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QA Products We are a leading integrated flooring solutions specialist. We provide underlays for every application, a beautiful range of Luvanto Luxury Vinyl Flooring and an extensive choice of fitting accessories. All our product options are distributed across the UK, Europe and many countries globally. When we started, the flooring market - particularly underlay - suffered from lack of innovation, low trade margins, poor customer service.

From the outset, we challenged that - and we still do. So we've always led the way in helping customers understand more about investing in a complete flooring solution and prove the difference underlay can make. Take our revolutionary yet straightforward Traffilay system. Traffilay is a three-step system designed to help customers find the perfect underlay for their homes.

It allows you to compare products based on your specifications and the benefits you want to take advantage of. Finding the perfect underlay has never been simpler.

read more › No harmful chemicals, vapours or VOCs here! The natural wood fibres in Breathe come from sustainable sources with nothing added, making it extremely environmentally-friendly.and fully biodegradable. Remarkably, tests have shown Breathe filters over 95% of dust out of the air you breathe, trapping even the smallest particles as air passes through for a fresher-feeling home - and making life easier for allergy sufferers too. It's not only your air that benefits from Breathe! Its density and strength keep your carpets in great shape for longer, giving a luxurious, comfortable feel to every room in your home - even with underfloor heating!

read more › Underfloor heating is becoming more and more popular, especially in new build homes, as it is claimed to work up to 20% more efficiently than traditional heating systems - very desirable for saving on heating bills! You simply need to check the heat resistance of the carpet and the underlay isn't too high. Thermal resistance is measured in Togs and most manufacturers recommend that the Tog value of the carpet and of the underlay combined should be no higher than 3. Carpet always needs to be fitted with underlay to make it comfortable to walk on and prevent it wearing out prematurely.

read more › Are you looking for new flooring which is luxurious, not expensive to purchase and easy to maintain? Are you fitting a new wood or laminate floor but worried about it wearing out quickly? Here's how QA FibreBoard underlay makes the floor last much longer, no matter how much it gets pounded every day. Are you considering fitting wood or laminate flooring over underfloor heating and want to be sure the heating is working as efficiently as possible? Are you considering fitting a new wood or laminate floor but want to cut down the noise it makes when you walk on it?

read more › Browse our stylish collection of Luvanto flooring and find the perfect colour or colours for your home. Add your favourites to your cart. Our team will carefully pack up your Luvanto samples and get them to your doorstep for the very next day, free of charge! In your sample pack we will give you everything you need to know and where to find your local Premium Luvanto Showroom.

read more › Matching your underlay to how your room's used - from a pounding in a busy hallway to reducing loud music to a whisper - is crucial, saving money by helping your flooring last longer and improving your home life. So to help find the right one, we created Traffilay - our step-by-step system that lets you easily compare different products. First think about your room's 'traffic' - for example, bedrooms are typically light, a living room medium and hall or kitchen heavy. Finally, pick the benefits you want most - cushioning, durability, insulation, etc.

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