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Natural Image Kent We are one of the UK's top suppliers of solid wood and natural stone flooring, delivering straight to your door no matter where you are across Kent, London, the South East or the rest of the UK. We have been working in the wood and stone flooring industry for over two decades and have close working relationships with many of the world's biggest suppliers.

The discounts we receive we pass on to you, so having the very best natural stone or wood flooring in your UK home is incredibly simple and cost effective. Using the finest materials, we produce stunning unfinished, natural oiled and lacquered wood designs for classic and contemporary homes that require either long or wide planks.

Sourced from the very finest manufacturers of high quality wood materials and ideal for a wide variety of applications, including kitchen and lounge installations, our range of timber and wood includes French, European, American Oak and Walnut.Sourcing our natural stone flooring from some of the world's biggest quarries, we supply the highest quality lounge and kitchen flooring materials to anywhere across Kent, London and the rest of the UK.

read more › Operating throughout the UK, we have specialised in solid and engineered hardwood and natural stone flooring for many years. We offer genuine quality, exceptional customer support and a friendly and efficient service at all times. Based in Maidstone, Kent, we have an extensive showroom and warehouse, where we have wood and stone flooring samples to browse through and discuss with our experienced and friendly UK team. Simply call us today on 01622 840420 to request a sample to see the quality of our lounge and kitchen flooring for yourself.

read more › Wood flooring creates a warm, traditional and unique appearance in any property, utilising the durability and strength of its natural materials to last for years and improve any home or business space aesthetics. Ideal for any lounge, kitchen, dining room or commercial space, it's an exceptional solution for any domestic or commercial property. At Stone and Wood Floors, we source the finest wood flooring materials from environmentally responsible manufacturers and suppliers and supply them to clients across Kent, London and the rest of the UK, including Birmingham, Edinburgh, Leicester, Cardiff, Manchester, Bristol, Leeds and Newcastle.

read more › Both have their benefits and their uses, but what exactly is the difference between solid wood and engineered wood flooring? Each plank in these ranges is a single piece of solid wood expertly cut to varied lengths and widths, sometimes bevelled and enhanced by a range of finishes. Solid wood flooring gives an unrivalled feeling of tradition. They are hard-wearing and resilient, able to be re-sanded many times and proven to last well over 100 years. Solid wood does not sit flat on the floor - it has living form and subtle contours which respond to the environment and create a gentle but noticeable sensation underfloor.

read more › One of the easiest ways to improve the look and feel of your property, while increasing its value at the same time, is to install traditional solid oak wood flooring. Available in a variety of sizes, widths and lengths and supplied either unfilled or filled and sanded, our traditional solid oak flooring is regularly used by domestic and commercial clients throughout the UK. You will not find more striking or attractive materials than traditional solid oak floors. Perfect for kitchens, dining rooms, living rooms, hallways and office spaces, our solid oak floors make an obvious choice for UK homeowners and business owners wanting to improve the look, feel and value of their home.

read more › If you are renovating an older UK property and wish to retain the character of its years, our antiqued textured and distressed oak flooring range will enable you to recreate a traditional aged floor. Designed to add real style, aesthetic beauty and value to any home or domestic property, our solid oak flooring is available at a very cost effective price and delivered straight to your door no matter where you are in the UK. Efficiently installed solid oak flooring is proven to add value to any domestic property across the UK.

read more › Our pre-finished oak and wood flooring comes fully protected against scratches, marks and dirt. Delivered to anywhere in the UK, our pre-finished oak flooring is ideal for domestic and commercial locations and with its exceptional resistance to wear and tear and natural appearance, it is easy to see why. Designed with functionality, style and aesthetics in mind, our pre-finished wood flooring is becoming one of the more popular options for homeowners and commercial clients across Kent, London and the UK.

read more › Add some real quality and style to your modern home with an installation of high quality, reliable and durable contemporary wood flooring. Utilising the finest materials and sourcing our flooring from the very best manufacturers, we specialise in the supply of cost effective, stylish and aesthetically pleasing contemporary wood flooring to homeowners throughout the whole of the UK. For floors with the 'wow factor, American Black Walnut will create a beautiful contemporary floor. In fact, every contemporary floor we supply is proven to add real value to any domestic property and highly durable, is built to provide decades of reliable use.

