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TPS are specialists in sanding and sealing sports hall floors and refurbishing floors for all sports halls, gymnasium and village halls. TPS also paint external court markings on tarmac and block paint tarmac. TPS specialize in providing a fast and efficient service for large areas in schools, leisure centres and military bases to minimize downtime.

We have specialist equipment from wide sanders to special cyclone equipped vacuums to be able to sand quickly yet achieve the best results and with virtually no dust so there is no clear up time. All sports halls and gymnasium floors require specialist maintenance if they are to last as long as possible and provide sufficient grip for sports use. TPS specialize in floor sanding and sealing and have the latest equipment and experienced staff to refurbish your floor to almost new condition in the minimum time.

Whether you have a school hall, leisure centre, sports hall, village hall or military P&RTC contact us for a professional sports floor refurbishment.

read more › At TPS we provide a unique sanding and sealing service for wood, Granwood and polyurethane floors in sports halls, leisure centres, school gyms and halls, military bases, dance studios, village halls and community centres. We also apply all types of court marking to indoor sports floors and to external tarmac surfaces including marking logos and block painting courts. TPS Company use only the highest quality sanding machinery and extraction systems to minimise dust and clean up time required. At TPS we continually develop what we do and incorporate the latest technological advancements in both work practices and floor finish products to ensure we achieve the highest quality end result with minimum downtime for our customers.

read more › Many old wood sports hall floors have not been sanded and sealed or refurbished for many years and have either a very worn seal (or no seal at all) resulting in the wood wearing and getting ingrained dirt and turning a dirty black colour. Or some sports hall floors are sealed but not sanded so they have had several coats of oil based seal applied over the years which have "yellowed" with sunlight giving a dirty brown appearance. As more coats of seal are applied some areas can delaminate leaving sharp edges.

read more › Sanding and re-lining your squash court floor as part of a full refurbish can make your squash court floor look as good as new but at a fraction of the cost, and with less waste of natural resources. Squash court floors are usually maple or beech and have a long life but because they are usually not sealed require sanding to restore grip and then require the court markings re-lined. We sand squash court floors to provide an excellent surface with good grip and an as new look (provided there are no deep indentations which cannot be sanded out) and re-line the court markings.

read more › We apply court marking and line marking for all your sports requirements. We can mark all courts you require as part of your floor refurbish or sand and seal or we can apply court markings to new sport floors. We apply court markings and line markings for Badminton, Basketball, Cricket, Fitness test/Bleep test lines, Five a side football, Futsal, Hockey, Netball, Tennis, Volleyball and other sports where required. It is important to ensure the surface is properly prepared to ensure the court markings adhere properly and ensure all line markings are durable.

read more › We apply court marking and line marking for all your sports requirements on external tarmac surfaces. We can mark all courts you require as part of your floor refurbish or we can apply court markings to new vinyl floors. We apply court markings and line markings for Basketball, Cricket, Five a side football, Hockey, Netball, Tennis and other sports where required. We can also block paint the tarmac playing area in one colour to make the line markings stand out better or where there are old court markings or a patchy tarmac surface this brightens up the tarmac prior to applying the new court markings.

read more › Whatever your wood floor and whatever the damage we can repair it. Whether there is a tongue and groove wood floor as in a sports hall or gymnasium floor or a Junckers floor or laminate floor we can repair it. We also repair wood block floors where the blocks are stuck to a screed and floating floors laid on an underlay like the Junckers clip system. Tongue and groove wood sports floor often need repair where the boards have been damaged or cracked or where the tongue or the lip over the groove has broken.

read more › Granwood and Gransprung sports floors often need repair where the tiles have cracked or blown for example by an expansion joint or where the Granwood floor tiles have come loose from the base structure. TPS carry out all repairs to Granwood sports floor cutting out damaged areas, replacing tiles and filling small cracks then sanding the floor repair to blend in with the surrounding Granwood floor tiles. Where the Granwood blocks have worked loose and need to be re-stuck or where the underlying screed is breaking up we can repair this.

read more › Polyurethane floors are very durable but sometimes need repair because the hard wearing pu top coat has been damaged or cut or the top wear coat may be worn in areas. We repair polyurethane sports floors by cutting out the damaged area, replacing the shockpad and laying the flow coat to ensure it blends with the area surrounding the polyurethane repair. The top coat is then applied to provide the closest colour match and the result is a totally seamless polyurethane sports floor repair. Where there are several repairs required to your polyurethane sports floor we can repair the areas and then apply a new polyurethane top surface to the entire floor and replace any line markings converting an old damaged floor to effectively a brand new polyurethane sports floor - this is the real advantage of the polyurethane sports floor and why they are probably more cost effective than other sports floors.

read more › TPS specialize in maintaining all wood, Granwood, polyurethane and vinyl sports hall, gymnasium and leisure centre floors. We clean sports hall floors and gymnasium floors to remove marks and grease and restore grip. We also lightly sand the surface and apply one or two coats of seal to maintain your sports floor and restore the surface to as new condition with good grip. If a sports hall or gymnasium floor is properly maintained by regular cleaning and re-sealing it can be kept in as new condition.

read more › TPS can apply painted logos and solid painting to indoor sports floors and outside surfaces. We paint wood floors, Granwood floors, polyurethane floors and tarmac surfaces. Indoor wood sports floors can often be brightened by painting a logo or school or club initials around the centre circle on a court marking or by an entrance. We can also paint the top surface on polyurethane sports floors in different colours to make the primary court markings stand out more. All internal painted logos should be oversealed with a sports seal to ensure the correct and consistent slip resistance over the floor is achieved.

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