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We sand and finish existing wooden flooring using the latest in powerful, dust-free, and minimally intrusive equipment. Your floor is finished to a very high standard with the latest environmentally kind, hard-wearing laquers and oils. We use very high quality stains and often tweak the colour to provide an exact match to the customer's requirements
At Erith Flooring Ltd, we understand the value of quality flooring work. If you need an attractive alternative to carpet or vinyl flooring, our wide range of hardwood flooring options will help you achieve fantastic results. We have worked on various flooring projects for residential and commercial clients across Erith. All our flooring services are
Not all reclaimed wood is Antique and very few understand the difference. Our methodology behind sourcing and crafting Antique Wood has been developed through years of experimentation by the combined expertise of hand-picked industry professionals. As with any skilled Antique restoration, we are crafting a legacy that will last for generations. From