read more › For an alternative to real and traditional character oak flooring, look no further than our engineered wood flooring range. Incredibly stable and ideal for use as a floating floor or over underfloor heating, our engineered wood flooring products look so similar to solid wood that even professionals find it difficult to tell the difference! Not only does engineered wood flooring provide a cost effective and stylish addition to any home, it is also a great way of increasing the value of your home.

read more › We have put together some installation guidelines to help you with the installation of your new flooring. Engineered flooring is incredibly stable and ideal for use as a floating floor or over under-floor heating, for further information about under-floor heating please take a look at the corresponding guide. Installing solid wood flooring well is a fine art, and we have prepared some guidelines to help you achieve the best results. Please read the installation guides before laying your new floor.

read more › Site conditions are extremely important and can make the difference between a spectacular timber floor and one that is not so good. The overall fabric (walls, floors, timbers etc) of the building should be thoroughly dried out so there are no visible signs of moisture or condensation. All wet work (concrete, plastering etc) must be completed and dry before the timber is delivered. Dehumidifying a newly built/extended environment is crucial. This can be achieved by running the heating system for a prolonged period-with good ventilation or alternatively a dehumidifier can be used.

read more › Timber will continue to take in or let out moisture in harmony with the surrounding environment where it is located. Unless otherwise informed, once delivered to the site the timber floor should be acclimatised (laid horizontally or criss-cross in the location it is to be finally laid) for a period of 10-14 days, longer periods would help further. Without such a period problems may occur. Average room temperatures should be between the range 15 degrees and 25 degrees Centigrade and the average Relative Humidity should be between 35-65%.

read more › When properly installed, tile and stone materials will last the lifetime of any house and are proven to be the most durable of all flooring options. This toughness combined with the natural beauty of stone and the incredible array of tile types, colours, patterns, and textures makes tile and stone the materials of choice where quality and character are most important. Natural stone floors will always look spectacular and like wine, will improve with age. You will never need to replace them and they are one of the most practical flooring solutions on the market today.

read more › Natural slate flooring has been used by UK homeowners and commercial business owners for centuries and thanks to its durability, appearance and flexibility, it will be used for centuries to come. At Stone and Wood Floors, we work closely with the very best manufacturers and suppliers to ensure that every slate flooring product we supply to you is of the highest quality and designed to last. Natural slate flooring is durable against pollutants, acid, fire, water, flooding and general wear and tear and its beauty is enhanced the more it is used.

read more › Limestone floor tiles are an ideal choice if you require practical, durable and aesthetically pleasing new flooring in your home. As one of the UK's leading suppliers of high quality limestone floor tiles, we only ever work with the very best; guaranteeing you a product of the highest quality that will last for decades and make a significant improvement to the look and feel of your home, no matter where you are in the UK. A soft sedimentary stone, limestone is the result of millions of years of shells and bones from sea creatures settling on the bottom of the sea.

read more › Incredibly versatile and flexible, our porcelain and marble floor tiles are perfect for any domestic application, and if installed correctly they will provide decades of effective use. Delivering to homes and domestic properties across Kent, London and the rest of the UK, including London, Manchester, Bristol, Leeds, Leicester, Sheffield, Nottingham and Edinburgh, we specialise in the supply of high quality, cost effective and durable marble and travertine floor tiles that really make a difference to any property.

read more › Travertine is a very versatile stone created by shifts in the earth's crust which allows steam, under enormous pressure to mix with dissolved limestone. Further shifts in the earth's crust move the travertine to the surface where it can be quarried. Our travertine floors come in a number of different finishes to suit your taste and the look and feel of your UK property. For those that prefer a smooth feel under foot and hand the travertine is honed and finished at our factories. This is a process of filling the holes with cement before polishing the surface, occasionally due to the nature of travertine, the filler can come away from the stone and leave unfilled holes.

read more › Natural stone flooring is a great addition to any home, provided it is installed correctly and looked after in the right way. While we supply our range of stone flooring products, we are also happy to provide our clients with comprehensive installation and maintenance advice based on decades of industry leading experience. Natural stone is an investment that you would expect to last a lifetime and it will. The best results are achieved when the correct installation and maintenance procedures are followed.

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