. Internal and external adhesives are available to complete the installation. Landing areas are also available utilising our fibreglass plate. Our non-slip tread covers have a quartz gritted surface and conform to BS7976-2 2002 Slip Resistance Test.

read more › Timber decking areas are notorious for becoming slippery when wet or covered with Green algae. Decking strips are manufactured from corrosion resistant fibreglass so will never rot or rust. Ideal for use in high pedestrian traffic areas due to the hard wearing quartz grit surface. They are manufactured from fibreglass and have a hard wearing quartz grit added to the walking surface. They have been tested to BS7976-2 and proven to provide better than excellent grip in wet conditions. They are also UV and thermally stable.

read more › The use of fibreglass grating in riser shafts is the ideal choice for all contractors and installers. It is lightweight (less than 1/4 of the weight of steel) and easy to cut on site without the need for a hot works permit. The framework beneath the grating can be channel or angle depending on the client and the application. The channels and gratings are also manufactured from fibreglass. Installation teams available throughout the UK. Numerous cut-outs for pipwork, valve access, and column penetrations can be made without the need for additional structural framing.

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